Basant Panchami

February 5 Vasant Panchami

Basant Panchami, also known as Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja, is Hindu’s most famous festival that marks the arrival of the spring season and also celebrates the birth of Goddess Saraswati. The Hindu festival is marked by widespread celebrations in India. Let’s read Basant Panchami article here and read everything about Basant Panchami including History, Celebrations, Quotes, Puja, Facts, Wishes, Messages, and Short Essays.

Learn What Is Basant Panchami and Get A Complete Overview Of This Festival

Basant Panchami or Vasant Panchami marks the start of the spring season. In eastern parts of India, especially in West Bengal, it is celebrated as Saraswati Puja. The Indian states of Punjab and Bihar, celebrate this festival as a celebration of kites.

Basant Panchami, also called Vasant Panchami, or the Festival of Kites is mostly observed by Hindus all over the world. On this auspicious day, Saraswati, the goddess of art and wisdom, is worshipped. Vasant and Kamadeva are also honored on this day.

happy Basant panchami- Sikh and Hindu festival

The word Vasant means spring, and the word Panchami means the fifth day. Hence, Basant Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of the new spring season. As indicated by the Hindu calendar, the festival falls amid the Purvahna Kaal on the Panchami Tithi. As it were, it happens on the fifth day of Magha (which is early weeks of February).

Basant Panchami Meaning in English – The English meaning of Basant Panchami is really simple. Basant Panchami is a Sanskrit term, Basant meaning spring, and Panchami meaning the fifth day. On this Hindu festival day, Goddess Saraswati is worshipped.

Basant Panchami Date, Timings, Mahurat, Puja Time, Tithi Time, Details

Purvahna Kala, which is the time between the dawn and the late morning, is considered to choose Basant Panchami of . Vasant Panchami is commended on the day when Panchami Tithi prevails amid Purvahna Kala. Because of which Vasant Panchami may likewise fall on Chaturthi Tithi.

Hindu scholars and astrologers consider Basant Panchami as Abujha day which is promising to begin all great work. As per this conviction, the entire Basant Panchami day is promising to perform Saraswati Puja.

In spite of the fact that there is no exceptional time to perform Saraswati Puja on Vasant Panchami, you must ensure that Puja is done when Panchami Tithi is prevailing. Ordinarily, Panchami Tithi doesn’t prevail entire of the day on Vasant Panchami day hence scholars and Astros trust that it is vital to do Saraswati puja inside Panchami Tithi.

Hindu researchers and Astros proposes Saraswati Puja time during Purvahna Kala while Panchami Tithi is prevailing. Purvahna Kala falls between the dawn and the late morning which is added when the vast majority perform Saraswati Puja incorporating schools and universities in India.

Saraswati Puja on Basant Panchami Mahurat

  • Basant Panchami  – February  5th, Tuesday,
  • Vasant Panchami Puja Muhurta  = 11:56 to 12:22
  • Duration = 0 Hours 26 Mins
  • Basant Panchami Tithi Begins = 11:55 on 4/Feb/
  • Basant Panchami Tithi Ends = 13:38 on 5/Feb/

Looking for Basant Panchami  dates in Hindi? Basant Panchami  main kab hai, basant panchami kab hai, basant panchami kab aa raha hai.

(The time mentioned above is subject to 24-hour clock)

What is Basant Panchami  – Basant Panchami  is purely dedicated to Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, arts, and science. On this Hindu festival day, Goddess Saraswati will be worshipped and honored by the Hindus.

Basant Panchami in which month –  it will be observed in the month of February

When Basant Panchami  – 26 Feburary

Which Date Basant Panchami  – 26 Feburary

Vasant Panchami Date and Time -5 Feburary; Basant Panchami Puja Time is from 11:56 am to 12:22 pm; Basant Panchami Tithi Starting Time is 11:55 am on February 5; Basant Panchami Tithi Ending Time is 1:38 pm on 

Read Basant Panchami History and Learn Basant Panchami Background

Being a very popular Hindu festival celebrated in India, it’s very important to know the history and background of Basant Panchami. The festival of Vasant Panchami can be followed back to Dwapara Yuga. According to the specialist of sacred scriptures like Srimad Bhagavatam and other Vaishnava sacred writings, the supernatural Vasant ras lila occurred on this night on the Govardhan hill. The place came to be known as Chandra Sarovar. It is additionally referenced that Lord Chandra Dev stopped for one night of Brahma to take darshan of this divine dance of Sri Krishna and his dearest gopis, headed by Srimati Radharani.

According to the expert of Brahma Samhita (5.24), Interpretation: “The goddess of learning Saraswati, the divine associate of the Supreme Lord, said along these lines to Brahma who saw nothing but gloom in all directions, After Lord Brahma was guided by Devi Saraswati, he started to meditate and gain spiritual knowledge.”

For a great many years and according to the conventions and traditions predominate, people have been celebrating the Festival of Basant Panchami by observing fast, enlivening the god of Saraswati with wreaths and white garments and offering her yellow items. This is the history of Basant Panchami and the background of this day.

