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Flag of CameroonCameroon is officially called the Republic of Cameroon. It is located in Central Asia and shares its border with Chad in the Northeast, the Central African Republic in the East, Nigeria in the North and West, and Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Republic of the Congo in the South. The national motto of the country is “Peace – Work – Fatherland” (in English). Yaoundé is the capital city Cameroon but the largest is Douala. This country is specified as both West and Central African country because of its strategic position at the crossroad between Central and West Asia.

Public Holiday List Cameroon

List of National and Public Holidays in Cameroon for the year

  • New Year’s Day is on Friday, 01 January
  • Youth Day is on Thursday, 11 February
  • Good Friday is on Friday, 02 April
  • Labour Day is on Saturday, 01 May
  • National Day in Cameroon is on Wednesday, 20 May
  • Ascension Day is on Thursday, 13 May
  • Djouldé Soumaé is on Thursday, 13 May
  • Djouldé Soumaé Holiday is on Friday, 14 May
  • Tabaski is on Tuesday, 20 July
  • Assumption Day is on Saturday, 15 August
  • Christmas Day is on Saturday, 25 December


Cameroon Facts & Figures

Capital of Cameroon

Yaoundé is the current national capital of Cameroon. With a population of over 2.8 million individuals, it is the second largest city in the world.

President of Cameroon

Mr. Paul Biya is the president of Cameroon. Under the constitution, the president serves as the Head of State and retains the highest executive power.


Prime Minister of Cameroon

Mr. Joseph Ngute is the current Prime Minister of Cameroon and elected in , on Jan-04. Under the current constitution, it appointed by the head of government.


Population of Cameroon

According to an estimate in , the total population of Cameroon is consists of 25, 126,407 individuals which is equivalent to 0.33% of the total population of the world. It ranked on 54th number among the most populated countries.


Flag of Cameroon

The national flag consists of three vertical bars of green, red, and, yellow color along with five-pointed stars in the center of a red bar. The current flag was adopted in 1975, on May-20.


Currency of Cameroon

The national currency of Cameroon is Central African CFA franc. The official code for currency is XAF.

Religion of Cameroon

Islam, Christianity, and traditionalist are three main religions. Almost 70% population belongs to Christianity, 20% belongs to Islam, 7% belongs to Traditional African Religion, and 3% belongs to other religions.

Dialing code of Cameroon

The international dialing code of Cameroon is +237.

Crime rate Cameroon

Cameroon has crime index 64.20 and safety index 35.80 in the world.

Famous Airport of Cameroon

Cameroon Deals with many national and international flights on a daily basis. Some of the busiest airports are Bafoussam Airport which serves Bafoussam city located in Wes region, Bali Airport which serves Bali city located in Northwest region, Bamenda Airport which serves Bamenda city located in Northwest region, Banyo Airport which serves Banyo city located in Adamaoua region, and Batouri Airport which serves Batouri city located in East Region.

Top Destinations of Cameroon

Cameroon is known as the heart of Africa. It is stuffed with stunning sceneries with a variety of wildlife. Some of the most beautiful places to visit here are Yaounde, Maroua, Limbe, Douala, Waza National Park, Bamenda, Foumban Palace, Bafoussam, Kribi, Korup National Park, Dja Faunal Reserve, and Mefou National Park.

Area of Cameroon

The total area of Cameroon is 475,442 sq. Kilometer.

GDP of Cameroon

In 2017, the estimated GDP of Cameroon is worth almost 34.80 billion US Dollars. It is equivalent to 0.06% percent of the total world’s economy.

Sports of Cameroon

Football is the most loved sport in Cameroon. And other sports which are commonly played here are Tug of war, Swimming, Canoe Racing, and Wrestling.

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