December is not just about bitter cold and shivering lips - but it's a complete month of joyful celebrations and ultimate happiness. With DayFinders, celebrate some of the best national, public, religious and fun events that December brings to the table!

Thinking of Christmas as the only mega-event celebrated in December? It's time to get your facts right and jump into December events and observances—there are dozens of December holidays and festivals that you should be celebrating this year.

Express your love and romance with December Love Holidays, bid farewell to last year with the laughter and brightness of December Fun Holidays, let God shower His best blessings by observing the December Religious Holidays, and let's refresh your patriotic spirits by celebrating December Independence Days and Historical Observances.

  • Mother’s Day in Panama

    Normally, Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates in the calendar. But in the country of Panama, the date of…

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  • International Anti-Corruption Day

    Corruption is a serious crime that can negatively affect the social and economic development in all societies. Unfortunately, no country,…

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  • Photo of Monkey Day

    Monkey Day

    Monkey Day is an unofficial international animal holiday celebrated annually on December 14. The day celebrates all things primate and…

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  • Photo of Bahrain National Day

    Bahrain National Day

    Independence Day in Bahrain is celebrated every year on December 16. This day holds great importance in the history of…

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  • Ugly Sweater Day

    The National Ugly Sweater Day is celebrated every third Friday of December. This a fun day to celebrate and be…

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  • Christmas in Australia

    Universally, Christmas Day falls on the 25th of December to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. This is a special…

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  • Photo of Hanukkah Festival

    Hanukkah Festival

    A Jewish festival similar to Christmas is the Hanukkah Festivity. It occurs within late November to late December depending on…

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  • Photo of Boxing Day 2021

    Boxing Day 2021

    Boxing day is a holiday celebrated the day right after Christmas Day. Christmas is celebrated every December 25. This means…

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  • Photo of Rizal Day

    Rizal Day

    Rizal Day is a national holiday in the Philippines held to commemorate the life, works, and great contributions of Dr.…

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