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National Lazy Day

Celebrating National Lazy Day -10 August, 2021

Do you sometimes feel like not doing anything? Yes, we all feel this especially when we are stressed and tired. Due to our work, we are always busy and doing something most of the time. From an 8 hour shift at work (even including overtime) and also transportation time, all we can do back at home is to take a shower, change clothes, eat, and prepare for the next day. There is hardly any time for us to do some relaxation activities. But fortunately for you, we celebrate the Lazy Day every 10th of August each year. This day gives us an opportunity to relax in our bed or hammocks and do some relaxing activities like reading.

What is Lazy Day

The Lazy Day is primarily celebrated in the United States every August 10 of the year. But more and more countries are now celebrating this holiday as well these days. During this day, people take a break from doing their daily work and chores where they can spend the day doing absolutely nothing productive at all. This is the perfect day to become a loafer, a couch potato, or a slacker.

When is Lazy Day

As mentioned above this holiday is always held on the 10th day of August. This means that the upcoming Lazy Day will be celebrated on August 10. Let’s just hope that people will not be lazy in celebrating this day. Oh right! Being lazy alone is already a celebration itself.

History of Lazy Day

Unfortunately, we don’t exactly know how the Lazy Day started out as a celebration or the fact that who even started it. Perhaps the originators of this holiday were too lazy to write down some records of its origin. But kidding aside, we can make a good guess on why this day started. Perhaps the reason is that a lot of people are overworked nowadays so why not take a break and have a relaxation day by being lazy. Very diligent people who are wondering about what it feels like to be lazy can perhaps become diligent in participating in this day, and ironically celebrate by being lazy. At least they will finally know how it feels to be lazy.

Why Celebrate Lazy Day

The following are some good reasons why you should participate in the celebration of the Lazy Day:

We Are All Tired and Exhausted

We all live in the same world which continued to develop and become more advanced. Our works are piling up day by day. Hence, we are all tired and exhausted. What’s a good way to relieve ourselves of this exhaustion? Well, just celebrate the Lazy Day. Do nothing related to work during this day and relax ll you want. Don’t get busy with household chores and just spend the day in your bed or couch watching your favorite movies or shows, playing games, or reading the books that you want to read.

Celebrating this Day is Good for Us

It is a fact from medicine that relaxation is very important for us. It can restore ourselves and get rid of the stress and exhaustion. The Lazy Day is the perfect day to accomplish this relaxation.

We Can Take The Opportunity to Reconnect with the Things We Love

Since we have the day off for ourselves during this day, perhaps take this as a good opportunity to reconnect with the things we love. We can spend the day doing our hobbies, spending time with friends and families, and more.

How to Celebrate Lazy Day

The following are the best things to do to celebrate the Lazy Day:

Get Some Take Out Food Instead of Cooking Dinner

Since this is lazy day, there is no need for you to prepare and cook food at home. You can just order from a fast food store and wait for the deliveryman to deliver your food to you. If you are on your way home, buy an already made food outside to be eaten at home.

Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows

This day is also the perfect time for you to binge watch your favorite television shows or movies. You have all day long to do this.

Plan Nothing for the Day

Upon waking up, do not plan anything related to work or household chores. Remember that you have the privilege to do nothing productive for this day. Maybe productive in a way of spending all day long in your bed or in your couch. Do whatever you want related to your hobbies and interests.

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Facts About Lazy Day

The following are some good facts about the Lazy Day that are worth sharing to other people:

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