Book Lovers Day

National Book Lovers Day 9 August

One of the most important things in our lives are books. When we read books, Book Lovers Daywe learn new things, we explore worlds that we haven’t seen before, and we immerse ourselves into universes that are impossible to exist in real life. There are so many different reasons why we read books. There’s no reason to go into each of them one by one. But one thing is for sure- books are very important and so are the people who love them. To celebrate that, we conduct the Book Lovers Day each year on the 9th of August.




National Book Lovers Day 9 August Detail

Official nameNational Book Lovers Day
Other nameBLD
Observed byAll
DateAugust 9

What is Book Lovers Day?

The Book Lovers Day is a special day for all the bibliophiles out there or those who enjoy reading books. This is a day for all people to read. This day encourages you to find a good spot where you can relax, read the book that you want, and make the day well spent on reading. Also during this day, activities like story reading to children, book writing, participating in book exchanges, visiting libraries, and more are conducted by people as their way of celebrating the day.

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What is the History of Book Lovers Day?

The history of the Book Lovers Day is quite rich since it can be traced back to when books were first created, became popular, and developed in modern times. Millions of people take part in this day celebrations & same as people do in International Buy Book Day .

How was the book created?

Unfortunately, we have no known record as to how books were first created. We don’t know for sure what the first book was. But we know that the first versions of books used vellum or parchment as the pages. They were often covered with leather or wood for protection.

What is the history of books and how did they become widely used?

When paper making became a major industry, book printing became ever so popular. Thousands of copies of books can now be printed in a printing press. Hundreds of libraries storing and collecting books started to appear. Bookshops opened and sold various kinds of books written by different authors. Different kinds of books produced include story books for children, fiction, facts and knowledge, academic books, almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and many more. Check Out printingplanetuk Offering same day prinitng.

Books in Modern Time

Nowadays, we still have lots of books available. But one special kind has arisen – digital books. These books are not in physical copies. We call them e-books or electronic books. They can be read from a digital device such as a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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What is the origin of Book Lovers Day?

Unfortunately, even with extensive research we cannot pinpoint the exact origin of the Book Lovers Day. We don’t know for sure when the day started and even who created it. But one thing is for sure – the celebration of this day started so that book lovers can spend a day reading all the books they want in that 24-hour period. It is also a day when book shops go on sale and people rush to these stores to buy the books that they want. The celebration of this event continues even up to this day.

When is Book Lovers Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on the 9th of August each year. What this means is that this year, people are going to celebrate the Book Lovers Day on August 9.Book Lovers Day each year on the 9th of August.

What is the symbol of Book Lovers Day?

Without a doubt, the main symbol of the book lovers day is the book. You can see groups and organizations of bibliophiles using the book as their poster or main photo for the celebration of this unofficial holiday.

Why Celebrate Book Lovers Day?

The celebration of this event is important not only for book enthusiasts but also to all people all over the world. Books have become so special and helpful in our lives and so we should spend the day all about honoring the books that we have. It is a day all about reading the books that you haven’t read yet or just those books that you want to take a read even if you have read them in the past.

How to Celebrate Book Lovers Day?

There are so many activities that could be conducted to celebrate this day in the best way possible. Some of these are:

Visit a Library

A really good thing to do during this day is to visit a local library. Perhaps you have one near your home. It will be good to visit this library, select the books that you want to read, and then take them home for you to enjoy reading. You can just even relax in the library itself and enjoy reading the books there.

Join a Book Exchange

You can also try to join a book exchange during this day. For sure, a lot of book lovers will be organizing such book exchange events. Make sure to know where one is being held so that you can bring all the books that you want to exchange with other books for.

Buy Books and Read Them

For sure, lots of book stores will go on sale during this day. They expect a lot of people to visit their shops looking for the best books available. You can join in on this too. Go to a local book shop, buy a book that you want to read, then bring it home for you to enjoy reading.

Facts About the Book Lovers Day

And of course, your celebration of this day will not be to the max if you don’t share some good and interesting facts about the Book Lovers Day. Some of them are the following:

  • The first books created used parchment or calf skin as the book pages.
  • The first books created made use of leather or wood as the book covers.
  • These books were often fitted with straps or clasps.
  • During the middle ages, public libraries started to appear often.
  • To prevent theft, public libraries during that time often chained the books to a shelf or a desk to prevent people from stealing the books.
  • E books are usually available on the internet and can be read on a digital device that contains applications or programs for e-book reading.
  • According to American novelist James Baldwin, books can connect as with the universe.
  • Books are very powerful because they can transport us through time and space. When you read a book about the 18th century, the words in that book let you get immersed into such time.

Greetings, Wishes, and Messages for the Book Lovers Day

  • Celebrate literacy with all your book loving friends. Happy Book Lovers’ Day!
  • A room without books is like a body without soul – Cicero
  • Spend quality time with a quality book on book lovers’ day!
  • If you have a garden and a library, you have everything that you need. Happy Book Lovers Day!
  • Outside of a dog a book is a man’s best friend. Inside a dog, it’s too dark to read. – Groucho Marx
  • From one book lover to another, today is our day. So curl up and relax with a good book, or two, or three.
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