Basant Panchami Celebrations and Learning How Basant Panchami Is Celebrated

Basant Panchami also spelled Vasant Panchami is widely celebrated by the Indian Hindus. On this day, the goddess of knowledge, Saraswati, is honored and worshipped. Kamadeva and Vasant are likewise respected on this celebration. Wearing yellow attire and cooking bright colored foods like Yellow Rice, Meethe Chawal, Boondi Ladoo, are major highlights of the day.

The Basant Panchami celebration denotes the love of Lord Krishna and Devi Saraswati. Hindus respect Saraswati on Vasant Panchami and stamp the occasion by visiting her temples, playing Basant Panchami songs and eating traditional Basant Panchami foods, for example, sweet yellow rice. Statues and pictures of Saraswati are dressed in yellow flowers. Since Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, it is viewed as a great day to give kids their first reading and composing guidance.

Goddess Saraswati Vasant Panchami India festival

As the start of the spring season, Basant Panchami is seen as a celebration of fresh starts, reestablishment, and bliss. It is likewise an opportunity to start acts of kindness when all is said in done. The Vasant Panchami Celebration likewise denotes the beginning of preparation for Holika and Holi, which happens forty days after the festival. In this Basant Panchami blog, let’s read how is Basant Panchami celebrated in India.

Basant Panchami Celebrations In School and Basant Panchami Celebrations For Students – Since the goddess is viewed as an exemplification of knowledge and wisdom, therefore the day of Basant Panchami is celebrated in educational institutes in India. People request that the goddess concede them aid for wisdom and learning. Students, writers, performers and instructors, everybody bows down before Goddess Saraswati and prays to her to give them the right direction and help them exceed expectations in the field of education.

Basant Panchami Celebrations In North India – In North India, people celebrate Basant Panchami by observing a fast. They wear yellow outfits and cook yellow food dishes, stacked with turmeric and saffron. Divinities of Mother Saraswati are beautified and individuals offer her supplications. People offer yellow flowers to other people and to the divine beings and goddesses.

Basant Panchami Celebrations In Punjab – Basant Panchami in Punjab is celebrated by flying kites. Kids purchase Dor (String) and Guddi or Basant Patang (Kites) for the game. The general population of Punjab wear yellow garments and eat yellow rice to imitate the yellow mustard (sarson) blossom fields, or celebrate by flying kites.

Basant Panchami Celebrations In Uttarakhand – Basant Panchami in Uttarakhand is celebrated with great zeal and fervor. While many people remain busy in Basant Panchami Puja, some Uttarakhand people also worship Shiva, Parvati as the mother earth and the crops. People eat yellow rice and wear yellow outfits.

Basant Panchami Celebrations In West Bengal – In East India, especially in West Bengal, it is praised as Sri Panchami. Colorful parades are held to convey idols of Saraswati and drench it in the blessed water of river Ganga.

Celebrating Basant Panchami by Puja and Traditional Dancing – Upon the arrival of the celebration, people venerate Goddess Saraswati and offer Basant Panchami pujas. Everyone wears garments in yellow shading on this celebration as this color is viewed as promising. The symbol of Goddess Saraswati is also dressed in yellow or white. The Basant Panchami puja is made in the form of fruits, vegetables, and sweets.

Blessings and gifts are also exchanged among one another. People additionally partake in traditional music and dance exhibitions. On the whole, the Vasant Panchami celebration depicts the rich social legacy of the Hindu community.

Learn About Basant Panchami Holiday and Get To Know About Bank Holiday On This Hindu Religious Festival In India

When it comes to Basant Panchami Festival Day, many Indians get confused thinking either its a holiday or not. Here’s the simple answer to your question related to Vasant Panchami Holiday:

In India, Basant Panchami is a widespread public holiday. It’s a day which marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Vasant Panchami is commended each year on the fifth day of the brilliant portion of the Hindu luni-sun based calendar month of Magha, which regularly falls in late January or February.

  • Is Basant Panchami a Gazetted Holiday – Basant Panchami is not a gazetted holiday.
  • Is Basant Panchami a Bank Holiday – Yes, Basant Panchami is a bank holiday.
  • Basant Panchami Bank Holiday – 10th February , Sunday. Vasant Panchami bank holiday will be observed in Indian states (Tripura, West Bengal, Odisha, Haryana)
  • Vasant Panchami Government Holiday – Basant Panchami is a restricted holiday, and not a government holiday.

Basant Panchami Dates & Calendar ( – 2025)

  • Basant Panchami – Sunday, 10 February
  • Basant Panchami – Wednesday, 29 January
  • Basant Panchami – Tuesday, 16 February
  • Basant Panchami 2022 – Saturday, 05 February
  • Basant Panchami 2023 – Thursday, 26 January
  • Basant Panchami 2024 – Wednesday, 14 February
  • Basant Panchami 2025 – Monday, 3 February

Learn About Basant Panchami Saraswati Puja Vidhi, Basant Panchami Worship, Vasant Panchami Mantra, and Vasant Panchami Puja in Hindi

Vasant Panchami Puja Vidhi: If you are searching for Basant Panchami Puja Vidhi, you are here at the right place. We will share the best Vasant Panchami Saraswati Puja Vidhi, and will also tell you the method to perform this Vasant Panchami Puja Vidhi, and how to worship on Vasant Panchami.

