National Catfish Day

25 June National Catfish Day in United States

National Catfish Day is observed every 25th of June each year. Particularly in the USA, this holiday is observed to celebrate the value of the farm-raised type of catfish. These fish have helped a lot of people, especially farmers, in terms of earning income for their daily living. In addition, these farm-raised fish are also cheaper compared to other fishes that they can be a portion of good and affordable food for the people. Hence, a special day is dedicated to these animals. People enjoy celebrating this day as much as they enjoy celebrating National Dog Day. Various activities related to catfish are held during this day.Cat Fish Day

What is the National Catfish Day?

Catfish is just one of the many kinds of fishes that are edible to human beings. Producers love to farm catfish and consumers love to eat them. Because of the importance of catfish to us people, National Catfish Day was established so that a special day can be dedicated to these fish. The purpose of this day is to give light to the catfish industry as well as to promote catfish as a food and source of income for the people. During this day, activities done include a catfish fishing contest, catfish dish cooking, catfish product endorsement, and lectures about catfish.

History of the National Catfish Day

National Catfish Day actually has an interesting history. It can be traced back to when people started to farm catfish so that these may be eaten or sold.

What is the History of the Catfish?

During ancient times, people did not see catfish as animals that can become staple foods. But then it all changed when catfish became a popular food. In the United States, catfish comprise about 1/3 of the total number of finned fish production. They have become a source of stable income for farmers and are economical foods for consumers. The catfish industry in general has prospered and has created thousands of jobs for Americans. The catfish have also been branded as a delicious delicacy that is also nutritious, low calorie, and a good source of protein.

What is the History of the National Catfish Day?

Because of the importance of catfish to the people, United States President Ronald Reagan proclaimed June 25 as National Catfish Day back in June 25, 1987. According to the proclamation, the day is dedicated to the observance of ceremonies and activities all about the catfish.

When is National Catfish Day?

National Catfish Day is always observed on the 25th of June each year.

How to Celebrate National Catfish Day?

There are various activities that can be done to celebrate this holiday in the best way possible. Some of these are:

Eat a Catfish Meal

Of course, a really good way to celebrate this day is to eat a catfish meal. You can go to the market to buy fresh catfish that you can turn into a good dish. You can actually search for a good recipe online or from a cookbook about how to cook the best catfish meal. For sure, you will be able to find lots of these dishes. Just be sure about which one you will pick.

Eat a Fancy Catfish Dish in a Restaurant

If you don’t have time to cook your own catfish dish, then an alternative way for you to celebrate this day is to eat a catfish dish at a fancy restaurant. For sure, there will be lots of restaurants offering delicious catfish dishes during this day of celebration for they expect that a lot of people would want to celebrate the day by eating catfish.

Participate in a Catfish Contest

You can also celebrate this day by participating in a catfish contest. For instance, you can join in a catfish fishing contest wherein those who can fish the most number of catfish win a prize. Those who can also fish the heaviest catfish will win special prizes. There will also be contests about cooking the most delicious catfish dish.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration on social media. Perhaps you can use the hashtag #NationalCatfishDay to let your friends and family know that you are also taking part in the celebration of this amazing day.

Facts for the National Catfish Day

The celebration of this day cannot be maxed out without you sharing some good and interesting facts about national Catfish Day. Here are some:

  • The celebration was started by President Ronald Reagan on June 25, 1987, during his proclamation.
  • Catfish can sting from their antenna which contains venom. But these are not harmful to humans though those who are stung can feel a little bit of zap.
  • Catfish production has greatly increased. Many food products are now derived from catfish including canned goods.
  • Catfish are bottom dwellers. They usually stay at the bottom of ponds and rivers and not on the surface or middle part.
  • However, cultivated catfish are trained by farmers to eat pellets at the surface of the water.
  • The main predators of catfish are larger fishes, birds, mammals, reptiles, and of course, humans.
  • The smallest species of catfish is the banjo catfish which is only 0.39 inches long. On the other hand, the largest species of catfish is the Mekong catfish which can extend up to 9 feet in length and an astounding 646 pounds in weight.
  • Catfish varies in color depending on the species. There are white, tan, grey, silver, yellow, and green-colored catfish.
  • All catfish share the characteristic of flat head.
  • The body of a catfish is covered with taste buds that can respond to touch and detect chemicals in the water.
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