Black Cat Appreciation Day – August 17

Celebrating Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day on 17 August

We have lots of superstitious beliefs in our culture and traditions. One of the popular ones is the belief that black cats are associated with bad luck. But of course, this superstition is indeed without reasonable basis and only puts black cats in a disadvantaged position. Because of this unfortunate thing, the Black Cat Appreciation Day was started to make people realize that black cats are just the same as other cats of different color.

What Is Black Cat Appreciation Day?

Black Cat Appreciation Day

The Black Cat Appreciation Day has been celebrated since August 17, 2011. This is the perfect day to appreciate black cats. If you still don’t have a black cat as your pet, then you may want to adopt one from an animal shelter. Hence, the event is also the perfect time to visit animal shelters and look for black cats ready to be adopted.

How Did the Black Cat Appreciation Day Start?

It was a man named Wayne H. Morris who created the holiday. He did it to honor his late sister named June who passed away at the age of 33. Morris chose this day in honor the June’s passing. June was a sweet girl who very much loved her own black cat named Sinbad. This cat was so strong that it maned to live for 20 years. Right after Sinbad passed away, he got reunited to his original owner.

Morris declared the 17th of August as the Black Cat Appreciation Day. This day is all about remembering June as well as the great bond she shared with Sinbad. This day thus symbolizes the bond and good relationship between at lovers and their own cat companions.

Morris worked hard to spread awareness about black cats on social media. He also did some volunteering at the animal rescue shelter called Rikki’s refuge located in Orange, Virginia.

When is Black Cat Appreciation Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on the 17th of August each year. This means that this year, people will be celebrating the Black Cat Appreciation Day on Tuesday, August 17, . And next year, we are all going to celebrate the event on August 17, 2022.

Why Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day?

The Black Cat Appreciation Day is indeed an important day for black cats. The following are the reasons why you should celebrate this holiday.

national black cat appreciation day

Black Cats Are Good Luck Charms

Even though most superstitions say that black cats are signs of bad luck, there are still some cultures believing of the opposite. In particular, a Scottish lore says that if a black cat follows you home, you will be given with good future. In addition, there are fishermen who keep black cats in their boats believing that doing so would bring them good luck.

Black Cats Are Unique

Physically speaking, black cats are quite unique compared to other cats. They usually have yellow eyes that somehow glitters when they are in the dark. According to scientific studies, the black hair of these cats perform functions in their immune system. More specifically, they are less likely to contract the immunodeficiency virus for felines.

Black Cats Are Easy to imitate

Have you ever wondered why people dress up in black cat costumes during Halloween instead of other colors? It’s because they are so easy to imitate. With simple dress ups, you can easily become a black cat for your Halloween celebration. Thank black cats for giving you this easy costume. And you can perhaps do that by celebrating the Black Cat Appreciation Day.

How to Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day?

The Black Cat Appreciation Day is actually a fun day to celebrated with. The following are the most staple activities that people do for the event.

appreciating black cat day

Adopt A Black Cat

Since there is still stigma about black cats giving bad fortune, you should be an advocate for breaking it. There are lots of black cats in animal shelters who are waiting for good pet owners. You should visit the nearest facility from your home and adopt a black cat during the event.

Visit the Nekobiyaka Cat Café

This is a unique café in Japan. It pays tribute to black cats. These cats roam around the restaurant while people get the opportunity to take pictures with these adorable animals. You can also enjoy some snacks like delicacies and good drinks while you have a good time with the black cats in the café. What makes the cats even more adorable is the fact that they wear different colors of bandanas so that you can distinguish one cat from another.

Read “The Black Cat” By Edgar Allan Poe

The Saturday Evening Post originally published Poe’s short story back in 1843. It’s one of the author’s darkest tales — dealing with the psychology of guilt. It would be awesome to celebrate this day by reading this story especially if you are an avid reader.

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