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National Cook Food For Your Pets Day

Cooking Delicious DIY Homemade Pet Food For Your Beloved Pet on "Go Cook For Your Pets Day" - November 1,

Cooking food for your pets is a nice way to treat your adorable furry friends without feasting them on store-purchased canned pet food. Since it is not something the majority of us have the capacity to do daily, so the folks at “CookFoodForYourPets” has set aside a special day called “National Cook For Your Pets Day” to encourage pet owners to treat their pets with a unique homemade recipe on November 1.

Our pets love us to the extreme levels, therefore treating them to delicious homemade food is something we can do to return their love and efforts on National Cook For Pets Day on November 1.

On this very day, as a responsible owner who wants to repay your pet’s devotion and affection, you’re invited to ditch the traditional canned food you keep on feeding your pet and instead prepare a culinary delight that excites their taste buds and makes them go gaga over experiencing such absolute deliciousness after a very long long time!

How many of you have ever felt guilty when frying those juicy meatballs or chicken sticks and your beloved pet dog starred at you with longing eyes as if it was thinking: “My master gets to eat such delicious stuff, but I always have to eat those dry rocks every day…” While we continue to feed our pets with food purchased from the store, taking out some time from your busy schedule on November 1 and utilizing it to cooking something special for your furry buddy is more than just a great manner to honor their significance in our life.

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Who Created This Day

National Cook For The Pets Day was invented by the folks who believed that there should be a special day when all pet owners should come together to treat their beloved pet animals (especially dogs) by cooking something extraordinary for them. Our pets, the founders of this holiday think, deserve this piece of extra attention for each the joy that they bring to our lives, and that is the reason why we should set time apart on November 1 to cook something delicious for our pets. Do you know? There’s another pet holiday that encourages people to adopt Bulldogs, called National Bull Dogs .

Initially, the holiday was focused on cooking homemade food for your pet dog and was mainly a dog-loving holiday, but with time — owners of all kinds of pets have started observing this day by supplying homemade/natural food to their pet cats, dogs, parrots, fish, etc.

Why Celebrate This Holiday

This pet holiday is all about doing something unique for your pet. You love your pet, and wish to do what’s best for them, so why don’t you try and make them wholesome, home-cooked meals? Listed below are the main reasons why every pet owner should celebrate National Cook Food For Your Pets Day:

To Feed Your Pets With A Healthy & Natural Diet

Store-purchased tinned pet food is processed and packed with additives. Animals need a normal diet to maintain good health. If you cook or make pet food at home, you’re in charge of giving your pet the meals which have pure all-natural ingredients to best fit your pet’s nutrition requirements.

To Bring A Unique Delicious Change In Your Pet’s Diet Regime

Your pet may be fed up of consuming the same tinned food every time. November 1 Cook Food For Your Pet Day is an ideal opportunity to feed your furry friend to something extraordinary, and make their day!

To Return A Pinch Of Love Back To Your Pet

They give us unconditional love, therefore observe National Cook For Pets Day by giving them that sort of love back… maybe a pinch of that love back… into a tasty, healthy home-cooked meal!

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When Celebrated

This Pet Holiday is observed every year on November 1st. This means that the upcoming Cook Food For Your Pets Day will be celebrated on 1 November.

Celebration Ideas & Activities

Go Cook For Your Pets Day is all about encouraging pet owners to prepare homemade meals for their beloved pets, and ensure a good nutrition supply to our pets through a healthy home-cooked meal. Here’s how pet owners can jump into the celebratory bandwagon of this holiday:

1). Treat Your Pet To A Special Homemade Food. Well, it’s the main requirement of the day and should be fulfilled. When preparing food, be sure that the meal contains the right nutritional balance and does not include any harmful ingredients for your pet. Also, you should always check with a vet before treating your pet to something entirely different.

2). Schedule An Appointment With Your Vet. Checking with your veterinarian will make you aware of the foods to give and the foods not to give to your pet. Your pet’s digestion is delicate, so it is important not to risk your pet’s health! By scheduling an appointment with your vet, you can ensure you select the ideal quantity and varieties of meats and veggies to include in your pet’s diet.

3). Celebrate On Social Media. Pet owners can upload recipe videos of pet food and upload selfies with their pet eating a homemade meal by using hashtag #CookForYourPetsDay on social media.

Things To Keep In Mind

If you decide after November 1 to shift your pets’ menu to homemade food, then make sure your foods contain the ideal nutritional balance and do not contain any harmful ingredients.

You must always consult a vet prior to dramatically changing your pet’s diet from processed to unprocessed food. This is because animals are considerably more sensitive to particular ingredients than we humans are, and may likewise face a stomach upset.

Never season your pets’ food. Plus, several foods must be avoided since they might damage your pet’s wellbeing. A few items to avoid are onions, chocolate, avocados, garlic, salt, oregano, yeast dough, curry leaves and stalks, and milk-based foods.

Best DIY Pet Food Recipes To Make on Cook Food For Your Pets Day

National Go Cook For Your Pets Day falls a day after Halloween. Our pets have seen us stuffing with sweet Halloween candies. Now it’s their turn to get treated to delicious treats: a healthy and nutritious home-cooked meal. If you’re ready to cook food for your pet at home, try these healthy recipes for your pet cats, dogs, fish, and birds.

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All these recipes are 100% safe, contain balanced nutrition, and will surely get your pets’ tastebuds tickled!

Homemade Fish Food Recipe For Your Pet Fish

This homemade fish food recipe gives a full and nutritious flake food to every type of aquarium pet fish – omnivore and herbivore. Thanks to Zach of PetHelpFul for this amazing recipe.


Fish: Other fish are usually suitable for use in producing your own fish food. Wild-caught specimens have an assortment of proteins and nutrients, offering a hearty foundation for any omnivorous or carnivorous diet. To minimize illness and pathogen contamination, always use a species of fish that’s different compared to the ones that you’re likely to feed it to!

Earthworms: Earthworms are a superb source of proteins and therefore are a fairly inexpensive choice for fish food.

Animal Matter: Worms, Brine Shrimp, and other related frozen foods. Purchase from only trusted resources to reduce contaminates.


There you have it, the freshest and most natural flake fish food made at home. Feed this homemade fish food to your beloved pet fish on November 1 and make her day. *This fish food can be stored for over a year!

Homemade Dog Food Recipe For Your Pet Dog

Keep your dog fit and healthy with this easy homemade recipe — it is less costly than store-bought and has a balance of 50% protein, 25% veggies and 25% grains, and also the ratios can easily be adjusted to match your puppy’s breed and/or requirements. Thanks to Chungah of DamnDelicious for this amazing recipe.



Your amazing Homemade Dog Food is ready. Feed this recipe to your dog on November 1, and make it feel special on this Pet Holiday!

Homemade Cat Food For Your Pet Cats

This homemade cat treats recipe just contains 3 ingredients and it is pretty straightforward to create. Thanks to Becky Hardin of The Cookie Rookie for this recipe. Your cat(s) will surely love you if you create these yummy salmon cat bites on November 1 Cook Food For The Pets Day!



Your Homemade Cat Food is ready. Serve your beloved cat with this homemade recipe on November 1 and satisfy your pet cat’s taste buds.

Homemade Seed Blend for Pet Birds and Parrots

Here’s a simple and easy DIY seed blend that you can create for your pet birds on Go Cook For Your Pets Day. Thanks to One Good Thing by Jillee for this amazing recipe.



Happy Celebrating GO COOK FOR YOUR PETS DAY on November 1.

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