We are giving definite Saraswati Puja Vidhi which can be performed amid all Saraswati Puja including Vasant Panchami. Vasant Panchami is otherwise called Shri Panchami and it is the most noteworthy day to love and look for the favors of Goddess of arts and knowledge.

How to worship on Basant Panchami? Learn Easy Basant Panchami Puja Vidhi with Basant Panchami Hindi Mantras

This Puja Vidhi is given for new Pratima or Murti of Goddess Saraswati. The given Puja Vidhi incorporates each of the sixteen stages of Vasant Panchami worship which is known as Shodashopachara Puja. Here’s how to do Basant Panchami Pooja.

Goddess of Wisdom Saraswati for Vasant Panchami India festival

1). Dhyana

Vasant Panchami Puja should start by doing meditation of Mata Saraswati. Dhyana ought to be done in front of Bhagawati Saraswati statue before you. Following Mantra ought to be recited while thinking about Bhagawati Saraswati.

Ya Kundendu-Tushara-Hara-Dhavala, Ya Shubhra-Vastravrita,

Ya Vina-Vara-Danda-Mandita-Kara, Ya Shveta-Padmasana

Ya Brahmachyuta-Shankara-Prabhritibhirdevaih Sada Vandita,

Sa Mam Patu Saraswati Bhagawati Nihshesha-Jadyapaha

2). Avahana

After Dhyanam of Bhagwati Saraswati, one should recite following Mantra before the Murti, by demonstrating Avahana Mudra. Avahana Mudra is shaped by joining the two palms and folding the two thumbs inwards.

Hari Om Sahastrashirsha Purusha Sahastrakshah Sahastrapat,

Sa Bhumim Savvetaspprttvattyatishtha Ddashangulam

Agachchha Saraswatidevi Sthane Chatra Sthirobhava,

Yavatpujam Karishyami Tavattvam Sannidhau Bhava

Om Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Avahayami Sthapayami

3). Asana

After Mata Saraswati has been summoned, the next step of Vasant Panchami Puja Vidhi is to take flowers in Anjali (by joining palm of two hands) and abandon them before the Murti to offer a seat to Mata Saraswati while reciting following Vasant Panchami Mantra.

Ramyam Sushobhana Divyam Sarva Saukhyakaram Shubham

Asanam Cha Mayadattam Grihana Parameshwari

Om Idasanam Samarpayami Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

4). Padya

Presently offer Mata Saraswati water to wash the feet while reciting following Basant Panchami Mantra.

Gangodakam Nirmalam Cha Sarvasaugandha Samyutam

Pada Prakshalanarthaya Dattam Te Pratigrihyatam

Om Padayoh Padyam Samarpayami Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

5). Arghya

Now offer water to Mata Saraswati for head Abhishekam while reciting following Basant Panchami Puja Mantra.

Arghyam Grihana Deveshi Gandhapushpakshataih Saha

Karunakara Me Devi Grihanarghya Namoastu Te

Om Hastayorarghya Samarpayami Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

6). Achamaniya

After Arghya, offer water to Mata Saraswati for Achamana while chanting this Panchami Puja Mantra.

Sarvatirtha Samayuktam Sugandhi Nirmalam Jalam

Achamyatam Mayadattam Grihana Parameshwari

Om Mukhe Achamaniyam Samarpayami Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

7). Snana

Offer water to Mata Saraswati for the shower while reciting following Vasant Panchami Saraswati Puja Mantra.

Ganga Saraswati Revapayoshni Narmada Jalaih

Snapitoasi Maya Devi Tatha Shanti Kurushva Me

Om Snanartha Jalam Samarpayami Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

8). Panchamrita Snana

The Snanam step of Basant Panchami Puja Vidhi is followed by offering Panchamrita shower to Mata Saraswati while chanting the below mentioned Mantra.

Payo Dadhi Ghritam Chaiva Madhu Cha Sharkarayutam

Panchamritam Mayanitam Snanartham Pratigrihyatam

Om Panchamritena Snapayami

Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

9). Shuddhodaka Snana

At that point offer batch to Mata Saraswati with pure clean water while reciting following Basant Panchami Mantra.

Jnanamurte Bhadrakali Divyamurte Sureshwari

Shuddha Snanam Grihanedam Narayani Namoastu Te

Om Panchamritena Pashchachchhuddhodakena Snapayami

Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

Indian festival Vasant Panchami celebration

10). Gandha Snana

This Vasant Panchami Puja Vidhi step means to offer fragrance bath to Mata Saraswati while reciting the below mentioned Mantra. After Gandha Snana, offer last Shuddhodaka Snana to Mata Saraswati before offering Her Vastra.

Malayachala Sambhutam Chandanagaru Sambhavam

Chandanam Devadeveshi Snanartha Pratigrihyatam

Om Gandhodakena Tatpashchachchhuddhodakena Cha Snapayami

Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

11). Vastra

After Gandha Snanam of Basant Panchami Pooja Vidhi, offer Moli as new garments to Mata Saraswati and chant this Vasant Panchami Mantra.

Tantusantanasamyuktam Kala Kaushala Kalpitam

Sarvangabharanam Shreshtha Vasanam Paridhiyatam

Om Vastram Samarpayami Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

12). Gandha

In Basant Panchami Puja Vidhi, Gandha is all about presenting Chandan to Mata Saraswati and chanting this Hindi Basant Panchami Mantra.

