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Be Kind to Lawyers Day

Be Kind to Lawyers Day Event Date: April 13

When we need legal help, we seek assistance from lawyers. They are specialized in making sure that justice is served, whether on the good side or the bad side. The sad thing about lawyers is that people somehow view them as humans to be feared of. But not all attorneys bite. In fact, most of them are kind. Thus, to return such kindness to these people, we celebrate the Be Kind to Lawyers Day every second Tuesday of April.

About the Be Kind to Lawyers Day

During the Be Kind to Lawyers Day, people show their appreciation and gratitude to their lawyers and to all attorneys in general. They treat their lawyers out for a lunch and send them thank you letters. They also shout out on social media some expressions of gratitude for lawyers while they use the hashtag #BeKindToLawyersDay,


The National Be Kind to Lawyers Day was founded by Steve Hughes in 2008. A similar celebration, for the worldwide scale, is called the International Be Kind to Lawyers Day which has been celebrated since 2017. Hughes was an American communication expert who worked closely with lawyers.


As mentioned earlier, the Be Kind to Lawyers Day is always celebrated on the second Tuesday of April every year. This means that the dates of celebration for this event are as follows:

Why Celebrate

The following are the main reasons why you should participate in the celebration of the Be Kind to Lawyers Day:

To Get to Know Lawyers

One good reason to celebrate this day is that this is your perfect opportunity to get to know lawyers. Most of the time, people converse with lawyers just for the sake of work to be done. But they are also human beings as us. They have emotions and feelings and they want to live their lives as much as we want to live ours.

To Express Your Gratitude to Lawyers

Another good reason to celebrate this day is that this is the ideal time to express your gratitude to lawyers. They help people achieve justice so they do deserve recognition during this day.

Be Kind to Lawyers Day Celebration Ideas and Activities

The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of the Be Kind to Lawyers Day as best as it can be:

Send a Thank Your Letter to a Lawyer

One good idea for your celebration of this day is to send a thank you letter to a lawyer that you know. It would be good to send a letter stating your appreciation and gratitude. For sure, the lawyer who will receive it will feel appreciated and more motivated.

Take Your Lawyer Out for a Lunch

You can also celebrate this day by inviting your lawyer to have lunch with you. You can invite him or her to have a real life conversation and nothing work-related. This is your opportunity to get to know each other deeply. Then your relationship with each other will improve, hoping that it would result in better results.

Watch Films and Shows with Lawyers

During this day, you can also opt to watch shows and films that feature lawyers and attorneys. Some good examples include How to Get Away with Murder and Suits.

Get to Know Some Legal Jargons

It would also be good to celebrate this day by knowing some legal jargons. You can then share your learnings to other people and impress them by those vocabularies that you now know.


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