Arbor Day Nebraska

30th April Arbor Day in Nebraska

Arbor Day NebraskaThe Arbor Day Nebraska (Tree Day) originated in Nebraska, the US in 1872, and the first Arbor (Tree Day) Day was held on April 10, 1872, and an estimated one million trees were planted that day. Many countries already have a similar holiday. Although it is normally observed in the spring, the date varies, depending on the climate and the appropriate planting season.

The Day of the Tree is a holiday and its purpose is for individuals and groups to plant and care for trees. It reached maximum popularity on its 125 anniversary in 1997, when a nonprofit organization located in Nebraska called “National Arbor Day Foundation” took the name and commercialized it, launched a website, and registered that brand for “use parties”. Public”. Today anyone can use the term “Tree Day” as well as keep their own celebration of the Day of the Tree.

Tell your kids about this day and encourage them to plant a tree. Seeing them impatiently waiting for him to grow up is good fun. In passing, we can explain a lot of information about the ecology and other areas that include flora.


In order to preserve the precious tree population and thus the climate in the world, it does not need so much. Everyone can help! You just have to plant a tree yourself. One of the biggest hands-on activities shared around the world is the International Day of the Tree.


In 1872, journalist Julius Sterling Morton called for an annual Arbor Day (Day of the Tree) in his Arbor Day Resolution from the state of Nebraska (USA). On April 10 of the same year, over one million trees were planted in the low-tree state. It took less than twenty years for Arbor Day to become established in the rest of the United States. In Germany, however, it was almost a whole century before the idea of Tree Day arrived there. In 1951, the United Nations first decided to introduce an International Day of the Tree. In 1952, on the 25th of April, this Memorial Day was celebrated for the first time with symbolic plantings. The goal: the population and especially the youth the immense importance of trees for the climate,

So, join in and, on this tree day, consciously enjoy the many positive influences that trees have on our everyday lives!

Arbor Day Nebraska 30th Apr

“The day of the tree should make cities greener. The aim of the action day is to draw attention to trees and their significance for man and nature in urban landscapes. It would be desirable if the trees in the city also had more weight in Munich, “said Angela BurkhardtKeller, BN’s Nature Conservation Officer in Munich. In one of Germany’s most sealed cities, trees are indispensable fresh air suppliers and shade donors. Nevertheless, every year in Munich, several thousand trees are felled without replacement.

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This underlines that the day of the tree has lost none of its relevance even 144 years after its introduction. In times of rapid climate change, it is even more relevant than ever. “Trees are the mainstay of the urban climate system. Their preservation stands for the preservation of our quality of life! “, Explains Christian Hierneis, chairman of the BN in Munich.

Arbor Day Nebraska, World environment day concept Two human hands holding earth globe and heart shape of tree

The “Tree of the Year” campaign presents a tree species every year. This year it is the winter linden. A species of tree that is also common in Munich along our streets. It is easily recognizable by the fragrant flowers and their heart-shaped leaves. Linden trees are very long-lived trees, numerous specimens in Germany are even said to be 1000 years old. Because of their old age, many of Munich’s natural monuments are Linden. For example, the Rotlinde on Nederlinger Straße or the Linde in the garden of Café Zur Linde on Truderinger Straube.