Bahrain National Day

Celebrating 50 Years of Bahrain's Independence on "Bahrain National Day"

Independence Day in Bahrain is celebrated every year on December 16. This day holds great importance in the history of Bahrain, as it marks the country’s independence from the British following a United Nations survey of the Bahraini population.

Bahrain proclaimed its independence on 16 December 1971, marked by the signing of a friendship treaty with the British that ended past agreements between the opposite sides.

Bahrain National Day
A public holiday in Bahrain celebrating the nation’s independence.
When Celebrated:December 16
Upcoming Date:Thursday, December 16,
Years of Independence:
50 Years of Independence
Commemorates the country’s independence from the British following a United Nations survey of the Bahraini population and the signing of a friendship treaty with the British.
Parades, Decorations, Exhibitions, Fireworks, Concerts, Game Shows
Holiday Type:
Public – National Holiday
Also Called:
Bahrain Independence Day, Al Yam al Watani

Bahrain National Day in : How Many Years & Which Independence Anniversary?

Bahrain National Day in falls on Monday, 16 December – marking Bahrain’s 48 years of Independence. This year, the country will celebrate its 48th Independence Anniversary.

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Bahrain Independence History


Bahrain History Timeline
1783Khalifah family takes control of Bahrain from Persia
1861Britain assumes responsibility for Bahrain’s defense and foreign relations
1913A treaty signed between Britain and the Ottoman government recognizing the independence of Bahrain, but the country remains under British rule
1931Discovery of oil by the Bahrain Petroleum Company
1939Britain decides that the Hawar Islands that lie between Bahrain and Qatar belong to Bahrain
1961Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa becomes the ruler of Bahrain
1967Britain moves its Naval Base from Aden to Bahrain
The Shah of Iran revokes his country’s claim to power over Bahrain after a United Nations report says that Bahrainis support independence overrule by Britain or Iran. After the Shah escapes in 1979, the Islamic government of Iran declines to perceive this renunciation.
1971Bahrain declares independence from Britain, signs a treaty of friendship with Britain, Sheikh Isa becomes the first Emir

Bahrain Before Independence

Bahrain has roots deep in the past, returning to over 5000 years, as it was home to the civilizations: Dilmun, Awal, and Tylos. From the beginning of time, it was classified as “the Land of Immortality” or “the Great Paradise” as it was known for crisp water springs and palm tree fields.

Bahrain was an imperative connection between civilizations, for example, the Phoenicians in the Levant, Mesopotamia in Iraq, the Nile Valley in Egypt. Unearthings and historical evidence prove Bahrain being a commercial center and a sea transit point between East and West.

In the 16th century, pearl trade started as jewelers caught a quick look at the way that Bahraini pearls had a unique shading and appearance that made them particularly significant and valuable. Coming about because of sweet-water springs under the sea merging with the somewhat saline water of the shellfish beds, it was through this trademark Bahrain picked up its commercial power and developed into a position of regional importance.

With power came envy, and Bahrain was taken over first by the Portuguese, then the Persians and later the Omanis, who were also a noteworthy trading power at the time. In the 19th century, the island turned into a British protectorate, which it stayed until full independence in 1971.

British In Bahrain: Establishment of Bahrain’s Relationship with British

The Persian Gulf was infamous to the Royal Naval force as a hotbed of piracy. This was especially pressing to the British because of the significance of maintaining communications between London and India. The Imperial East India Company made many attempts at wiping all piracy out of the Gulf region. The role of Bahrain just like a natural harbor implied that it was an undeniable focus of Royal Navy Pressure.

In the 1820’s the leaders of Bahrain, Salman and Abdullah Al Khalifa, consented to an arrangement to attempt and limit piracy in the territory. In 1835, the Royal Naval dictated peace treaties to a large number of the leaders of the Gulf; and Bahrain was no exemption. The treaty indicated that the leaders of Bahrain would try their best to stop pirates operating in the territory. It additionally had a condition that endeavored to limit the slave trade.