Shrikhanda Chandanam Divyam Gandhadhyam Sumanoharam

Vilepanam Sureshwari Chandanam Pratigrihyatam

Om Gandham Samarpayami Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

13). Saubhagyadravyam

Now offer Haldi, Sindoor, and Kumkum to Mata Saraswati while reciting the following Mantra:

Tambulapatram Mayaanitam Haridra Kumkumanjanam

Sinduralakchakam Dasve Saubhagyadravyamishwari

14). Alankara

The 14th step of Vasant Panchami Puja Vidhi is offering jewelry to Goddess Saraswati while chanting the below mentioned Mantra.

Ratnakankanakechura Kanchi Kundala Nupuram

Muktaharam Kiritancha Grihanabharanani Me

Om Alankarana Samarpayami Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

15). Pushpa

Now present bright colored flowers to Goddess Saraswati and chant the following Basant Panchami Saraswati Puja Mantra.

Malyadini Sugandhini Malyadini Vai Prabho

Mayaanitani Pushpani Grihana Parameshwari

Om Pushpam Pushpamalam Cha Samarpayami

Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

16). Dhupam

Here comes the next step of Puja Vidhi which is offering Dhupam to Saraswati and reciting this below mentioned Mantra.

Vanaspatirasod‌bhuto Gandhadhyo Gandha Uttamah

Aghreyah Narayani Dhupoayam Pratigrihyatam

Om Dhupamaghrapayami Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

banner or poster for Basant Panchami or Vasant Panchami with nice and creative design

17). Deepam

Followed by Dhupa offering, comes Deepam in which you have to present Deepa to Goddess Saraswati and chanting the following Basant Panchami Hindi Mantra.

Sajyam Cha Vartisamyuktam Vahnina Yojitam Maya

Deepam Grihana Deveshi Trailokyatimirapaham

Om Deepam Darshayami Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

18). Naivedya

Now offer Naivedya to Saraswati Mata and chant this Basant Panchami Mantra:

Sharkaraghrita Samyuktam Madhura Svaduchottamam

Upahara Samayuktam Naivedyam Pratigrihyatam

Om Naivedyam Nivedayami Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

19). Achamaniyam

Achamaniyam is an important step of Basant Panchami Puja Vidhi. At this stage, you have to offer pure water to Goddess Saraswati for drinking and Achamana while also chanting this Basant Panchami Mantra:

Eloshiralavangadi Karpuraparivasitam

Prashanartha Kritam Toyam Grihana Parameshwari

Om Naivedyante Achamaniyam Samarpayami

Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

20). Tambulam

Offer Tambool (which is Paan with betel nuts) to Saraswati and chant this Mantra.

Pugi Phalam Mahadivyam Nagavallidalairyutam

Ela Churnadi Samyuktam Tambulam Pratigrihyatam

Om Elalavanga Karpura Adi Sahitam Tambula Samarpayami

Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

21). Dakshina

Now offer Dakshina (meaning Gift) to Goddess Saraswati and chant this Mantra:

Hiranyagarbha Garbhastham Hemabijam Vibhavasoh

Ananta Punya Phaladamatah Shantim Prayachchha Me

Om Dakshinam Samarpayami Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

22). Aarti

Now chant this Mantra and perform Mata Saraswati Aarti. The Mantra is as follow:

Kadaligarbhasambhutam Karpuram Tu Pradipitam

Arartikyamaham Kurve Pashya Me Varado Bhava

Om Karpurarartikya Samarpayami Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

23). Pradakshina

Followed by Aarti, there is Pradakshina which is circumambulating left to right of Goddess Saraswati with bright colored flowers and chanting:

Om Pradakshinam Samarpayami Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

24). Pushpanjali

Fill flowers in Anjali and present them to Mata Saraswati, and chant this Mantra:

Nanasugandha Pushpaishcha Yathakalauddaverapi

Pushpanjali Mayadattam Grihana Parameshwari

Om Mantra Pushpanjali Yuktam Namaskaram Samarpayami

Bhagawati Shri Saraswatyai Namah

25). Sashtanga Pranam

The last step of Basant Panchami Puja Vidhi is offering Sasthanga Pranam (done with eight limbs) to Saraswati and chanting the Vasant Panchami Mantra:

Namodevyai Mahadevyai Shivayai Satatam Namah

Namah Prakrityai Bhadrayai Niyatah Pranatah Smatam

Tamagnivarnam Tapasajvalantim Vairochanim Karmaphaleshu Jushtam

Durgam Devim Sharanamaham Prapadye Sutarasi Tarase Namah

Devi Vachamanajanayanta Devastam Vishvarupah Pashvo Vadanti

Sa No Mandreshamurjam Duhana Dhenurvagasmanupa Sushtutaitu

Kalaratrim Brahmastutam Vaishnavim Skandamataram

Saraswatimaditim Dakshaduhitaram Namamah Pavanam Shivam

happy Basant panchami- Sikh and Hindu festival

Learn These Basant Panchami Mantra and Celebrate Basant Panchami with Best Saraswati Puja Mantras in Hindi

Here’s the list of Basant Panchami Mantras. You must chant these Hindi Mantras on Vasant Panchami festival. These Hindi Basant Panchami Mantras are for gaining wisdom and knowledge, success in your career, and success in studies.

