National Chocolate Cupcake Day

18 October National Chocolate Cupcake Day

We all love eating pastries and bread. From the many pastries available, cupcakes are one of the most popular ones. It is such a delight to eat cupcakes as you indulge yourself in the bread and the icing on top. It is all better when the bread has some filling inside. Just looking at the cupcake makes your mouth watery.

Chocolate Cupcake Day

A chocolate cupcake that is good has some chocolate filling inside and another variety of chocolate as the icing on top. Because of the popularity of chocolate cupcakes, people now devote a day for it called the National Chocolate Cupcake Day. if you want to learn more about this interesting day, then you better continue reading below.

What is National Chocolate Cupcake Day?

This day is observed each year on the 18th of October. People hold various events and activities all about celebrating their love for chocolate cupcakes. Some people bake their own chocolate cupcakes and make their own chocolate frostings. Others tend to just buy some from their favorite pastry shops and bakeries. There are also activities held like chocolate cupcake tasting events or chocolate cupcake eating contests.

History of the National Chocolate Cupcake Day

This day of celebration was founded in order for people to celebrate one of the best kinds of cupcake ever made – the Chocolate Cupcake. In the world, there are many terms by which cupcakes are called. For instance, in Britain, it is called the Fairy Cake. We can trace how the cupcake started back in 1796 when the practice of baking small cakes was first mentioned. The first mention of the term cupcake can be seen in a cookbook by Eliza Leslie.

There have been so many ideas for small version of cakes. The large cakes we usually bake and see during birthdays are meant to be shared by many people. Hence, small versions of cakes called cupcakes were made so that one person can enjoy eating one cupcake. The practice of baking cupcakes became even more popular when the microwave was invented because people can now bake cupcakes easily. Millions of people take part in this day celebrations & same World Baking Day

People have different ways of baking cupcakes. They use different batter and mix to create the bread. Some even put fillings inside the bread to make the cupcakes more delicious. In addition, people also create different kinds of frostings. Such frostings have different colors, flavors, shapes, and designs. But out of all the kinds of cupcakes made by people, the chocolate cupcake seems to be the most popular one.

Because of the love of people for chocolate cupcakes, the National Chocolate Cupcake Day was invented. Now, people celebrate this day each year to have a day full of fun while eating various kinds of chocolate cupcakes.

When is the National Chocolate Cupcake Day?

This holiday is always celebrated by people on the 18th of October of each year. This means that this year, the event will be held on October 18, . And next year, it will be celebrated on October 18, .

Celebration of the National Chocolate Cupcake Day

There is nothing better than celebrating this day by eating the most delicious kinds of chocolate cupcakes. However, there are other activities held during this day. Here they are:

Create The Best Chocolate Cupcake

You can celebrate the day by relying on your own baking skills to create the best chocolate cupcake. You can perhaps refer to a cookbook or a written recipe about how to bake a really good chocolate cupcake. You can even search the internet for some. You will definitely find one that fits your choice.

Purchase the Best Chocolate Cupcakes

If you don’t want to bake during this day perhaps because you don’t have time to do so, then you can just celebrate the day by purchasing the best chocolate cupcake in town from a bakery or a pastry shop. Good for you that during this day, many of these shops prepare to create the best chocolate cupcakes they can sell to the people. So you’ll definitely be able to buy some.

Participate in an Activity About Chocolate Cupcakes

You can also participate in activities dedicated for chocolate cupcakes. For instance, you can participate in a chocolate cupcake baking event or a contest about which one can eat the most amount of chocolate cupcakes in a specified amount of time.

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