Belgium National Day

21 July Belgian National Day

Belgium is famous for its unique culture throughout Europe. The whole of Europe has a rich culture and diversity. Belgium holds a separate position.Belgian National Day

One popular event in Belgium’s history is its national day. National day is the most prestigious event in a country’s calendar.

21st July marks the Belgian National Day.

This day has a unique significance in the country’s history.

Belgians celebrate it with zeal and enthusiasm.

History of the Belgian national day:

Belgium was once a part of the Netherlands. In 1830, a revolution started to succeed in Belgium from the Netherlands.

After a year, the revolution took its toll. It led to the framing of a new Belgian constitution.

The composition got official approval on 7th February 1831. Belgium got formal recognition as a state on 21st July 1831. With that Leopold sworn as the first king.


  •  In 1815 Belgium was annexed with the United Kingdom of Netherlands.
  • For the next 15 years, Belgium had been a part of the kingdom.
  • The drive for an independent Belgian state started on 25th August 1830 with nationwide protests and riots.
  • On 27th September 1889, the Dutch military withdrew from Brussels. This day marked a significant victory in the Belgian calendar.

Celebrating the Belgian National Day

Belgium National Day comes with nationwide celebrations. Grand festivals, carnivals, feasts, and military shows commemorate this event. Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is a host to the country’s largest celebration on its national day. The official start of the ceremony is around 10 am at the prestigious cathedrals of Saint Micheal and Saint Gudula, Brussels. The royal family hosts a gathering at the cathedral, and the mass prays goodwill wishes for the prosperity and well-fortune for the country. Celebrations follow this occasion throughout the state. The most popular events are a military parade, air force aerobatics, fireworks, performances, and concerts.

Things-to-do on Belgian National Day

On 20th July

If you plan on visiting Belgian on their national day, you have many options. There is a great deal of diversity there. You can see their festivals. Their food festivals will make you drool. We have gathered some amazing ideas for you if you visit Belgian on their national day. We are sure you will never forget the experience.

Every year Place du Jeu de Balle, Marolles hosts the event of Bal national. This event starts at around 7 pm and comprises of music, dance and free concerts which extends throughout the night. Indeed not a night to miss.

A classical music concert takes place at grand Henry Le Boeuf Hall, Brussels sponsored by the International Queen Elisabeth Competition. This event is most prestigious due to the presence of The King and the Queen.

On 21st July

Attend the Belgian military parade passing by the Royal Palace and around Warandepark. The parade follows an inspection of the army by the king.

Grab a ticket to the closest theatre to enjoy a movie on the Belgian revolution. Few notable films are De Witte(1934), Daens(1993) and Brussels by night(1983).

Satisfy your hunger with delicious food in Parc de, which hosts grand feasts. One can find a vast mass of nationals and foreigners in the park to try some local Belgian dishes. These feasts come with experienced chefs with their delicious food from all over the country.

Final words

We cannot deny the fact that when it comes to the traditions, history, and culture, the whole gets united. Belgium is no exception. As we discussed the zeal and zest of a great nation and how they celebrate their national day, It is without a doubt that the prosperity of this nation depends a lot upon their humbleness and unity. Their national day is famous, and the entire world sees how united this nation is.

Belgian’s day is a proof that this nation respects their history and their culture. Their gratitude towards their king cannot be seen anywhere in the world. This is how a country becomes a nation. By remembering the efforts of their great kings, they have set amazing examples.

 When is Belgian’s national day takes place?

It takes place on 21st July every year.

How do they celebrate their national day?

The national day in Belgium is with full of passion and vigour. They arrange all sorts of cultural programs, games, festivals, and dramas to revive their history. Moreover, they also visit the place where their king first took the oath and became the head of the state.

Do Belgian’s exchange gifts with each other on National day?

Yes, to celebrate this event, they exchange gifts and food items like sweets with each other. They go home to home and meet the older adults who cannot come out and enjoy the celebrations. On this particular day, the whole nation gets united and revives the memories of their great king.

What kind of festivals and events takes place on the Belgian national day?

On a national day, the nation celebrates a variety of events which include paying gratitude to their gods. They also arrange music festivals where they play their traditional music and also perform on it. Belgians are famous for their rich taste, especially in sweets. So, on this day they arrange a unique festival in which they display their national sweets and food.

Did Belgium get independence on 21st July?

No, Belgium did not gain independence on the date of their national day. They were independent way before then this date. However, on 21st July, their king took the oath and became the head. To celebrate this event, they celebrate their national day.

 Which is the most famous festival of Belgian’s national day?

The most famous festival of Belgian’s national day is paying tribute to gods. They gather at the main cathedral. There, they all place different sweets. They also sing the famous Belgian song. They think that their revolution is because of their gods.

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