  • Basant Panchami Ekakshar Mantra – Aim
  • Basant Panchami Dvyakshar Mantra – Aim Lrim
  • Basant Panchami Tryakshar Mantra – Aim Rum Svom
  • Basant Panchami Dashakshar Mantra – Vad Vad Vagvadini Svaha
  • Basant Panchami Mantra – Om Aim Namah
  • Saraswati Mantra – Om Aim Kleem Sauh
  • Mahasaraswati Mantra – Om Aim Mahasarasvatyai Namah
  • Saraswati Mantra – Om Aim Hreem Shreem Vagdevyai sarasvatyai Namah
  • Saraswati Mantra – Om Arham Mukha Kamala Vasini Papatma Kshayamkari, Vad Vad Vagvadini Saraswati Aim Hreem Namah Svaha
  • Shri Saraswati Puranokta Mantra – Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Vidyarupena Samsthita, Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah
  • Saraswati Gayatri Mantra – Om Aim Vagdevyai Vidmahe Kamarajaya Dhimahi, Tanno Devi Prachodayat

Basant Panchami Topic and Basant Panchami Essay For Students

Looking for Basant Panchami Essay? Here we have shared a perfect A+ grade Basant Panchami Essay for students of all ages. This Vasant Panchami essay can help you with your homework and get good grades.

Indian Goddess Saraswati on Vasant Panchami Pooja festivalBasant Panchami Essay: Basant Panchami is a famous Hindu festival, widely celebrated in India. The day is also known by the terms: Vasant Panchami, Shree Panchami, and Saraswati Puja. The festival is observed by the Hindu community and is purely dedicated to the worship of Goddess Saraswati or Mata Saraswati.

The Basant Panchami Day is very much prevalent in all the Indian states, especially in West Bengal. Goddess Saraswati is an epitome of wisdom, knowledge, arts, and science. The festival is celebrated on the 5th day of the month of Magh as per the Hindu calendar. Every year, Basant Panchami takes place in the period between mid-January and the first weeks of February.

On Basant Panchami Festival all Indian people, especially students and young people pay their homage to Goddess Saraswati. Young children are taught to read and write their first words on this day, in front of the idol of Mata Saraswati. A huge number of people also observe the day by worshipping the goddess and doing Basant Panchami Saraswati Pujas and chanting Basant Panchami Saraswati Puja Mantras. Hindus usually wear yellow clothes on this festival as this color is said to be auspicious. The idol of Goddess Saraswati is also presented with yellow flowers and dressed in yellow or white.

The festival of Basant Panchami is celebrated with great zeal, utmost enthusiasm, and wide mirth. On this day, people meet and greet each other, they wish Happy Basant Panchami Day to each other, send Basant Panchami quotes and good morning images, and exchange greetings among themselves. Recipes like Yellow Rice, Meethe Chawal, Bondi Ladoo are a staple of Basant Panchami festival. Other Basant Panchami celebrations include taking part in Basant Panchami Kitty Parties, traditional dance and music performance, Basant Panchami celebrations in school, Basant Panchami drawing classes, and observing Basant Panchami fast.

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Wish Basant Panchami To Your Friends and Family with These Best Basant Panchami Wishes

We are sharing here best Basant Panchami wishes that you can send to your loved ones on Vasant Panchami Festival. If you are still practicing the old methods of wishing Basant Panchami to your friends, it’s time to upgrade yourself and learn how to wish Basant Panchami in a latest and unique way. By reading these latest wishes, you will get different variations of wishing Basant Panchami such as Basant Panchami Good Morning Wishes, Basant Panchami Wishes , Basant Panchami Hindi Wishes, and Saraswati Puja Wishes.

Basant Panchami Best Wishes

A Very Happy Saraswati Puja Wish For You. May Goddess Saraswati Bless You On This Basant Panchami

May The Festival Of Basant Panchami , Brings The Wealth Of Knowledge and Wisdom To You, May You Be Blessed By Mata Saraswati & All Your Wishes Come True – Happy Vasant Panchami Wish For You!

When you discover a Dream inside your HEART, don’t ever let it go… Coz dreams are the little seeds from which excellent Tomorrow develops. A Very Blessed and Happy Basant Panchami Wish For Everyone

Basant Panchami Thoughts In English

May Your Life Shine and Amaze With The Bright Colors Of Vasant. May Goddess Saraswati Favor You Always With Intelligence, Knowledge, and Wisdom. Happy Basant Panchami Wishes!

On This Auspicious Day, May The Best Blessings Of Goddess Saraswati Be With You, Happy Basant Panchami Wish For You!

We should venerate Goddess Saraswati to achieve illumination through knowledge and free ourselves of torpidity, languor, and numbness. A Happy Wish for Basant Panchami Day to all my friends!

Basant Panchami Good Morning Wishes

Spring Is In Air, Beautiful Flowers Everywhere. Sending A Happy Basant Panchami Good Morning Wish To All Friends and Family!

