Christian Holidays

  • Photo of Passover Holiday

    Passover Holiday

    The Passover Holiday is an eight-day celebration that commemorates the freedom and the exodus of Israelites or Jewish slaves from…

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  • Bring Your Bible to School Day

    The religion of Christianity has been around for hundreds of years. In connection with that, the freedom to express one’s…

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  • Photo of Palm Sunday Calendar

    Palm Sunday Calendar

    Religious festivals commemorate special moments in every religion’s calendar. Christians annually celebrate Palm Sunday – an important event in the…

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  • Photo of Advent Sunday

    Advent Sunday

    Advent is the season that begins four Sundays before December 25 and lasts about 4 weeks and prepares us for…

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  • Photo of Whitsun Celebration

    Whitsun Celebration

    One of the most important celebrations in Christianity is the Whitsun celebration. This event is also called the Pentecost and…

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  • Photo of Christmas Day France

    Christmas Day France

    Christmas Day in France is celebrated every 25th of December each year, just like the rest of the world. it…

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  • Photo of Christian Holidays

    Christian Holidays

    The most vital Christian Holiday is the Easter, a spring occasion that observes Jesus Christ revival from the dead. Easter…

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  • Photo of Holy Monday

    Holy Monday

    Holy Monday, also called Great and Holy Monday is the first Monday of Holy Week. The day commemorates the important…

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  • Photo of Maundy Thursday

    Maundy Thursday

    Maundy Thursday, also known as Holy Thursday, is the Thursday of Holy Week. The day commemorates Jesus’ Last Supper with…

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