• Photo of Pan American Day

    Pan American Day

    People in the USA celebrate Pan American day on 14th April annually. This day commemorates the First International Conference of…

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  • Photo of World Porridge Day

    World Porridge Day

    Every October 10 each year, World Porridge Day is celebrated by people from all over the world. This day may…

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  • Photo of Columbus Day

    Columbus Day

    Christopher Columbus Day commemorates the day when Italian explorer Columbus first sighted the New World (Americas) on October 11, 1492.…

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  • Photo of Independent Czechoslovak State Day

    Independent Czechoslovak State Day

    Independent Czechoslovak State Day, also known as Czech Independence Day, is celebrated annually on October 28. This special day marks…

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  • International Nacho Day

    The International Nacho Day is celebrated every 21st of October each year. This special day gives international recognition to Nachos…

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  • Photo of National Bologna Day

    National Bologna Day

    October 24 is a good day for people to ring their brown bags for lunch because it is the National…

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  • World Pasta Day

    The World Pasta Day is celebrated every 25th of October each year. This day is all about celebrating pasta, which…

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  • Photo of Austria National Day

    Austria National Day

    Happy Independence Day Austria! This national holiday (October 26) marks the end of the country’s post-WWII occupation and the Declaration…

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  • Black Cat Day

    Black cats have been associated with different things. Some people view them as unlucky while some people see them as…

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