Administrative Professionals Day

15 April Administrative Professionals' Day in France

People who work in the administration of companies and businesses play a major role in ensuring that the operations of businesses are, as much as possible, without flaw. Administrative Professionals DaySome of the crucial things that they do on a daily basis include handling paperwork, talking with customers and clients, recruiting talents needed by the organization, and managing the appointments of the managers. But most of the time, the works and contributions of these employees go unappreciated. This is sad and unfortunate especially since without them, companies and businesses will not be able to meet their targets and goals. To mitigate this sad truth, the Administrative Professionals Day was created to make sure that the efforts of these employees will be appreciated and honored.

What is Administrative Professionals Day?

The Administrative Professionals Day is always held in the Wednesday of the 3rd week of April. It is actually a part of the celebration called the Administrative Professionals Week which falls on the entire third week of April. During this day? Companies and businesses try their best to appreciate their administrative staff for all their hardwork, timely engagement, unwielding determination and perseverance. This is the day to thank all the assistants, receptionists, secretaries, and other people doing administrative work.

What is the work of admin professionals?

According to the International Association of Administrative Professionals or the IAAP, administrative professionals are those people who are responsible for information coordination and administrative tasks necessary to support an office environment. Typically, the work of administrative professionals depends on the kind of employers they work for. As we all know, bosses, managers, and supervisors usually have their own secretaries or administrative assistants. There are also office coordinators, executive assistance, administrative specialists, and office managers.

What is the IAAP?

The International Association of Administrative Professionals is formerly known as the National Secretaries Association. It is an organization that serves a nonprofit professional association where members learn from each other and enhance their connections through networking with one another. The aim of this association is to strengthen administrative professionals and enable them to become leaders in their own fields.

What is the history of Administrative Professionals Day?

The history of the administrative professionals day can be traced back to when clerical works and other jobs related administrative tasks became prominent.

How did the admin profession originated and evolved?

According to historians, secretaries have been in work as early as the 15th century. However, it was in the 1880s when more clerical roles emerged in workplaces all over the world. for instance, typewriter positions became popular. During the 1950s, just after the second World Way, the number of post-was businesses and companies skyrocketed. This led to an increase in the demand for secretarial positions.

What is the origin of the Administrative Professionals Day?

According to experts, the celebration of the administrative professionals day was a result of the cooperation of people in different industries including Mary Barrett (former president of the IAAP), C. King Woodbridge (president of Dictaphone Corporations), and Harry F. Klemfuss (PRC executive at Young and Rubicam).

The start of the celebration of this day was in 1952. It was Charles Sawyer, a US Secretary of Commerce, who proclaimed the first ever observance of the National Secretary’s Day celebrating every Wednesday of the National Secretary’s Week. Over time, this whole-week celebration came to be called the Administrative Professionals week while the every Wednesday main event came to be called the Administrative Professionals Day. The celebration is always held in the last week of April.

When is Administrative Professionals Day?

This event is always held on the Wednesday of the last week of April each year. This means that people will be celebrating the Administrative Professionals Day on April 15, . In addition, the Administrative Professionals Week is celebrated during this last week of April in .

Why is Administrative Professionals Day important?

This is an important day of celebration because it gives dedication and honor to all people working in administrative positions. For sure, companies and businesses cannot operate properly without the work of these professionals. We already have the Boss Day. Why not also dedicate a day for all the people responsible for administrative tasks?

How to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day?

There are so many activities that could be done to celebrate the Administrative Professionals Day in the best way possible. These activities include the following:

Give Well-Deserved Recognition to Hardworking Administrative Employees

Perhaps the best way to celebrate this event is to give recognition to all of your administrative employees. Scientific studies have linked recognition with increased motivation and improved productivity. Hence, recognizing the efforts of your employees will not only let you form good relationships with them but also make them better in terms of their work.

Make Sure that They Can Grow, Develop, and Learn New Things

The jobs and tasks of administrative employees can be quite repetitive. Sometimes, it becomes too repetitive and hence, boring. Boring jobs have high turnover rates which could be costly to companies and businesses. As part of your way of celebrating this event, one good thing that you can do is to ensure that there is an avenue for your administrative staff to grow, develop, and learn new things. For instance, you can arrange some training programs where they can learn and develop skills in various things related to their jobs.

Pay Attention to Mental Health

The job of being an administrative professional can become very stressful especially during peak times. Thus, what you can do to celebrate this day is to promise your admin employees some time off from work after encountering stressful times. Or maybe during the day, you can tell them to take their time off from work.

Throw a Party for Them

Another good idea to celebrate this day to the max is to throw a party for your administrative professionals. This is a great idea to let them know that you appreciate all of their hardwork. Maybe you can order some foods and drinks outside and then bring those in your office. Or perhaps you can just invite your staff over to dinner at some fancy restaurant later after work.

Administrative Professionals Day Messages, Greetings, and Quotes

You can make your celebration of this event a lot better by sharing some good messages, greetings, and quotes about administrative professionals. You can event post these on social media while using the hashtag #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay.

  • I am my own secretary; I dictate, I compose, I copy all myself.
  • And so while the great ones depart to their dinner, the secretary stays, growing thinner and thinner, racking his brain to record and report what he thinks that they think that they ought to have thought.
  • To all the administrative assistants out there, thank you for keeping the office running so well! Happy Administrative Professionals Day!
  • Hey administrative professional, your knowledge and skills are impressive and make this task much easier. I appreciate the time you took out of your day to assist me. Enjoy your day!
  • Pencil holders and staplers aren’t cutting it anymore. Here’s a pretty decoration for your desk. Thanks for all that you do. Happy Secretary’s Day.
  • Your smiling face is the best thing about walking into the office every morning. Thank you for being the source of my smiles each morning. Happy Administrative Professionals Day.