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Black Cat Day

27th October Black Cat Day

Black cats have been associated with different things. Some people view them as unlucky while some people see them as gorgeous pets. They have been associated with witchcraft – mostly as the pets of witches. But black cats are the same as other cats. Their color is just different. They behave in the same way and they can make as good pets. To make people view black cats just as any other normal cat, but in a good and special way, the Black Cat Day is celebrated every year on the 27th of October.

About the Black Cat Day

During the black cat day, people celebrate by doing various activities that let them express their love for their black cats. People who own black cats go to the pet salon to groom their pets. They also spend quality time with their black cats and pamper them as much as they can. People who still don’t own pets go to animal shelters to adopt black cats. All these activities aim to show appreciation, support, and love to black-colored cats.

Black Cat Day


Wayne H. Morris is the man responsible for creating the Black Cat Day. He founded this day in honor of his sister June who passed away at age 33. June was a sweet girl who so much loved her black cat named Sinbad. This cat was able to live for 20 years.

Morris worked hard to spread awareness about black cats on social media. He also did some volunteering at the animal rescue shelter called Rikki’s refuge located in Orange, Virginia.


As mentioned earlier, the Black Cat Day is always celebrated on the 27th of October each year. This means that the dates of celebration for this event are as follows:

  • October 27 Wednesday
  • 2022 October 27 Thursday
  • 2023 October 27 Friday
  • 2024 October 27 Sunday

Why Celebrate

The following are the main reasons why you should celebrate the Black Cat Day:

They Are Good Luck Charm

Even though black cats are viewed as bad luck to some people, there are still those that believe that black cats are good luck charms. In fact, there are some fishermen who always bring black cats when they go to the sea believing that they would be free from harm when they do so.

They Are Unique

Black cats are somehow physically different compared to other cats. Apart from their black color, they usually have yellow eyes that sparkles when they are in the dark. In addition, scientific studies suggest that the black hair of cats have certain functions for their immune system – that is, they are less likely to contract immunodeficiency virus that affect felines.

They Are Usually Portrayed and Imitated

Black cats have become a part of popular culture. Since they have been so much associated with witches, people who dress up as witch in Halloween do not forget to bring their own black cats. They have become so popular that they have also appeared in countless movies, TV series, and even books. To commemorate this popularity of theirs, you should celebrate the Black Cat Day.

Celebration Ideas and Activities

The following are the best thing to do to make your celebration of the Black Cat Day as best as it can be:

Go to an Animal Shelter

One good idea for your celebration of this day is to go to an animal shelter where you can see black cats, and care for them. You can actually volunteer to an animal shelter so that you will have a first-hand experience in taking care of black cats. if you like, you can try to adopt one so that you will finally be able to have a pet at home.

Visit a Cat Cafe

You can also celebrate this day by visiting a cat café. More often than not, the café that you will be able to visit will have different kinds of cats, including those that are color black. This is your opportunity to interact with a black cat and find out how harmless it is. You will be able to see how sweet and cute a black cat is.

Read “The Black Cat” By Edgar Allan Poe

You can also celebrate this day by reading the Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe. Poe is a prominent author known for his literary works including “The Cask of Amontillado”. For sure, you will be able to enjoy reading this piece of work.

Interesting Facts about Black Cat Day

  • The Egyptians considered black cats to be lucky
  • Fisherman, sailors and pirates saw black cats as good luck
  • In Russia, all cats are considered lucky
  • Black Cat Appreciation Day falls on August 17th
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