Boxing Day 2019

Boxing Day - the Day After Christmas!

Boxing Day 2019. Banner with Boxing Day lettering textBoxing day is a holiday celebrated the day right after Christmas Day. Christmas is celebrated every December 25. This means that Boxing Day is celebrated every December 26. Boxing Day originated in the United Kingdom. But now, it is celebrated in many different countries. It is also a day that many people look forward to because of the joy that it brings to the people. Knowing more about Boxing Day can be helpful for you especially if you want to maximize your celebration of this day. Below, you will learn all the important facts and details about Boxing Day.

What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is a day of opening gifts and shopping for people who celebrate it. Many people usually consider this day as an extension of Christmas Day. Perhaps the most distinguished activity during this day is shopping. A lot of people go shopping because of the major discounts that malls give. Almost all items in shopping malls, especially appliances, are on huge sale. Hence, even before shopping stores open, people line up outside to prepare themselves for the major shopping spree.

Why is it Called Boxing Day?

Santa clause boxing glove concept boxing day 2019

The honest truth is that no one really knows for sure where the name of Boxing Day originated. But there are some various reasonable explanations and records telling how such a name originated. According to some people, the name Boxing Day is a reference to holiday gifts. Christmas is just a day before Boxing Day. Traditionally, December 26 is the day when servants receive Christmas Boxes from their masters which they share with their families back home.

Other records tell that the name is actually a reference to charity drives. Gifts are exchanged between people during Christmas day. Since it is a day of giving, people also tend to give Christmas Boxes to the poor a donate some to the charities. These are then delivered to the recipients the next day – On December 26, hence Boxing Day.

More formally, the Oxford English Dictionary states that the etymology of the name Boxing Day roots in Britain during the 1830s where Boxing Day is defined to be the first weekday after Christmas Day and is also observed as a holiday. In such a day, post-men, servants, errand boys, and more receive Christmas Boxes.

When is Boxing Day 2019?

Boxing Day is always celebrated during the 26th of December. This year, Christmas Day will be held on a Wednesday. This means that Boxing Day 2019 will be celebrated on a Thursday.

Activities During Boxing Day

During Boxing Day, most people spend their day with their friends and families at gatherings to continue the Christmas celebration and exchange gifts. They also enjoy eating lots of different foods prepared by themselves with dedication. Most people, however, eat their leftover foods from Christmas – most of which they re-cook and converted into similar dishes that are still delicious and fresh.

Another tradition during boxing day is that priests collect boxes that are given to the poor people. Such boxes contain gifts that give joy to these poor individuals who do not have much for celebrating Christmas Day. This is yet another one of the main arguments why December 26 is called the Boxing Day.

Many people also spend the day shopping. Malls, stores, and shops offer huge discounts during boxing day. Most of them do so to clear up their inventories and prepare for new items on the upcoming year. More about shopping during Boxing Day will be discussed in the next section.

The key takeaway that you should remember about Boxing Day is that the day is celebrated without any reference to the Boxing sports. Many people, especially those living in countries that do not formally celebrate Boxing Day, get confused when they hear the term Boxing Day. They often mistake Boxing Day to be a day that celebrated Boxing Sports. Just remember that Boxing Day refers to Christmas boxes or boxes as gifts in general.

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Shopping – The Main Sports During Boxing Day

Perhaps the most popular activity during boxing day is the all-out shopping spree. Since Boxing Day is a public holiday, government buildings and businesses are closed. Most people are filling up malls, shops, and department stores because of huge Boxing Day sales and discounts. They take advantage of the major decrease in product prices to buy as many items as they want and buy those that they could not afford before – especially appliances.

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But entry to such malls or shops is difficult. Most people actually line up as early as possible so that they can guarantee their entry into the stores. Most shops and malls issue tickets that are purchased by shoppers to ration the excess demand for shopping by the consumers. You can actually watch videos online on how people spend Boxing Day at the mall. Without a doubt, the scene would be like pandemonium as you watch people rage through the stores as if they were engaged in a war.

Boxing Day Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Wishes, and WhatsApp Status

During Boxing Day, many people like to share their status on WhatsApp or Facebook. They also share Boxing Day Quotes, Messages, Greetings, and Wishes as a way of celebrating the day. If you want ideas of such messages that you can share with your loved ones, here’s a list that you can use:

  • happy boxing day 2019The day after Christmas: When we all have two more ugly sweaters.
  • Getting an unexpected hug from someone is like finding something at the bottom of your stocking the day after Christmas.
  • The fact that Boxing Day still exists shows the significance of common laborers in British history. Happy Boxing Day to you!
  • Let’s use the spirit upon which Boxing Day was founded to remember those that are less fortunate who also may be in need of some Christmas cheer.
  • Boxing Day, what a beautiful holiday thou art! I’m so blessed to be able to see and celebrate you this year.
  • This Boxing Day, may God give you the strength to box and defeat all the enemies of progress in your life.
  • Many people don’t know that the concept of receiving a boxed gift on Christmas actually seems to be more linked to Boxing Day than December 25th itself.


And those are all the important facts and details that you need to know about Boxing Day. You are now equipped with the right amount of knowledge about this day so may you celebrate Boxing Day in the best way possible.

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