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Childhelp National Day of Hope

Childhelp National Day of Hope First Wednesday of each April

Childhelp National Day of Hope Celebrates the First Wednesday of each April. If you are considering donating to Childhelp or volunteering with an organization that works with children, consider using the hashtag #ChildhelpNationalDayofHope on social media. A recent survey shows that 80% of children who died from abuse or neglect were under the age of five. These numbers can be daunting, but there are many ways to get involved and make a difference. Below are some ideas to get involved. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to donate or volunteer, you can be a part of Childhelp’s National Day of Hope by using the hashtag #ChildhelpNationalDayOfHope.

Yvonne Fedderson

Yvonne Fedderson is a Co-Founder and President of Childhelp. She is also active in its development and oversight. Yvonne focuses on helping the 25 Childhelp chapters and auxiliaries raise funds to help children in need around the world. She has received more than a hundred awards and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In addition to her leadership role at Childhelp, Yvonne has a wide range of experience in humanitarian aid.

Sara O’Meara

Sara O’Meara is a co-founder, chairman, and CEO of the nonprofit Childhelp organization. She serves as the organization’s spokesperson and oversees fund development. Sara has received more than 100 awards for her work with abused children around the world. The organization is dedicated to protecting the rights of children around the world. O’Meara is also a mother of three.


The third annual Childhelp National Day of Hope, held on the first Wednesday of April, encourages the faith community to unite against the root causes of child abuse. Many legislators light three-wick candles during legislative sessions, while religious leaders lead their congregations in prayer for the safety of abused children. This campaign was created by the nonprofit organization Childhelp in 2000 and is supported by members of Congress. It also draws a large number of supporters, including members of Congress and religious leaders, from across the country.

National Day of Hope

The goal of the Childhelp National Day of Hope is to raise awareness and funds for abused children and their families around the world. The organization’s programs provide support for children who are abandoned, orphaned, or have terminal diseases. The day also provides a sense of hope for children who are enduring abuse, neglect, and other challenges. This event is a perfect way to show support to abused children, and remind people of the value of a child’s life.


The 5 wick candle is symbolic of the hope that a five-wick candle can bring to a child who has suffered from abuse. Abuse of children is a global problem, but it doesn’t have to be the same everywhere. We can all do our part to help the children we love and care about. Candles for Childhelp are one way to do just that. We can all unite in a global village to do our part to protect our children.


In honor of National Day of Hope, Childhelp USA is putting up a candle on anchor desks and airing stories about child abuse. The National Day of Hope Hotline is run by Childhelp USA, the nation’s oldest non-profit dedicated to the prevention of child abuse. The Childhelp National Day of Hope Hotline can help you talk to a trained crisis counselor about child abuse, and they can also refer you to thousands of resources.

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