National Caviar Day

18 July National Caviar Day in United States

The National Caviar Day is celebrated every 18th of July each year. This day is dedicated for a delicacy called caviar which is made from the eggs of a species of fish called the sturgeon. Nowadays, caviar is an expensive food because of its scarcity. But people love to eat it because it is very delicious. Because of the love of people for caviar, a day to dedicate it was invented called the National Caviar Day. People enjoy celebrating this day as much as they love celebrating the National Sausage Pizza Day & National Pizza Day 

What is the National Caviar Day?

This holiday is held every July 18 of the year. It is dedicated for a special food called caviar which is composed of sturgeon fish eggs. Sturgeon is a kind of fish that has different varieties. The kind of caviar harvested from a sturgeon depends on what species that sturgeon is. Therefore, caviars have different varieties and color depending on the species of sturgeon. People love eating caviar not only because it is delicious but also because it has lots of vitamins and protein, hence a very healthy food.National Caviar Day

History of the National Caviar Day

The history of the National Caviar Day is quite interesting. Although the origin of this day is quite unknown, the history of the food is quite rich.

What is the history of caviar?

The caviar has quite a history. It has been around for a long time already. Ever since humans were able to find out that eggs from sturgeon could be eaten, caviar has become a staple food. Beluga is the most popular species of sturgeon that is being used for harvesting caviar. During the early times, sturgeons were so abundant that caviar was as popular as peanuts. Some were being given away for free.

Caviar has many different colors although the most dominant one is the pearlescent black color. It can also be red or orange depending on the species of sturgeon the caviar was harvested from.

From Cheap to Expensive Caviar

Nowadays, a lot of people ask why is caviar so expensive? The simple answer to that is that sturgeons have become so scarce and depleted already that harvesting caviar has become so difficult. The most predominant species of caviar has been enlisted as an endangered species and because of that, caviar has become even more scarce. A lot of people still demand caviar because of its good taste. And because of the high demand but low supply of caviar, it has become so expensive nowadays. It is even considered as a luxury food by many people.

What is the history of the National Caviar Day?

Unfortunately, even with extensive research, we don’t know for sure how the National Caviar Day started. But one thing is for sure – people started to celebrate this day because of their love for caviar. It is a good excuse for people to dedicate one day where they can spend huge amount of money to be able to buy and eat caviar.

When is the National Caviar Day?

National Caviar Day – Funny Unofficial Holiday celebrated on the 18th of July each year. This means that this year, we are going to celebrate this event on July 18, . And next year, people will have fun celebrating the day on July 18, .

How to Celebrate the National Caviar Day?

There are so many activities that could be done to maximize the celebration of this special day.

Serve Some Good Caviar

This is the perfect day for you to serve some caviar at home. You can eat the delicacy by itself or combine it with other foods by some good recipe. As you may know, there are lots of foods that you can make using caviar. Perhaps the simplest one is the caviar sandwich.

Eat at a Restaurant Serving Good Caviar

You can even celebrate this day by eating at a restaurant that serves some good caviar. Though it may be expensive, it is actually a good excuse since you will be celebrating the day. invite your friends or loved ones to eat lunch or dinner with you at a restaurant that serves caviar food.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take the celebration on social media. Perhaps you can use the hashtag #NationalCaviarDay to let your friends and loved ones know that you are participating in the celebration of this fun and enjoyable day.

Facts for the National Caviar Day

It is also good to share some nice facts for the National Caviar Day to your friends and family members.

  • The word caviar originates from a Persian word that means egg.
  • People who make caviar first undergo an intensive ten to fifteen year apprenticeship.
  • Today, most of the world’s caviar comes from the Caspian sea.
  • The best caviar is said to come from Beluga, Russian, and Stellate sturgeon.
  • Caviar has many different colors.