In 1843, the Sheikh Abdullah was ousted by the grandson of Sheikh Salman, Mohammed. Mohammed ruled until 1868. Amid this time, he endeavored to ensure his position by signing a Treaty of Perpetual Peace & Friendship with the British. Other Gulf rulers would pursue with these alleged Exclusive agreements. These Treaties were to offer British protection in return for control of power over their foreign issues. Shockingly, this agreement did not stop dynastic fighting over Bahrain as the child of Sheikh Abdullah, also named Mohammed, returned and detained the other Mohammed. The British were losing their understanding with these rulers and sent a fleet from Bushire to capture the two Mohammeds and expel them to Bombay and introduced Sheikh Isa to run the island.

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Bahrain & Iran’s Feud

Until 1970 the administration of Iran occasionally propelled claims to sovereignty over Bahrain, but these were denied. All the claims to Bahrain pressed by Iran were denied after a UN mission determined that the Bahrainis wished to stay independent of that country.

Bahrain On Road To Independence

The seeds of discontent were felt in 1956 at the height of Pan-Arab Nationalism and the Suez Debacle. The British foreign secretary official was stoned by protesters. Soon thereafter, Hostile to British mobs broke out in which many people were killed. They were serious enough for the British to land troops.

Bahrain’s Independence became sure to happen with Britain’s declaration that it could never again bear the cost of its defense commitments thus would pull back itself from the Gulf by 1971. Bahrain became fully independent that year, however, it has since maintained friendly ties and close diplomatic links with the British especially in the military and police fields.

Bahrain Achieves Complete Independence

Bahrain Independence History
14-15th of August 1971, State of Bahrain declares independence from the British. A treaty of friendship is being signed with the United Kingdom, ending Bahrain’s status as a British protectorate.

On 15 August 1971, Sheikh Isa bin Salman al-Khalifa announced that, in perspective of the failure of the bigger alliance to appear, Bahrain would declare its independence. A treaty of friendship was signed with the United Kingdom, ending Bahrain’s status as a British protectorate and Sheik Isa bin Salman was assigned the emir. Bahrain at that point became a member of the United Nations and the Arab League.

Do you know? 15 August is the real date on which Bahrain picked up its independence from the British, the state does not celebrate or stamp that date. Rather, the state yearly praises 16 December as Bahrain National Day, to correspond with the day that former ruler Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa ascended to the position of authority. All things considered, 16 December is a national holiday in Bahrain and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and pride.

Bahrain National Day: Celebrations & Activities

Bahrain National Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm, pride, zeal, and fervor. Bahrain gained its independence from British rule in 1971. National Day in Bahrain is celebrated the entire month of December with fireworks, festivals, carnivals among other festivities.

1). Bahrainis across the country participate in festivities to mark Bahrain’s National Day on December 16. Organizations and schools hold special independence day festivals and activities, and roads and cars and buildings are beautifully decorated.

2). National Day in Bahrain is a period of festivity, and the government always surprises the Bahrainis with a lot of independence special programs and events. There is generally a National Day show, after which the Bahrainis head to the National Museum which often has various customary displays and shows to correspond with the occasion. It is additionally an extraordinary time to hang out with your loved ones.

3). National Day also is a time when there are no partisan divisions, and when Bahrainis as a whole think about the National Charter of Bahrain, which his Majesty Sheik Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa started. The charter sets out the privileges of every single Bahraini, which carries with it a ton of advantages, yet also certain responsibilities, and in numerous regards, it encourages the people and secures them and should be respected as such.

4). Bahrain National Day is an incredible day in Bahrain. There is normally a show of traditional Bahraini music in the Exhibition Center and the whole country has a lovely carnival atmosphere. For some locals, Bahrain National Day is an opportunity to be with their families and celebrate the nation that they live in. Eating is, obviously, a major part of this, and families will in general feast out on this event.

