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Christian Holidays

List of Christian holidays

The most vital Christian Holiday is the Easter, a spring occasion that observes Jesus Christ revival from the dead.Christian Holidays

Easter is quickly gone before by Holy Week, which incorporates Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday. The 40 days before Easter the Lenten season, a period of fasting and apology.

Another occasion that has turned out to be vital among the Christians is Christmas, which remembers the introduction of Jesus on December 25.

Holy people’s days are likewise critical to most Christian groups. A portion of these, for example, St. Patrick’s Day and St. Valentine’s Day, has come to assume a conspicuous job in well-known western culture.

List of Religious Holidays of Christian

The Baptism of Jesus
St. Valentine’s Day
Ash Wednesday
St. Patrick’s Day
St. Joseph’s Day
Palm Sunday
Maundy (Holy) Thursday
Good Friday
Easter Monday
St. George’s Day
Ascension of Jesus
Trinity Sunday
Corpus Christi
Saint Vladimir
Saints Peter and Paul
St. James the Great Day
The Assumption of Mary
Holy Cross Day
Michael and All Angels
All Hallows Eve
All Saints’ Day
All Souls’ Day
Christ the King
Thanksgiving (USA)
Advent – first Sunday
St. Andrew’s Day
St. Nicholas Day
Christmas Eve
Holy Innocents