Appreciate a Dragon Day

16th Jan Honoring & Appreciating Dragons on "Appreciate a Dragon Day"

The National Appreciate A Dragon Day is a yearly celebration held every 16th of January each year. Dragons are legendary creatures that are reptile-like, resembling lizards and snakes. More often than not, they are portrayed as creatures that can cause massive destruction to humans and other living beings with their immense strength and breathing of scorching fire. Apart from that, dragons are also portrayed as tamable and friendly creatures which can become a pet for humans.

They can often be found in books, TV series such as Game of Thrones, museums, literature, and many more. Dragons have become a symbol of being elite and strong. A lot of people dream of having dragons. Some even claim that they once existed on this planet. Because of much love for dragons and for their cultural significance, a special day of celebration has been dedicated to them. This celebration is called Appreciate A Dragon Day.

About Appreciate a Dragon Day

During this holiday, people all over the world celebrate by conducting various activities that involve dragons. Some people commit their time to watching dragons on TV or in films. Some draw or paint dragons as what they can imagine, while others perform energetic activities such as dragon dances. There are a lot of activities conducted during this day. All of them aim to honor and praise dragons, even though they are only legendary creatures.

Appreciate a Dragon Day History

The history of this special day can be traced back to when dragons became part of our culture.

The history of dragons

Dragons are mythical creatures that resemble a lizard with wings. They are often depicted to breathe fire and have large claws they use to slash their opponents. Some dragons are depicted as having multiple heads. The name of this creature comes from the Greek word drakon which means giant sea serpents. In the Roman and Greek worlds, dragons were particularly depicted as evil creatures. In China and Japan, dragons are seen positively.

Origin of the Appreciate a Dragon Day

This holiday was created by Donita K. Paul, a writer who wrote the book entitled DragonSpell. This day aims to celebrate all dragons known in popular culture.


Appreciate a Dragon Day is always celebrated on January 16 each year.

Why Celebrate

The following are the main reasons why you should celebrate this holiday:

They Have Become an Integral Part of Our Culture

One major reason why you should celebrate this holiday is that dragons have become an important part of our culture. We can see dragons in different sources including books, films, TV series, cartoons, and many more.

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They are Amazing Creatures

Another reason to celebrate this holiday is that dragons are amazing creatures that are worth paying tribute to. They are often portrayed as magnificent and powerful beings that when paired or tamed by humans, can become humongous assets. They have powerful wings they can use to fly or even create gusts of winds that can wreck havoc to the surrounding environment.

The Holiday is Special

Dragons in particular are treated as special creatures in China. There is even a zodiac year for them – the year of the Dragon. Those born in the year of the Dragon can perhaps take extra steps in making their celebration of this day a very special one.

Celebration Activity Ideas

The following are some good ideas on how you can make your celebration of the Appreciate a Dragon Day a really good one:

Draw or Paint Dragons

You can celebrate this day in a simple way by painting or drawing dragons. There are a lot of varieties of dragons that you can paint. But of course, you have the creative freedom to draw or paint what you like. Hence, you should rely on your own imagination in creating your masterpiece dragon painting.

Write Stories or Poems About Dragons

You can also celebrate by writing poems or stories about dragons. You can use the idea of dragons being powerful creatures as your inspiration in writing a story or a poem featuring dragons.

See a Movie or Show with Dragons

You can also celebrate by watching a movie or show with dragons. For instance, you can indulge yourself into watching the movie series How to Train Your Dragon. You can also watch the extremely popular TV show Game of Thrones which features dragons.

Buy Dragon Stuffed Toys

You can just buy dragon stuffed toys as your way of celebrating this day. You may even use that as a gift to someone born in the year of the dragon.

Take a Selfie with a Dragon

There might be some statues that depict dragons. If so, you may want to take a selfie or a picture of it as your way of celebrating this day.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration on social media. You can, for instance, use the hashtag #AppreciateADragonDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this special day.

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