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World Immunization Week

Celebrated on Last Week of April Each Year, World Immunization Week

World Immunization Week is celebrated every last week of April each year. This weeklong event aims to promote the use of vaccines in order to protect us, humans, from various kinds of diseases. There are different kinds of vaccine-preventable diseases in our world. While we have been successful in making ourselves immune from these diseases due to vaccination, there are still some people who don’t get these vaccine shots primarily due to lack of access or lack of information. Hence, World Immunization Week aims to solve these problems by expanding the coverage of immunization as well as informing the people regarding the facts about it.

About the World Immunization Week

During World Immunization Week, various health governing bodies, agencies, organizations, and people involved in it celebrate by conducting all sorts of activities to disseminate information about the facts related to vaccines. This can fight the myths and misinformation about this key health tool and thus, save lives.

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Facts about vaccines

The following are the key facts about vaccines:


It was in May 2012 when the celebration of World Immunization Week was first endorsed by the World Health Assembly. There were some countries having this celebration beforehand but there were held in different dates. Hence, the World Health Assembly thought of making an international celebration in a specific date. The date of the last week of April was chosen. The first-ever celebration was participated by more than 180 countries all around the world.

Themes of the World Immunization Week


As mentioned earlier, World Immunization Week is celebrated every last week of April each year. This means that the upcoming celebration of this week will be held from April 19 to 25.

Why Celebrate

The following are the main reasons why you should participate in the celebration of the World Immunization Week:

To Fight Misinformation

One of the key goals of World Immunization Week is to fight misinformation. This problem does not only root in people not knowing the facts about vaccination but also in people who spread it. If you celebrate this week, there will be lots of opportunities for you to tell people what vaccination really is.

To Protect Yourself and the People

If you help spread the word about the facts of vaccination, you are helping the world. You are preventing people from catching infectious diseases and in turn, you are preventing yourself and other people from getting infected.

Celebration Ideas and Activities

The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of the World Immunization Week as best as it can be:

Inform People About Vaccine Facts

One good idea to celebrate this week is to inform people about the vaccine facts. The five key facts given above are so important to be known. Hence, it would be ideal if you can familiarize yourself with these facts and tell people you know about them. You can start with your friends and family.

Get Vaccine Shots

If you still haven’t gotten important vaccine shots, then this week will be the most ideal time to get them. For sure, health experts will be conducting mass vaccinations so that people can get themselves protected from deadly diseases. Don’t miss this chance to save your live and save those of others.

Campaign on Social Media

And of course, if you want to spread the word about vaccination, there is no better place to do it right now than social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let people know about the celebration using the hashtag #WorldImmunizationWeek and with that, you can also share information about the facts about vaccination.


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