5). Bahrainis yelp in excitement as they see the national guard parade passing by, trailed by a fleet of beautifully decorated trucks. Bahraini flags, emblems, and red and white confetti are all over the place. Soon thereafter, thousands of Bahrainis stand in the desert, gazing up into the starry night sky, waiting for the firework to explode into a million tiny suns, in red and yellow and white and green. Everybody ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ at the magnificent sight.

6). For Bahrainis, Bahrain National Day is an opportunity to pay regard to their Ruler, and to express their affection for their nation. Bahrain is a great nation, and Bahrainis feel extremely lucky to have been conceived here. The best thing about Bahrain is that it is an open country, significantly more so than the rest of the GCC, and this draws in people from everywhere throughout the world.

7). Bahrain National Day celebrations also include fun-filled game shows, entertainment programs, stalls showcasing Bahraini handicrafts, cultural shows reflecting the traditional Bahraini heritage, face painting, horse rides, water sports, Jet Ski races, parachute jumping, an air show featuring F-16 fighter planes, concerts, and much more.

This is the manner by which Bahrainis celebrate their National Day. The National Day march is a memorable highlight of the day, while the firecrackers are something everybody sits tight for anxiously every year!

National Flag of Bahrain

Bahrain Flag

The national flag of Bahrain consists of a white field on the hoist side, separated from a larger red field on the right by five white triangles in the form of a zigzag pattern.

Frequently-Asked Questions Related To Bahrain

When going through Bahrain’s independence history, many people have lots of questions regarding Bahrain National Day, such as how did Bahrain gained independence? Here we have unpacked Bahrain FAQs.

  • Capital: Manama, also the largest city in Bahrain
  • Official Language: Arabic
  • Religion: Islam
  • People of Bahrain are called: Bahraini
  • Government: Unitary Constitutional Monarchy
  • Population: 1.5 million estimate
  • Currency: Bahraini Dinar

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Happy Bahrain National Day GREETINGS

  • Happy National Day, Bahrain. We wish you a day of great celebrations and many more exceptional years ahead.
  • I warmly congratulate His Majesty Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and the people of the Kingdom of Bahrain on the happy occasion of their National Day celebration.
  • Bahrain will always be successful, developed and peaceful under the leadership of King Hamad, the proper constitution, charter, and by the true love of nobles Bahrainis. May God bless this land & wish her a happy national day.
  • Our warmest congratulations to our friends and families in the Kingdom of #Bahrain celebrating their Kingdom’s National Day. Happy National Day Bahrain.
  • A storied civilization – full of hope and promise… Happy Independence Day to the Kingdom of #Bahrain!

Happy Bahrain National Day WISHES

  • Happy Bahrain National Day! Your achievements continue to impress – and change – our world.
  • Happy Bahrain Day. 50Years young, with such strong, progressive leadership.
  • Bahrain has been my home. I have learned a lot and grown so much as a person in this beautiful country. Thank You, Bahrain for extending such a warm welcome to me and my family. Happy National Day!
  • Happy Bahrain National Day! Congratulations to the people and the government. Our warm greetings and felicitations to all Bahrainis on the occasion of the country’s National Day celebrations.
  • Born and raised in Bahrain. No country would make me feel the way it does. I love it with all my heart. Happy National Day Bahrain!

Happy Bahrain National Day MESSAGES

  • Bahrain is a successful experiment in federation and unity, in bringing the world together, in welcoming religions, in investing in own citizens, and in leaders who work with dedication for their people.
  • Determine to contribute to the betterment of Bahrain and it’s people. Cherish the Independence. Feel the patriotism from within. Long live our Bahrain and its culture.
  • I Wish Everyone a Happy Bahrain Independence Day! Today we stand together in unity and with great pride in belonging to Bahrain.
  • Bahrain National Day marks 50 years of accomplishments, pride, and unity – Happy Celebrating.
  • Happy Bahrain Independence Day. Amazing country, great visionary leadership and above all a home away from home.
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