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Maundy Thursday

1 April Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday is the Thursday of the Holy Week and the last Thursday before the Easter Sunday. It precedes Good Friday. It is also called Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday, and Sheer Thursday. Most Christian and Catholic countries celebrate Maundy Thursday as a holiday.Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday commemorates foot washing, also known as Maundy hence its name, and the last supper of Jesus Christ with his apostles. It usually falls on a day between March and April . The exact day varies per year depending on whether the Gregorian or Julian calendar is used for the calculation of the date. You can learn more about Maundy Thursday below.

What’s Maundy Thursday?

Maundy Thursday is the last Thursday before Easter. It is believed to be the day when Jesus celebrated with his apostles on his final Passover. According to the bible, this day is when Jesus showed his humility by washing the feet of his disciples and commanded them to do the same thing with each other.

Where Does Maundy Thursday Come From?

On one hand, the origin of the Maundy Thursday celebration came from some historical records and also the bible. On the other hand, the name Maundy Thursday came from the Latin word mandatum which translates into mandate in English, and in turn means command. It is said that during this day, Jesus told his disciples:

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another” (John 13:34).

When is Maundy Thursday?

Maundy Thursday 2021 will be held on 14 April Maundy this year. It will be followed by Good Friday.

How Maundy Thursday is Celebrated

Many Christian, Catholic, and Anglican churches continue to celebrate Maundy Thursday as an integral part of the Lenten season or the holy week. Since one of the commemorations of the day is the washing of the feet of disciples by Jesus, churches conduct feet washing and the blessing using the holy water as part of the Maundy Thursday church service. More specifically, there are some churches conducting the feet washing of 12 people by a priest to symbolize the feet washing activity done by Jesus Christ for his 12 disciples.

Some people celebrate Maundy Thursday by helping the poor and the elderly. They give coins called Maundy Money to help these kinds of people. Some people celebrate the day by fasting wherein they restrain themselves from eating meat especially pork.

Many countries especially those that are predominantly Christian and Catholic declare Maundy Thursday as a national public holiday along with Good Friday. The consecutive days off give a lot of people the opportunity to go on a long vacation with their families and friends to some places where they can unwind.

Visitation of the Seven Churches

One common practice during the Maundy Thursday is the visitation of seven churches. During this day, some people, especially those from Rome, visit seven different churches as part of a way of celebrating Maundy Thursday. Other people take it some notches up by going to fourteen different churches – twice as that of visiting seven churches. Each of these church display the Stations of the Cross. in the Philippines, this tradition is called the Visita Iglesia which is a Spanish term for church visit.

How to Celebrate Maundy Thursday at Home?

Unfortunately, there are some people who cannot go outside their home to be able to celebrate Maundy Thursday. Some of these people may include some full-time housewives, some elderly, and some people with disability. if just like these people, you cannot celebrate Maundy Thursday outside your home, then a very simple way to do so would be to share some bible verses or quotes about Maundy Thursday to your loved ones and family members.

Symbols of Maundy Thursday

The first main symbol of Maundy Thursday is the washing of the feet by Jesus Christ for his disciples. Another main symbol is the Last Supper, which has been depicted in numerous paintings all over the world. Many people start to see the Stations of the Cross and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as symbols of this day as well. However, these two are actually the main symbols of the next day which is Good Friday.

Bank Holiday?

It depends on the place or country. There are some countries such as the Philippines that celebrate Maundy Thursday ,Black SaturdayGood Friday Easter Sunday , as a regular non-working holiday. This means that many businesses and companies will be closed during this day, and that includes banks. However, take note that Maundy Thursday is not a holiday for those countries that do not celebrate the holy week.

Is Maundy Thursday a Day of Obligation?

Many Catholics and Christians are actually confused about this. Yes, Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday is a sacred day for Catholics and Christians alike and so they are encouraged to attend mass, but it is actually nor included in the six Holy Days of Obligation. Hence, you should not get confused with that as well.

Is Maundy Thursday a Regular Holiday?

Similar to what was mentioned above already, whether Maundy Thursday is a regular holiday or not depends on the specific area or country. If a country’s dominant religion is Christianity, chances are Holy Thursday will be a regular holiday so there will be no school or government office and most businesses and companies will be closed during the day. Some countries that declare Maundy Thursday as a public holiday are the Philippines, Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Argentina, Ireland ,Peru, Spain, Paraguay, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Uruguay.

Is Maundy Thursday Part of Lent?

Yes, Maundy Thursday is indeed part of the Lent. The Lenten season is actually called the holy week. After Maundy Thursday, Good Friday follows wherein the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is commemorated. This is followed by Black Saturday and finally by Easter Sunday.

Fast Day

There is no requirement about fasting during Maundy Thursday. However, most Christians and Catholics do in fact fast during Maundy Thursday as well as the succeeding days of the holy week. These people believe that fasting helps them empathize with the sorrowful event of the day.

Bible Verses for Maundy Thursday

Christians and Catholics usually share bible verses specific about Maundy Thursday during this day. Some of these verses are given below. You may want to use these verses to remind your friends and loved ones about the day and also to show that you are one of the people celebrating this day.

Maundy Thursday Quotes

Maundy Thursday Messages

Happy Maundy Thursday Prayers Greetings

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