Here Is The Start Of Basant Panchami. May Maa Saraswati Fill Your Life With Eternal Light Of Wisdom. A Happy Basant Panchami Good Morning Wish For Everyone.

happy vasant panchami indian festival

My Basant Panchami Morning Wish For You: May Goddess Saraswati’s Blessings Remain With You Throughout Life.

As Spring Steps In and Mustard Flowers Bloom, May Your Life Sees No Difficulty or Any Gloom. A Happy Basant Panchami Morning Wish For You.

Basant Panchami Wishes In Hindi 

Sarson ke peele-peele phool khile, Barse rang peela aasmaa se, Sabke jeevan me mahke sugandh, Aapko badhai Basant Pancham – Happy Basant Panchami Hindi Wish For You!

Maa Saraswati ka Basant hai tyonhaar, Aapke jeevan me aaye sda bahaar, Saraswati dwar aapke viraje harpal, Har kaam apka ho jaye safal – My Hindi Vasant Panchami Wish For You!

My Happy Basant Panchami Wish In Hindi – Umang dil me aur aankhon me hai pyar, Khushiyan lekar aaya Basant ka tyonhaar, Sharad ki fuhaar, kirne suraj ki, Ho shubhkamna apko Basant ki.

Maa Saraswati ka vardaan ho apko, Har din nayi mile khushi apko, Dua hamari hai khuda se ai dost, Jindagi me saflta hamesha mile apko. Happy Basant Panchami Hindi Wishes For You!

Double The Happiness With Latest Basant Panchami Quotes

The Festival of Basant Panchami brings a great smile and happiness on everyone’s face. The day is all about celebrating happiness, love, and knowledge. Let’s double the excitement and happiness with these Basant Panchami Quotes. These Basant Panchami quotations are ideal to send to your friends and family, and use them as a status on social media.

Basant Panchami Quotes

Let’s worship Goddess Saraswati to accomplish edification through learning and free ourselves of torpidity, laziness, and numbness. A Beautiful Basant Panchami Quote For Everyone!

A Lovely Vasant Panchami Quote – We ought to love Goddess Saraswati to accomplish enlightenment through learning and free ourselves of laziness. Basant Panchami Day to every one of my companions!

May the event of Basant Panchami, Convey the abundance of learning to You, May You be honored by Goddess Saraswati and Every one of Your Desires Work out as expected. Wishing You Basant Panchami with This Beautiful Vasant Panchami Quote.

With the chill in the climate retreating, may your distresses also disappear like the cold climate. Happy Basant Panchmi!

Basant Panchami Quotes In Hindi & Punjabi 

Basant Panchami ka ye pyara tyohar, Jeevan mein laaye khushiyan apaar, Saraswati viraaje aapke dwar, Shubh kaamna hamari karein sweekar, Happy Basant Panchami Hindi Quote For You All!

Mandir Ki Ghanti, Arti Ki Thali, Nadi KE Kinare Suraj Ki Lali, Zindagi Mein Aaye Khushiyo Ki Bahar, Aap Ko Mubarak Ho Basant Panchmi Ka Tyohar. Wishing Everyone A Blessed Basant Panchami Day with This Punjabi Quote.

Basant Panchami Quote In Hindi For You: Saraswati Maa aapko har wo vidya de jo aapke pas nahi hai aur jo hai us par chamak de jise apki duniya chamak uthe. HAPPY VASANT PANCHAMI Saraswati Puja!

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Few Lines On Basant Panchami  Messages & SMS

As nature is naturally turning splendid, it calls for shine and festivity. We should sing and make merry. How about we dance and love. Happy Basant Panchami message for all my friends!

Happy Vasant Panchami pooja of Goddess Saraswati hindu festivalMuch the same as nature is transforming into splendid shades, may your life transforms into happy shades as well. How about we make happy and move to the excellent tune of nature. A Happy Basant Panchami Message For You!

As the lovely day of Basant Panchami comes, I trust that it delivers learning and riches for you. May Goddess Saraswati favor your existence with progress, satisfaction, love, and warmth. I trust that every one of your desires works out as expected. Happy Basant Panchami SMS From Me to you and your whole family!

Basant Panchami Hindi SMS For You: Kash aapke jeevan me aaye bahut saara umang aur pyaar, Kyunki aaj hai ye pyara tyohar, Prarthna hai ke mata Saraswati aaye apke dwaar, Aur kare aapki saari kaamnayein sweekar, Karte hai hum ye prarthna har bar, HAPPY BASANT PANCHAMI!

Peele peele sarson ke phool, Peeli udey patang, Aapke jeevan mein rahe sadaa basant ke rang… Happy Basant Panchami!

With nature’s radiance all around, there’s a tune on each lip and sentiment is noticeable all around. May the delightful melodies contact your life this Basant Panchami!

Greet Your Friends With Basant Panchami Statuses For Whatsapp and Celebrate The Beauty Of This Hindi Festival

Basant Panchami is all about celebrating happiness and worshipping the goddess of arts, wisdom, and knowledge, Maa Saraswati. As Whatsapp is the main source of communication of all young people, so you might be looking for Basant Panchami Status. If yes, we’ve got you covered. Here we have shared the best Basant Panchami Whatsapp Status that you can use and greet your friends with Basant Panchami Hindi Status. These beautiful Basant Panchami statuses will be surely appreciated by your friends.

