• Photo of Haitian Independence Day

    Haitian Independence Day

    Happy Haitian Independence Day – Independence Day in Haiti is celebrated every year on January 1, the same day as…

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  • Photo of Myanmar Independence Day

    Myanmar Independence Day

    Independence day in Myanmar is a national holiday in on 4 January. This special holiday holds a great significance in…

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  • Photo of Balloon Ascension Day

    Balloon Ascension Day

    The Balloon Ascension Day is celebrated on 9th of January each year. Have you ever traversed the air through a…

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  • Photo of National Kiss a Ginger Day

    National Kiss a Ginger Day

    January 12 is the Kiss a Ginger Day which is an unofficial holiday celebrated in different parts of the world.…

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  • Photo of Lohri 2020

    Lohri 2020

    Lohri is a Punjabi folk festival celebrated every winter time in India. It is an official holiday in India. Specifically,…

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  • Photo of Mahayana New Year

    Mahayana New Year

    In countries where Mahayana Buddhism is the most dominant religion, January is the month of celebration. Just like how other…

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  • Photo of National Fig Newton Day

    National Fig Newton Day

    Various national food holidays have been in existence for quite a long time already. Although some of them are not…

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  • Photo of Appreciate a Dragon Day

    Appreciate a Dragon Day

    The National Appreciate A Dragon Day is a yearly celebration held every 16th of January each year. Dragons are legendary…

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  • Photo of Hot-Buttered Rum Day

    Hot-Buttered Rum Day

    January can have different weather depending on where you are. It can be warm, frigid, cold, or chilly. But when…

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