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Loomis Day

Loomis Day

More than 1500 national days are celebrated in the world. Every passing day reminds us of the efforts and struggles which the great scholars and scientists do for our convenience. Although every day in life has much importance there are some days which are celebrated by the people with great zeal. Whenever a new change in history takes place, there is always a person behind the new invention. That person is always reminded whenever the research of that person is extended. Mahlon Loomis was also a person of great zeal who left traces of wireless communication on the world. In his souvenir, LOOMIS day is celebrated in the world on the 30th of May.

What is LOOMIS Day?

LOOMIS Day celebrated in the remembrance of Mahlon Loomis. He was the only one in the history who patented the wireless telegraphing inventions. He introduced his invention on 30 May 1872. His dream of transferring messages without wire change the world. In this world of internet, it is very difficult to imagine the world without wireless conveniences. Life is seemed to be useless without cell phones and high-speed Wi-Fi internet. But less than 150 years ago New York-born dentist saw the dream of wireless communication and he tried to fulfill his dream. At that time, his idea was rejected because of no solid reasons but later by taking in view the idea of his concept, the researches were extended and now in this age of technology, this communication system is used in every field of life. Every person is utilizing his invention and that’s why, 30th May, the day is selected for his souvenir.

Origin of LOOMIS Day

Mahlon Loomis was born on 21 July 1826 in Washington. He was a dentist and first inventor of artificial teeth. He is one of the earliest inventors of wireless communication. He died on 13 October 1886. Loomis believed in the concept that everything is possible in this world. Therefore, he conducted many experiments to prove that messages can be transferred from one place to another without wires by harnessing the upper atmosphere’s electrical currents.

Significance of LOOMIS Day

Loomis tried to prove his hypothesis of sending messages from one place to another without wires. In his experiment, he armed with 2 kites tied to the copper string. He flew the kites at the same height. The distance of one kite from the other is 14 miles and the kites flew at the top of Virginia’s Massanutten Mountain. Each kite was buckled with copper string and then it was attached to the galvanometer. Loomis found that he could use only one kite to reach near the other kite placed at a distance of 14 miles. He became successful in transferring the signal but he had no solid reasons for this transferring. Mahlon Loomis presented his idea by giving it the title “An Improvement to Telegraphing”. In 1868, Loomis disclosed his idea of the wireless telegraphic system in front of several scientists and Congressmen. Although Loomis could not explain how he was able to produce the transmission, he appealed Congress to cooperate with him and also requested the Congress to include Loomis Aerial Telegraph Company for research. He also tried to get government fund for more research but in the end, the government decided not to give fund for Loomis’ research. He did not lose hope and in the late 1870s, the rumors spread that he was performing his work on a wireless telephone. In his lifetime, Loomis was disregarded as a fraud.

Although he faced many difficulties in his life he never gives up his hope. Later on, 30 May 1872, Senator Charles Sumner suggested the bill on which the Committee on Commerce reported poorly on the measure. Later in 1873, the suggestion of Senator Charles Sumner passed strictly as a bill of incorporation.

How to celebrate Loomis Day?

Loomis day should be celebrated by thinking about his inventions, his efforts and the way through which he first presented his idea of telecommunication. Although his idea was rejected he did not accept defeat and continue to struggle for his goal. It is the result of his invention that man of today can communicate with their loved ones at far distances. TV, Radio, Wi-Fi signal, and more all these things are descended from his invention.


LOOMIS Day: LOOMIS Day Observances 2017 – 2022

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May 30 LOOMIS Day


May 30 LOOMIS Day


May 30 LOOMIS Day


May 30 LOOMIS Day


May 30 LOOMIS Day


May 30 LOOMIS Day


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