Basant Panchami Status For Whatsapp  Latest

I Pray That This Basant Panchami Festival Brings An Ocean Of Knowledge and Wisdom To Us. My Best Wishes To All Hindus Celebrating Basant Panchami.

Let The Lively Colors of The Festive Season Of Basant Panchami Brighten Our Lives. Happy Basant Panchami To All My Whatsapp Friends!

On This Basant Panchami Day, May Every Goodness Enters Your Mind and Body, And The Brightest Light Of Wisdom Illuminate Your Life, So Here’s Me Wishing All My Friends A Very Happy Vasant Panchami Day.

Iss se pehle ke shaam ho jae, Mera sms dosron ki tarha aam ho jae, Aur sare mobile network jam ho jaein, Aapko Basant Panchami ki shubh kamnayen. Happy Basant Panchami and Saraswati Puja .

Wishing You All A Happy and Blessed Basant Panchami Day.

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Treat Your Soul With Basant Panchami Poems and Add To The Magical Ambiance This Festival Carries With It

Praise the festive soul of Basant Panchami treating your spirit with Basant Panchami poem capturing the spirit of ‘Vasant Ritu‘. Nature plentiful endowments amid the period of spring, fills the human mind and soul with fun and exhilaration. For poets, it is hard to oppose the enticement of writing down what the heart feels detecting the smell of spring. Vasant Panchami poems won’t simply nourish your spirit yet will add to the general enchantment that this season carries with it.

Feed your faculties more than ever with the aroma of ‘Basant Ritu‘ and free yourself in the laps of nature with Basant Panchami poems. An innovative spirit hungers for motivation and finds a goal in the season spring and what we have shared here is a “Basant Panchami Poem

We wish you all a Happy Basant Panchami . What’s more, at this event we thought of treating our regarded visitors with Basant Panchami Hindi Kavita and Basant Panchami Hindi Poems.

happy vasant panchami indian festival

Basant Panchami Hindi Kavita

Sardi ko dedo vidaayi,

basant ki hai ritu aayi.

hawa saurabh lekar aayi,

phulon ne jise lutaayi.

baagon mein bahaar hai,

bhaunron ki gunjar hai.

titli ki bharmaar hai.

Vasant Panchami Poem in English

Clasping thorns to their bosom,

In season spring flowers blossom.

It’s green all around,

The birds produce a sweet sound.

Flowers teach us ever to smile,

Never to be sad even for a while.

Never do they take to pricking,

To the plant, they keep sticking.

Children enjoy flying the kites,

All around are beautiful sights.

Basant Panchami in Hindi Poem For Saraswati Puja

happy vasant panchami indian festivaludi-udi re udi patang,

dekho baadlon ke sang.

hawa ke sang baatein karti,

unchaayion se kabhi na darti.

dhili chhodoge jab dor,

door hoti jaaye ye aur.

sundar si iski puchhal,

kya khoob khaati hai bal.

Jab patang hai pench ladaati,

ek kate, ek jhat mud aati.

lutane ko bachche betaab,

pichhe daude behisaab.

Answers To Your Questions About Basant Panchami Festival and Vasant Panchami Trivia Quizzes For You

Hindus observe Vasant Panchami with extraordinary enthusiasm in sanctuaries, homes and even schools and universities. It is trusted that on this day, goddess Saraswati was conceived. This celebration is praised each year on the fifth day (Panchami) of the brilliant fortnight of the lunar month of the long stretch of Magha, which falls amid the Gregorian time of January-February.

Many people also questions about Basant Panchami Festival, so here we are covering all your queries and FAQs about Basant Panchami.

Is Basant Panchami a gazetted holiday?

Basant Panchami is not a gazetted holiday. It is a restricted holiday in most Indian states, and public holiday in schools, offices, and private institutes. This year in , Basant Panchami holiday will be observed on February 10th.

Is Basant Panchami a bank holiday?

Yes, Basant Panchami is a bank holiday. The Indian states in which Basant Panchami bank holiday is observed are Tripura, West Bengal, Odisha, Haryana.

Is Basant Panchami a harvest festival?

Yes, Basant Panchami is a festival of knowledge and harvest. There are different stories related to Basant Panchami. Some celebrate the day as Vasant Panchami birthday of goddess Saraswati, some celebrate it as the birthday of the Deo-Sun God, and some observe it as a harvest festival.

Is Basant Panchami celebrated?

Yes, Basant Panchami is widely celebrated in all Indian states.

How Basant Panchami is celebrated?

Basant Panchami is celebrated by sending Vasant Panchami greetings and wishes to loved ones, offering Saraswati Puja before the idol of Goddess Saraswati, visiting temples, wearing yellow outfits, doing Basant Panchami Puja Vidhi, attending kitty parties, engaging in dance and music functions, and asking Goddess Saraswati for wisdom, knowledge, and success in life. Pencils and notebooks are also placed near the goddess’s feet to be blessed before they are used by young students.

How to do Basant Panchami pooja?

Basant Panchami pooja must have five steps which include Dhyana, Avahan, Pushpanjali, Nav Upachara Puja, and Puja Samarpan. For details on doing Basant Panchami Pooja, please refer to the above sections.

