Ceviche Day

National Ceviche Day - 28 June

The National Ceviche Day is celebrated every 28th of June each year. Ceviche is a popular seafood dish typically made from raw fish with citrus juices such as lime or lemon, spices such as chili pepper, onions, cilantro, and salt. The dish is very popular in Latin America but has also gained a lot of ground in terms of popularity all over the world.

National Ceviche Day

National Ceviche Day

June 28 is the National Ceviche Day and this is the day when people give commemoration to the special dish that has been ingrained in the culture and traditions of people in the world, especially in Latin American. Although the exact origin of this seafood dish is not well-known, some historians claim that the food originated in Peru, as brought by Moorish women from the area of Granada. It has then found its place in the menus in USA during the 1980s. Now, it is popular worldwide with different countries putting their own twists to this spectacular dish.

History of National Ceviche Day

The roots of ceviche can be traced back to about 2000 years ago. It has evolved and still remains a popular dish all over the world.

When is National Ceviche Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on the 28th of June each year. This means that the National Ceviche Day will be held on June 28, . And next year, people will be celebrating this day on June 28, 2022.

What is the origin of the National Ceviche Day?

Unfortunately, we only know lots of things about the ceviche dish but not the national ceviche day. We are not quite sure about how the day started, when it started, and who started it. But one thing is for sure – we know that the celebration of this day started to commemorate this dish that a lot of people love to eat.

National Ceviche Day Celebrations


The primary reason why you should celebrate this holiday is that it is fun and enjoyable to do so. You can indulge yourself in this delicious and healthy dish as you side it with different types of fruits and veggies. The celebration has also become a vital part of culture and traditions. Participation in the event is thus encouraged as you give yourself the opportunity to know more about this dish and socialize with other people who love to eat this dish as well.

How to Celebrate the National Ceviche Day?

The following are the most common activities conducted by people when they celebrate the holiday:

Make Your Own Ceviche

The best way to celebrate this holiday is by making your own ceviche. It is actually easy to do so. You just need to prepare the ingredients: raw fish, lime or lemon juice or any other citrus fruit juice, salt, pepper, and cilantro. You can even modify the ingredients to make a ceviche that will suit your tastes.

Purchase a Good Ceviche from the Restaurant

If you don’t have time to make ceviche or if you don’t trust your cooking skills, then you can just perhaps buy a good ceviche from a credible restaurant or food store. The only challenge here is choosing the store where you are going to purchase the ceviche that you want to eat. Make sure to look at online reviews so that you will be sure to eat a tasty and delicious ceviche.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration on social media. You can perhaps use the hashtag #NationalCevicheDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also taking part in the celebration.

Tips for Making and Preparing Ceviche

You can refer to the following tips for making and preparing ceviche so that you can be sure to make a good one:

  • The best choice of fish for ceviche is a white fleshed, semi firm ocean fish. You should avoid freshwater or oily fish.
  • buy the freshest fish for ceviche. Its flesh should be glossy and iridescent.
  • Keep the fish cold by storing it in ice. Make sure to prepare ceviche the same day you bought the fish.
  • Make sure that when you buy the fish for ceviche, its bloodline, bones, and skin are completely removed.
  • As much as possible, chop the fish to the same size so that they can all be marinated evenly.
  • Marinate the fish for about 10 to 20 minutes. Do not overmarinate them since they can fall apart.
  • A good balance is one half cup of citrus juice to one pound of fish.

National Ceviche Day FAQS

What is Ceviche?

Ceviche is a seafood dish consisting of raw fish that is cured in citrus juices and spiced using chili peppers. The acids contained in the citrus juices cause the proteins of the fish become denatured thus appearing cooked. This dish is commonly seasons with ingredients like coriander, salt, and onions. This dish must also be prepared fresh wherein the fish is first marinated in the ingredients for a specific period of time before being served. Aside from this main ingredient, ceviche is also often served with various side dishes such as sweet potatoes, corn, lettuce, avocados, and plantains.

What is the origin of ceviche?

According to experts, the ceviche dish most likely originated about 2000 years ago. It was created by the Moche people by cooking raw fish in tumbo juice (banana passion fruit juice) and seasoning it with salt and anji. Later on, the Incas refined the recipe by marinating raw fish in chichi which is a fermented corn beverage. However, the ceviche that we know today was created by Spanish people when Spanish conquerors brought back limes to Peru.

What is the origin of ceviche in Peru?

It was in Peru when the ceviche seafood dish became extremely popular. Particularly in Peru, they call Ceviche as Cebiche which is just the same dish. But Cebiche is considered to be the national dish of Peru and a day for it is celebrated every 28th of June.

How did the ceviche evolve?

The traditional ceviche consists of five simple ingredients: raw fish fillet, onions, lime juice, salt, and chili peppers. Combining these ingredients results in a fish dish with the right mix of saltiness and spice. Because of the flavor, simplicity, and freshness of this dish, it has become a staple dish not only in Peru but also in various countries and regions with different variations. Several restaurants offer ceviche dishes in their own ways and twists.

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