Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day

Showing Sympathy To Bifocal Wearers on "Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day" observed next on 1st December

December 1st is Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day — a health/awareness holiday that shows sympathy with people who have to wear bifocals while working in front of screens; raises awareness of the importance of wearing bifocals; encourages people to maintain a proper eye care routine.

Our hearts fill with empathy today for co-workers stuck wearing bifocals at the PC. Shed a tear as their heads bob up and down, in and out, attempting to read the screen, trying to choose which pair of lenses to work with.

Ruth Roy & Thomas Roy – the founders of the Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day.

A health/awareness holiday that shows sympathy with Bifocal Wearers
When Celebrated:December 1
Holiday Type:
 Date:Wednesday, December 1
Thomas Roy & Ruth Roy

Issue Faced By Bifocal Wearers

A lot of men and women who wear bifocals find their bifocals do not work well when they are at their computers.

Why Is This So? Most glasses are intended to optimize distance vision — typically defined as 20 feet away and beyond. Many bifocals and reading glasses are designed to offer focused vision — approximately 14 inches from the eye. A computer screen sits further away than where your bifocal can properly focus but is too near for distance correction.

Best Solution: Wearing bifocal glasses forces a computer user to tilt the head back to focus on the display through the lower portion of the bifocal lenses. This type of forced posture can lead to neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Should you use a computer for extended intervals, you can consider “computer eyeglasses”. These focus on the particular distance where your computer screen sits. As an alternative, you may consider progressive bifocals. These eyeglasses can focus at multiple distances, so you don’t have to move your head up and down to focus on the screen.


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Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day Objectives

The health of “Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day” has been established, keeping in mind the following objectives:

1). A Day To Show Sympathy To Bifocal Wearers. It’s a day when people who do not wear bifocals have sympathy for people who must use them while working with computers–individuals that are constantly trying to figure out which of the 2 lenses to use while looking at the monitor. Wearing bifocals and reading on a monitor may lead to muscle fatigue, as the bifocal wearer has to continuously move the head to align the lenses with the text and read it.

2). Encouraging People To Maintain A Proper Eye Care Routine. Getting your eyes checked is vital to regular eye care. Our eyesight changes as time passes. Deteriorating vision may be an early indication of eyesight problems. Getting a monthly vision examination helps physicians to identify issues in their first phases.

Who Created This Day

The December 1 health holiday of “Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day” has been founded by American actor Thomas Roy and his wife Ruth. The holiday is a registered trademark of Thomas and Ruth Roy.

Why Celebrate

Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day should be celebrated for the following purposes:

  • Showing sympathy to bifocal wearers
  • Getting your eyes examined
Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day 1

How To Celebrate Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day

1). Showing Love and Care To Your Bifocal-Wearing Friends. The theme of this holiday is centered around showing sympathy to bifocal wearers – especially those who work long hours in front of computer screens, wearing bifocals. If there’s someone like that in your community or social circle, you can get to him/her on this day, and admire them.

2). Going For An Eye Test. Schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist and get an eye exam. This Your vision is a valuable gift. A regularly scheduled eye test keeps you and your physician up to date with changes in eyesight and standard health as you get older, and also the eye test results can identify solutions that help keep your eyes healthful and eyesight clear.

3). Going For An Advanced Eye Care Treatment. Free yourself from dealing with a blurry display by getting your eyes examined to determine if bifocals will help. If you already wear bifocals, then this might be a day to consider getting trifocals, progressive lenses, or go for eye surgery; the term”liberation” is in the day’s name after all.

4). Give Your Eyes A Rest. Since this year’s Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day falls on a Sunday, so it’s the best time to postpone all your work, stop dealing with computer and smartphone screens, and give your eyes proper rest. Your eyes will thank you!

5). Spread The Word on Social Media. Let other people know about this holiday and its importance by sharing some words of wisdom with the hashtag #BifocalsAtTheMonitorLiberationDay.

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