How to celebrate Basant Panchami in school?

Basant Panchami can be celebrated in school by gathering all teachers and students at one place and bowing down before Mata Saraswati and asking her for wisdom, knowledge, and the right direction in the field of education.

How to wish Basant Panchami?

One can wish Basant Panchami to their friends, family, and other loved ones by gifting sweets, exchanging Basant Panchami greetings wishes, and messages, sending Basant Panchami food dishes like Meethe Chawal and Ladoo, and sending Basant Panchami greeting cards.

How to worship on Basant Panchami?

You can worship on Basant Panchami by presenting bright colored flowers to Goddess Saraswati, offering her pure water, offering a fragrance bath to the Murti of Mata Saraswati, dressing the idol in white or yellow, and chanting Basant Panchami mantras.

What is Basant Panchami?

Basant Panchami is a Hindu festival that marks the arrival of Spring and honors the Hindu Goddess of Saraswati.

What to do on Basant Panchami?

On Basant Panchami, you can engage yourself in Basant Panchami Puja Vidhi, visit temples, honor Maa Saraswati and ask her for knowledge and success in life, cook traditional dishes, take part in local Basant Panchami celebrations, spend time worshipping, exchanging greetings and wishes, gifting sweets and flowers, and wearing yellow outfits.

What to cook on Basant Panchami?

Mostly yellow colored dishes such as Turmeric Lemon Rice, Sweet Saffron Rice, Mango Rava Halwa, Khandvi, Lemon Cupcakes, Pumpkin Halwa, Kesar Rabdi, and Ladoo.

What is the date of Basant Panchami ?

The date of Basant Panchami  16 Feburary, .

When Basant Panchami ?

16 Feburary,

Where Basant Panchami is celebrated?

Basant Panchami is celebrated in all Indian states. There are celebrations in Indian states of North India, Punjab, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, and Indonesia and Nepal.

Who celebrates Basant Panchami?

Basant Panchami is mostly celebrated by Hindus, but Sikhs and Sufi Muslim community also observe the day. Hindus celebrate the day by honoring Goddess Saraswati, Sikhs observe the day by kite flying and wearing yellow turbans, Sufi Muslim community celebrate Basant Panchami by marking the grave of the Sufi saint dargah of Nizamuddin Aulia located in Delhi.

Why Basant Panchami is celebrated?

It is celebrated to welcome spring, bid farewell to harsh winter, honor Goddess Saraswati, performing Puja Vidhi, and asking Saraswati Mata for wisdom, knowledge, and success in life. This is the reason why we celebrate Basant Panchami.

Do Sikhs Celebrate Basant Panchami?

Basant Panchami and Sikhism: Sikhs observe Basant Panchami to mark the start of spring. Different Sikhs treat it as a spring celebration and blissfully commend it by wearing yellow hued garments, imitating the brilliant yellow mustard blossoms in the fields.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the organizer of the Sikh Domain, empowered the festival of Basant Panchami as a get-together in the Gurdwaras. In 1825 CE he gave 2,000 rupees to the Harmandir Sahib Gurdwara in Amritsar to convey sustenance. He held a yearly Basant festival and supported kite flying. Maharaja Ranjit Singh and his ruler Moran would dress in yellow and fly kites on Basant Panchami.

Sikhs also recollect the affliction of Haqiqat Rai on Basant Panchmi, who was captured by the Muslim ruler Khan Zakariya Khan in the wake of being dishonestly blamed for offending Islam. Rai was given the decision of changing over to Islam or demise and, having denied transformation, was executed on the Basant Panchami of 1741 in Lahore, Pakistan.

Basant Panchami kyo manai jati hai?

It is celebrated as a day of honoring Saraswati Mata, the Hindu goddess of wisdom, knowledge, arts, and science.

Basant Panchami kab manaya jata hai?

As indicated by the Hindu calendar, the Basant Panchami festival falls amid the Purvahna Kaal on the Panchami Tithi. As it were, it happens on the fifth day of Magha (which is the early weeks of February).

Goddess Saraswati for Vasant Panchami Puja of India

Basant Panchami kyu manaya jata hai?

It is celebrated to mark the beginning of Spring and worshipping Goddess Saraswati.

Basant Panchami kab hai?

Basant Panchami date is 16 Feburary.

Why do we wear yellow clothes on Vasant Panchami?

Vasant Panchami has a strong connection with yellow color. The importance of wearing yellow clothes on Vasant Panchami lies in the fact that yellow color mustard flowers bloom during this season; yellow color is associated with wisdom and knowledge; Hindu gods such as Lord Dakshinamurthy, Lord Dattatreya and Brihaspati wore yellow; the color yellow signifies the vibrancy of life.

Basant Panchami Quick Facts

What is: Basant Panchami is a Hindu festival day that marks the arrival of spring and birth of Goddess Saraswati. Hindus celebrate the day by honoring Saraswati Mata and doing Saraswati Puja Vidhi.

Type of day: Religious celebration

Observed by: Hindus, mostly in India

Observances: Doing Puja, worshipping, social functions, praying

Date: 16th Feburary,

Also called: Vasant Panchami, Saraswati Puja, Shri Panchami