• Dec- 2018 -
    4 December
    Independence Day. Mongolia

    Mongolia Independence Day: History, Celebrations

    Today (December 29) marks the special day in the history of Mongolia when the nation restored and declared its independence from the Manchu Daichin Gurun or Qing Dynasti in 1911. Happy Mongolia Independence Restoration Day! The Independence Day of Mongolia is celebrated every year on December 29. This is the main state holiday in Mongolia and marks Mongolia’s independence from the Manchu Daichin Gurun…

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  • 4 December
    appy independence day of libya banner design layout

    Libya Independence Day: How Libya Gained Independence?

    Independence Day in Libya is celebrated annually on December 24. This day is of great significance as it marks the anniversary of the Libyan Independence Declaration from British and French control in 1951. Happy Libya Independence Day! Libya Independence is celebrated every year on December 24. It was on this day in 1951 that Libya under King Idris al-Sanusi declared independence, being controlled by…

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  • Nov- 2018 -
    26 November
    Bahrain National Day Background

    Bahrain Independence Day | Bahrain National Day | 16 December Facts

    Independence Day in Bahrain is celebrated every year on December 16. This day holds a great importance in the history of Bahrain, as it marks the country’s independence from the British following a United Nations survey of the Bahraini population. This Day 16 December in Bahrain – Bahrain National Day – Bahrain Independence Day December 16 in Bahrain is National Day (Independence Day) when…

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  • 25 November
    Flag of Kenya

    Kenya Independence Day | Kenya Jamhuri Day | Kenya Republic Day

    The 12th date of December holds an important position for the Kenyans, as it marks two special events in the history of Kenya: The Kenya Independence Day and The Jamhuri Day. On this day in 1963, Kenya became an independent country, and exactly one year later in 1964, it joined the Commonwealth as a republic or Jamhuri (Swahili for ‘republic’). For this reason, December…

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  • 22 November
    independence day on the national flag of tanzania. concept

    Tanzania Independence Day: History, Celebrations, Facts

    Happy Tanzania Independence Day! Independence Day of Tanzania is celebrated every year on December 9. This special day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and pride. It was on this day in 1961, the British colony of Tanganyika declared its independence, and a year later on December 9, 1962, it became a republic. Every year on December 9, Tanzania celebrates its independence day, the commemoration…

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  • 20 November
    happy independence day of finland banner design layout with paper cut colorful layered text

    Finland Independence Day: History & Celebrations | Finnish Independence

    Happy Finland Independence Day! The National Day of Finland is a public holiday, and a flag day, celebrated every year on December 6 to commemorate Finland’s declaration of independence from Russia in 1917. This special day is the combination of solemnity and enjoyment, where the whole nation remembers those who sacrificed their lives to protect Finland’s independence. Thursday 6 December 2018: This Day in…

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  • 18 November
    united arab emirates national day ,spirit of the union

    The UAE National Day: History, Celebrations, Facts

    Happy UAE Independence Day! The National Day of UAE is celebrated on December 2 each year. This is a special day in the history of UAE, as it marks the UAE’s Union Day between the seven emirates which came after the joining of the seventh emirate, Ras Al Khaimah, in the year 1972. The National day of UAE also known as (Al Yawm Al…

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  • 14 November
    1 December. Portugal Independence Day greeting card. Holiday background with waving flags

    Portugal Restoration of Independence Day: History & Celebrations

    Portugal Restoration of Independence is celebrated every year on December 1st. It is the most important bank holiday in Portugal. The date recalls the struggle of Portuguese Nobles, who on December 1, 1640, revolted against Spanish rule and restored Portuguese independence from Spain. Saturday 1st December 2019: This Day in Portuguese History – Portuguese Restoration of Independence Day Today is a special day for…

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