National Canadian Film Day

National Canadian Film Day Returns to Celebrate 100 Years of Snow and Sass

National Canadian Film Day (NFCD) is approaching on Wednesday 21st of April . If it is the first time for you to know about National Film day then you find this post the best of information. National Canadian Film DayIt is one of the world’s biggest film festival in which the different Canadian Films are expected to screen for free across Canada and many other countries of the world like the USA and India. It is saying that this year approximately 800 Canadian films will screenings and they will be available for everyone to watch for free. So, no need to be afraid of affordability. Enjoy the NFCD (National Film Canadian Day)!

National Canadian Film Day


The sole purpose of celebrating National Canadian Film Day is to encourage all of the Canadians to mark the astonishing achievements of the Canadian filmmakers. Back in 2017 National Film Day the results of the event were beyond the limits and reached across the globe among thousands of people in different countries. Last year April on 5th NFCD around 900 different events were held and results were incredible. Thousands of Canadian in Canada and abroad helped to promote the event.

Here comes the sixth annual National Canadian Film Day on 17th of April and every Canadian should watch the great Canadian films on that day. A large number of events are going to hold on this year.

Why you should be the part of National Canadian Film Day

Canadians Watch your Stories on Big Screens – Don’t talked much about NFCS just hop in. Most of the Canadians want to watch their own stories on a big screen. Even if you are not a Canadian then you have a chance to know Canadian Nation from close. Watch their stories and know the people a bit more.

Fun – Yes, the film is the source of ultimate fun. The film produced by the Canadian filmmakers are really good and it is also hell exciting to share the things of happening across the whole country. Telling something is really fun but watching the film is a bit more than fun! So, don’t wait any long reserve your seat and enjoy the 800 different events across the different countries of the world.

Film or stories in any medium actually has some power to capture the soul of the nation. Whenever we try to watch the movies from other industries then actually, we are losing some part of ourselves. Undoubtedly, watching the movies open the gateway to learn about other cultures but it also about losing ourselves. That’s why the Canadian Celebrates annually National Canadian Film Day to promote their own film industry.

There is nothing wrong to fall in love with Hollywood and Bollywood films but there is no alternative of feeling yourselves when you watch a film from your own movie industry which truly depicts your culture, traditions, and norms.

7 Never Missing Canadian Films to Watch

Here comes the brief list of 7 Never Missing Canadian Films to watch. As a celebration of Canadian National Film Day back to back films will be played. Undoubtedly, a massive celebration is coming up in . Tickets of all these 7 films are free that’s why you need to reserve the tickets before the event approached. So, what are you waiting for? Tickets are always booking quickly don’t waste your time. Enjoy screening pass for free and enjoy a free back to back screening of almost 1700 films.


Director Zacharias Kunuk
Screenwriter Paul Apak Angilirq.
  1.  Natar Ungalaaq
  2.  Sylvia Ivalu
  3. Peter-Henry Arnatsiaq,
  4.  Lucy Tulugarjuk
Duration 172 Minutes


Director Sarah Polley
Screenwriter Sarah Polley
Starring ·        Gordon Pinsent

·        Julie Christie

·        Kristen Thomson

·        Michael Murphy

·         Olympia

Duration 110 Minutes

Watch Trailer


Director Alethea Arnaquq-Baril
Screenwriter Alethea Arnaquq-Baril
Duration 85 Minutes

Watch Trailer


Director Peter Stebbings
Screenwriter Peter Stebbings
Starring ·        Woody Harrelson

·        Kat Dennings

·        Sandra Oh

·        Elias Koteas

Duration 101 Minutes

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Director Louise Archambault
Screenwriter Louise Archambault
Starring ·        Gabrielle Marion-Rivard

·        Alexandre Landry

·        Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin

·        Robert Charlebois

Duration 104 Minutes

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Director Deborah Chow
Screenwriter Deborah Chow
Starring ·        Zach Braff

·        Isabelle Blais

·        Patrick Labbé

Duration 92 Minutes

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Director Patricia Rozema
Screenwriter Patricia Rozema
Starring ·        Ellen Page

·        Evan Rachel Wood

·        Max Minghella

·        Callum Keith Rennie

Duration 101 Minutes

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