National Chicken Wing Day

Chicken Wing Day

Who does not love chicken wings? Out of all the parts of a chicken, the wings are perhaps the most popular ones along with the chicken legs. Lots of dishes and meals are made from chicken wings. There are a lot of flavors to choose from and spread on these wings. If you love chicken wings, then you should take part in the celebration of the National Chicken Wing Day which is always celebrated on the 29th of July each year. To learn more about this special day of celebration, then you should continue reading below.


What is National Chicken Wing Day?

This day is celebrated annually on July 29. It is one of the most popular celebration of appetizers in America. This day is when most people, especially Americans, clean up their messes after consuming lots and lots of chicken wings. These wings vary in flavor ranging from sweets ones like honey mustard and garlic to spicy and strong ones like barbeque and jalapeno. If you are a fan of chicken wings, then there is no excuse for you to skip the celebration of this special day.

History of National Chicken Wing Day

Of course, humans have been eating chicken wings ever since they figured out how to cook chickens. However, the chicken wings in particular became popular in Buffalo New York. Hence the name Buffalo chicken wings. If you go to this place, you will most likely hear stories about Teressa Bellissimo who is the creator of the buffalo chicken wings. According to the story, Teressa owned a bar with her husband named Frank. They called such bar the Anchor Bar. This is the place where the Buffalo chicken wings were created.

However, one day, in 1964, her son came wanting to eat something. But she told her son that all she had during that time were chicken wings which were supposed to be cooked into broth. She then decided to just deep fry the wings and toss them with hot sauce and butter. This invention became an instant hit and the restaurant soon became a best seller in Buffalo.

Customers flocked into the restaurant as they were blown away by how delicious the chicken wings were. Other businessmen and chefs tried to imitate the recipes and made their own versions as well. Buffalo chicken wings became popular foods. It quickly spread across the country and even internationally.

In 1977, the Mayor of Buffalo New York decaled July 29 as a day to honor chicken wings. Hence, we now celebrate National Chicken Wing Day every year on this day.

When is National Chicken Wing Day?

The National Chicken Wing Day is always celebrated on the 29th of July each year. 

Celebration of National Chicken Wing Day

There are so many ways on how people celebrate this special day. Let us go through a list of possible activities that you can do as a way of celebrating and participating on this special day.

Choosing the Flavor of Your Choice

Of course, the best way to celebrate the day is by eating chicken wings. Choosing the flavor might be a difficult task because of the so many varieties available. You can choose from barbeque chicken wings, cheese coated wings, honey garlic wings, and many more. Perhaps you can order a platter containing different flavors of chicken wings. But if you cannot taste all, then list down the ones that you haven’t tried yet and eat those on next year’s celebration.

Eating at a Fancy Restaurant

If you don’t have time to prepare your own chicken wings at home, then you can just eat out somewhere in a restaurant by yourself, with your friends, or your family. Be sure to eat in a restaurant that offers the best and most delicious chicken wings available in town. You can visit a local restaurant or even go to another city to experience the best ones available.

On Social Media

Of course, you should also spend the day by voicing out your participation in the event on social media. Perhaps you can use the hashtag #NationalChickenWingDay to inform your social media friends and followers about your way of participating and celebrating the day.


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