Meet The DayFinders Team

Welcome to the heart of! Our passionate team hails from various parts of the world, bringing unique insights and experiences that make our platform genuinely global. Dive in and get to know the individuals turning every day into a celebration.

Aamir Iqbal – Founder & CEO

Born out of a love for cultures, traditions, and festivities, Aamir Iqbal envisioned as a bridge connecting the world through celebrations. With a background in international studies, she’s the driving force behind our expansive global database.

Muhammad Nasir – Chief Technical Officer

A wizard with code, Aiden ensures our platform runs smoothly. He’s passionate about leveraging the latest technologies to ensure you have a seamless experience while discovering global events.

Amara Khan – Head of Research

With an insatiable curiosity, Amara leads a talented team of researchers who delve deep into various cultures, uncovering lesser-known events and ensuring the accuracy of our vast database.

Nimra Anjum – Publisher

A storyteller at heart, Liam ensures that each event is not just a date on the calendar but a tale waiting to be told. His team brings life to our listings through engaging narratives.

Zobia Riaz– Publisher

Nina is the voice behind our vibrant social media presence. She’s dedicated to fostering a community where members can share, learn, and celebrate together.

Join Us In Celebration!

Every member of our team believes in the magic of celebrations. We’re here to guide, inform, and share in the joy of daily events. So, from all of us at, thank you for letting us be a part of your daily celebrations!

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