• Dec- 2018 -
    4 December
    3d illustration of many flags of Mongolia in rows waving in the wind against blue sky

    Mongolia Republic Day

    Republic Day in Mongolia is celebrated annually on November 26 to commemorate the establishment of the People’s Republic of Mongolia back in 1924. Also known as Mongolia Proclamation Day, this day is a public holiday in Mongolia. November 26 in Mongolia is celebrated as Mongolia Republic Day. This special day holds a great significance for the Mongols as it marks the establishment of the…

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  • Nov- 2018 -
    8 November
    happy independence day of angola banner design layout

    Independence Day of Angola: History, Facts, Celebration

    Happy Independence Day Angola – Every year on 11 November, the Republic of Angola celebrates its independence day as to commemorate the date in 1975 when Angola gained its complete independence from Portugal. FELIZ DIA DA INDEPENDÊNCIA ANGOLA!!! Independence Day in Angola is celebrated annually on November 11 in Angola. This day is a special day in the history of Angola, as it takes…

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  • 5 November
    happy independence day of cambodia banner design

    Cambodia Independence Day: History, Culture, & Celebrations

    Cambodia Independence Day is celebrated annually on November 9th. This day marks a very special date for all the Cambodians, as it commemorates Cambodia gaining complete independence in 1953, after being a French colony for nearly 100 years! November 9th marks an important date for all Cambodians: Independence Day. Cambodia won freedom from France in 1953. A celebration atmosphere takes over the country spreading…

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  • Oct- 2018 -
    31 October
    letters with text independence day on the national flag of dominica

    Dominica Independence Day

    Happy Dominica Independence Day! The Independence Day in Dominica is celebrated annually on November 3, as to commemorate the special day when the nation declared its independence from Britain. In addition to celebrating the country’s independence, this public holiday also honors the Creole culture of the Dominican people. The third day of November holds a great importance in the history of Dominica, as it…

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  • 28 October
    Antigua and Barbuda National day

    Antigua & Barbuda Independence Day: History, Facts & Celebrations

    The Independence Day in Antigua & Barbuda is celebrated annually on 1st of November, as to mark the day in 1981 when this island Carribean nation attained complete freedom from Great Britain. The National Day is celebrated with colorful parades, cultural exhibitions, and a host of other festive events in Antigua and Barbuda. The first day of November is celebrated as the Day of…

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