All Saints’ Day

Friday, 1 November All Saints' Day 2019

All Saints’ Day is a day of celebrating all Christian Saints recognized in the religion. Those from the Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Anglican churches celebrate this day on the 1st of November each year. It is also celebrated in many eastern churches on the first Sunday after the Pentecost. Other names for this day are All hallows Tide, All Hallows’ Day, and All-Hallomas. In the Philippines in particular, celebration is grand that they even consider this one an entire week of celebration. Learn more about this interesting day below.Friday, 1 November All Saints' Day 2020

What is All Saints’ Day?

This day celebrates and honors all saints, whether they are known or unknown. It has been passed down in Christian tradition from generation to generation. In the World, this day also marks the day when people can reunite with their families, go to the cemetery where their loved ones are buried, and remember and celebrate the lives those people had and the memories they share. Hence, this day also serves as a day of remembering the dead.

History of All Saints’ Day

During the early days of Christian tradition, people started to celebrate a day of solemnity to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Jesus Christ. During the 4th century, feasts to celebrate the Saints were celebrated and quickly spread.

The foundation of the Feast of All Saints can be traced back to Pope Gregory III declaring November 1 as the day of celebration. This was even more widely celebrated during the days of Charlemagne. In the Frankish Empire in particular, the day was declared as an obligation as per the decree by Louis de Pious back in 835.

The festival was retained even after the reformation in the colander of the Lutheran and Anglican churches. In the Lutheran churches in particular, the day served as a way to commemorate the dead.

Now, the celebration of All Saints’ Day during November 1 is a widespread celebration among Christians and Catholics alike. Countries like the Philippines, USA, Uk, Canada celebrate this day as it has been passed down across many generations and continue to be a major day of celebration now and for sure, into the future.

When is All Saints’ Day?

All Saints’ Day is always held on the 1st of November each year. This means that the celebration will be held on November 1, 2020 this year.

Celebration of All Saints’ Day

The celebration of the day in the World is pretty much similar to all countries of the same Christian religion celebrate the day. In general, Filipinos flock to cemeteries where their loved ones are buried. This becomes an opportunity for people to reunite with their relatives. Below are the activities involved in the celebration.

Preparation for the All Saints’ Day

Even before the day itself, families visit the cemeteries to clean the graves of their loved ones. Many of these graves are not the standard graves you see in pictures since most of them are housed with roofs, benches, and even chairs. As a result, families can gather together in their own areas where they can do a reunion. However, before the day, these areas are first cleaned by Filipinos. They also decorate the graves with flowers and plants. Lighting up of candles has also become a staple during these times.

Food Feasts

On the day itself, Filipinos bring food to the cemetery for the celebration of the day. Each family from a related group bring their own share of food so that they may enjoy a feast composed of various delicious foods. Some of these foods might be home prepared. Others might have been bought outside from a restaurant or somewhere else.

Church Mass and Prayers

Church Masses and prayers will never be absent during this special day. People conduct prayers to pay respects to their religion as well as to pray for the loved ones they have lost. They even pray for their loved ones to also guide them throughout their lives wherever they may be after leaving the world.

Family Reunion

The most looked-forward to activity during this day is the opportunity for families to reunite. For instance, siblings who already have their own families get reunited and bring along their spouses and children so that all of them can bond together. They will remember the loved ones they may have lost like their great grandparents for instance.

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