All Souls’ Day

2nd November All Souls Day

All Souls’ Day is a day of giving alms and prayers for the dead. The goal of this day is to assist those who have died and believed to be in the purgatory. This day is a tradition in the Christian religion. Many Western churches actually observe this day each year on the 2nd of November. However, Eastern Churches celebrate this day before Lent and also the day before the Pentecost. In the Philippines, this day is celebrated on November 2 annually.All Souls’ Day

What is All Souls’ Day?

All Souls’ Day follows the All Saints’ Day. Traditionally, many Filipinos go to the cemetery and pray for their deceased loved ones during November 1. But to the surprise of many, it is actually November 2 when the day for the dead is celebrated. November 1 is a day of commemorating the saints, all of them whether they are known or unknown.

History of All Souls’ Day

All Souls’ Day has been a tradition in Christianity ever since the early years of this religion. Even within the different types of religion under the umbrella of Christianity celebrate this day right after All Saints’ Day. It has since been celebrated to give respect and honor to the dead. Some people believe that some of those who have died may be stuck in the purgatory. Praying for them would help them ascent into heaven.

When is All Souls’ Day?

All Souls’ Day is always celebrated on the 2nd of November each year. This year, the day will be held on November 2, .

Celebration of All Souls’ Day

It is every the 2nd of November when people from different parts of the world conduct various activities to celebrate this special day. All participants in the celebration try to remember their loved ones who have passed away. But in particular, how do Filipinos celebrate All Souls Day? How do the honor the dead? Let us now discuss the various activities held on this special day of commemorating the dead.

Visiting the Cemetery

Perhaps the most well-known activity during the day is visiting the cemetery. People visit the graves of their deceased friends and relatives. Some people actually prefer to go on the 1st of November or even the night before that which is on the 31st of October. Others would spend an overnight in the mausoleum of their families.

During this time, families and relatives get reunited together. They bring foods that they share with each other. they also bring musical instruments like guitars so that they may sing songs they dedicate to their deceased loved ones. Although this day is commemorated for those who have died, the celebration is nothing sad and lonely. It is actually a day of fun and enjoyment as people reunite together and cherish and remember the memories they have with their deceased relatives and friends.

But even before this, like several days ahead of the celebration, people go to the graves of their relatives or their mausoleums to clean the tombs, light some candles, bring some flowers and offer them, and pray for the souls of the deceased.

Break from Work and School

There are some people who take advantage of the days off to go on a vacation with their families and spend time with them. There are people who go to the shopping malls to buy things they like or watch movies with their friends or families. There are also people who travel around the country or even abroad to visit the places they want to see. But even so, these people try to celebrate the day by remembering the loved ones they have lost. After all, this is what the celebration is all about.

Masses and Solemn Prayers

Some people prefer to stay at home for the day. But while doing so, they offer solemn prayers for the loved ones they have lost. There are also families who keep urns containing the ashes of their deceased friends and families. They offer masses to pay respects for their deceased loved ones.


The day of celebrating All Souls Day is fresh from the Halloween celebration. hence, some people continue to celebrate Halloween during this day by conducting Halloween parties or even trick or treats for the children.

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