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Angola is the country of African Continent located the south-central region. Holiday in AngolaThe official name is the Republic of Angola. With an area of over 1.247 sq million, it is the seventh largest country in Africa. It shares its border with Nambia in the south, Zambia in the east, the Democratic Republic of Congo in the north, and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. The Cabinda is an exclave province of Angola that shares its border with Democratic Republic of Congo and Republic of Congo. The National Motto is Virtus Unita Fortior (in English: “Virtue is stronger when united”).

Holiday in Angola 2019

TuesdayJanuary 01New Year’s Day
MondayFebruary 04Liberation dayColonial repression martyr’s day
TuesdayMarch 05carnivalCelebrated Tuesday before Ash Wednesday
FridayMarch 08Women’s dayWeekday Closest to International Women’s Day
Thursday April 04Peace dayDay of Peace and Reconciliation
Friday April 19Good FridayFriday before Easter Sunday
SundayApril 21Easter Day
Wednesday May 01Labour dayInternational Observance began with the Haymarket Riot in Chicago
TuesdaySeptember 17National Heroes’ Hay
SaturdayNovember 02All Souls’ DayMemorial Day
Monday November 11Independence Day
WednesdayDecember 25Christmas day and family day

Fact and Figures about Angola

All the fact and figures about Angola r are listed below.

Capital of Angola

Luanda is the most popular, important and national capital of Angola. It is formally named as São Paulo da Assunção de Loanda. This city is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and also, serves as the major port as well as primary urban, industrial, and cultural center.

President of Angola

João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço is the current president of Angola and elected in 2017, Sep-26. He is a former football player and the 4th president.

Prime Minister of Angola

Prime Minister of Angola is considered as highest government official according to the constitution of 1992. But the 2010 constitution of Angola integrates the authorities of Prime Minister into President Office.

Population of Angola

The total population of Angola is over 29.78 million which is 0.41% of the total world’s population. Angola ranked on 46th number among the most populated countries.

Angolan Flag

The national flag of Angola has two bars of red and green color with the yellow emblem located in the center. The emblem is like a half gear wheel crossed by a machete.

Angolan Currency

The national currency of Angolan is kwanza. The official code for currency is AOA and commonly used symbol is Kz.

Angolan Religion

In Angola there are almost 1,000 different religions are practiced by the locals, but the majority of them are Roman Catholic and others are Baptists, Methodists, Congregationalist, Lutherns, Seventh-day Adventists, and Reformed Churches.

Angolan Dialing code

The international dialing code of Angola is +244.

The crime rate of Angola

Albania has crime index 64.87 and safety index 35.13 in the world.

Crime RatesIndex NumberComments
Crime Level73.65High
Crime Increasing Rate in Past 3 Years64.29High
Thing stolen & Home Broken cases60.61High
Being Mugged & Robbed cases70.59High
Car stolen cases51.43Moderate
Thing from car stolen cases70.45High
Being Attacked worries60.29High
Being insulted worries44.85Moderate
Being attacked based on Religion & colour worries37.12Low
Using & Dealing in Drugs Cases51.47Moderate
Property Crimes73.53High
Violent Crime such as Armed Robbery75.00High


Airport of Angola

The airports in Angola are managed by the company called National Company to Manage Airports and Air Aviation (ENANA). Some of busiest airports are Ambriz Airport, Andulo Airport, Benguela Airport, Cabinda Airport, Cacolo Airport, and Cafunfo Airport.

Top Destinations of Angola

Angola is most likely one of the last countries you will think like a traveler goal. However, it’s a standout amongst the loveliest countries. In different conditions Angola would be the best travel goal in Africa and visit Angola would be an absolute necessity to any travel lover.

The top destinations for traveling are the Island of Luanda, Island of Mussulo, Mirandouro da Lua, Kissama National Park, and beaches of Cabo Ledo and Sangano.

Area of Angola

The total area of Angola is over 1.247 million sq kilometers.

GDP of Angola

According to an estimate in 2017, the GDP of Angola is 124.21 billion US Dollars which is 0.20% of the total world’s economy.

Sports of Angola

The most loved game in Angola is Football also the national team has qualified for FIFA in 2006. Many players from Angola have played for Portugal and Germany.

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