Batman Day

Batman Day is an unofficial holiday which is celebrated annually on May 1st

It is an unofficial holiday which is celebrated on different dates all over the world. It is celebrated to honor the fictional superhero. The batman is an imaginary character which appears in American comic books, television, libraries and kids bookshops. For the first time, it was celebrated in 2014.Batman day

History of Batman Day

No one exactly has an idea when and who started this day, but it is assumed that batman day was started in May because Batman made its appearance on 1st May. Batman comics was started in 1939. The day is celebrated to promote superpower in the world. The batman story depicts you cannot learn to rise if you never fall.

What activities should we perform on Batman Day?

  • Read the Batman Comic Book

If you are one of them who know batman from Christopher Nolan Movies, you are missing the real pleasure of reading comic books. No doubt, movies are a great source of entertainment, but the most effective way to experience the countless adventures of the batman is a comic book. Batman comics are available on different sites for your ease.

Why is Batman day special?

The batman is a day special for all because the batman story conveys many ideas to stay optimistic and it motivates kids to fight for the right.

Batman proves no super powers needed

Super Power met humans have no existence. Batman gives a great message; every man is a hero if he stands with the right. His will power is priceless. The death of his parents and all the obstacles made him strong enough which gives us a great message that we should not lose hope in our hard times because giving up can never be an option.

Wonderful Batman Toys

Batman has gadgets for the trouble which means we all need some help in our tough time. Self-help is a skill which everyone should learn. 

How to Celebrate Batman Day?

Children and the young generation is our assets, schools and colleges should arrange different programs on this day to promote self-help. People do not know how to fight with difficulties, some people get addicted to alcohol, and some of them commit suicides when they cannot walk away from problems of their lives. We all need awareness to handle difficulties in our lives and Batman day can be a lifesaver for someone who is struggling with his life. Universities and other institutes should arrange seminars to deliver the message of the batman that everyone has fears but how to overcome those fears is matter a lot. They should teach students to face difficult times with courage.

Should We celebrate batman?

The entire life of the batman is a lesson that’s why we should celebrate this day each year to promote mental strength, will power and courage to standalone. Batman life is an excellent source of motivations. It makes people learn survival skills.

We strongly recommend kids to read batman story and watch his videos.

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