• Photo of Calan Mai Festival in Wales – May 1, 2019

    Calan Mai Festival in Wales – May 1, 2019

    The May Day holiday of Wales (May 1) is known as Calan Mai. The celebrations for Calan Mai start late…

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  • Photo of CBSE Results 2019

    CBSE Results 2019

    The expected date of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class10 and 12 results is the 29th of May but…

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  • Photo of Ramadan


    Ramadan is a sacred Islamic month – a month when Muslims fast from food and drink during the sunlit hours.…

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  • Photo of World Lindy Hop Day

    World Lindy Hop Day

    If you are a fan of dancing or if you are a dancer yourself, then it is no doubt that…

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  • Photo of World Password Day

    World Password Day

    The World Password Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of May each year according to the National Calendar. It…

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  • Photo of Chicken Dance Day

    Chicken Dance Day

    What is Chicken Dance Day? 14th May 2019 will be Chicken Dance Day. Chicken Dance Day is also known as…

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  • Photo of Beverage Day

    Beverage Day

    Imagine what would happen to our lives if beverages don’t exist. There will be no juice in our lunch, wine…

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  • Photo of Towel Day

    Towel Day

    Every year on 25th of May Towel Day is celebrated as a tribute to the late creator Douglas Adams (1952-2001).…

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  • Photo of Loomis Day

    Loomis Day

    More than 1500 national days are celebrated in the world. Every passing day reminds us of the efforts and struggles…

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