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National flag of ArgentinaArgentina is a country which is located in South America, officially named as the Argentine Republic. It shares its border with Chile in the west, Paraguay and Bolivia in the north, Brazil in the northeast, the Drake Passage in the south, and South Atlantic Ocean in the East. With an area of 0f over 2.78 million sq. A kilometer is the second largest in South America and the eight largest countries in the world. Also, known as the largest Spanish speaking nation. The most known cities of Argentina are Buenos Aires, Cordova, rosary beads, Mendoza, The Silver, Tucumán, and Salta.

WednesdayJan 01, 2020New Year’s Day
MondayFeb 24, 2020Carnival
TuesdayFeb 25, 2020Carnival/Shrove Tuesday
TuesdayMar 24, 2020Memorial Day
ThursdayApr 02, 2020Day of the Veterans
FridayApr 10, 2020Good Friday
FridayMay 01, 2020Labor Day / Worker’s Day
MondayMay 25, 2020National Day/May 1810 Revolution
WednesdayJun 17, 2020Martin Miguel de Guemes Day
SaturdayJun 20, 2020General Manuel Belgrano Memorial Day
ThursdayJul 09, 2020Independence day
MondayAug 17, 2020San Martin Day
MondayOct 12, 2020Day of respect for cultural diversity
MondayNov 23, 2020National Sovereignty Day
TuesdayDec 08, 2020Feast of the Immaculate Conception
FridayDec 25, 2020Christmas

Capital of Argentina

The president capital Buenos Aires is located on the south-eastern shore of the shore of South America. With an estimated population of 13,588,171 individuals, it is the most populated city of Argentina.

President of Argentina

Mauricio Marci is the present president of Republic of Argentine and elected in 2015, on December-10. The president serves as head of state and head of government as well, According to the constitution; the President is also commander-in-chief of armed forces and chief executive of federal government.

Prime Minister of Argentina

Mr. Marcos Peña is the current Prime Minister of Argentina and elected in 2015, on December-10 by the president.

Population of Argentina

According to an estimate in 2017, the total population of Argentina is over 44.27 million. It ranked on 32nd position among the most populated countries in the world. Argentina’s population is 0.58% of the total population of the world.

Flag of Argentina

The national flag is consist of 3 horizontal bars of colour white in the center and blue on the outer sides along with the Sun of May in the center of the whitish part.

Currency of Argentina

The national currency of Argentina is peso. The official code is ARS, and the most commonly used symbol is $.

Religion of Argentina

Almost 76.5% of total Argentine’s population are Roman Catholic, while the remaining population belongs to Islam, Judaism, and Evangelical Protestantism.

Dialing code of Argentina

The international dialing code f Argentina is +54.

The crime rate in Argentina

Argentina has a crime index 62.67 and safety index 37.33 in the world.

Crime RatesIndex NumberComments
Crime Level73.50High
Crime Increasing Rate in Past 3 Years76.45High
Thing stolen & Home Broken cases56.43Moderate
Being Mugged & Robbed cases70.55High
Car stolen cases55.54Moderate
Thing from car stolen cases64.50High
Being Attacked worries55.19Moderate
Being insulted worries42.48Moderate
Being attacked based on Religion & colour worries17.56Very Low
Using & Dealing in Drugs Cases64.15High
Property Crimes70.20High
Violent Crime such as Armed Robbery71.37High

Airport of Argentina

Being a South American country Argentina has numerous flight operations on a daily basis. Name of some of the busiest airports is Alto Río Senguer Airport, Ascochinga Airport, Azul Airport, Comandante Espora Airport, San Carlos de Bariloche Airport, and Benito Juárez Airport.

Top Destinations of Argentina

In the Americas, the Argentine is known as the land of man-made natural sceneries. It waterfall, the highest peak in the Americas, charming sceneries makes it a perfect place for tourists. Some best place to visit here is Volcan Lanin, Quebrada de Cafayate, Tigre Delta, Recoleta Cemetery, Talampaya National Park, and Iglesia San Francisco etc.

Area of Argentina

The total is of Argentine is over 2.78 million sq. Kilometer. It comes on 2nd number in South America and 8th in the world.

GDP of Argentina

In 2017, the estimated GDP of Argentina is 637.6 billion US dollars which is 1.03% f the total world economy.

Sports of Argentina

As a matter of fact, Association football is the most loved sport, while other sports which are also played here are Basketball, Field Hockey, Rugby, Boxing, Golf, and Tennis.

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