Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo - 5 May

The United States of American considers the Cinco De May Celebration as a cultural phenomenon. This is the time for the people to celebrate Mexican culture where they can eat Mexican food, decorate their houses in Mexican style, and drink some cervezas and margaritas. This celebration is always held on the 5th of May each year. This is actually a fun celebration but its purpose roots from significant historical events.

Cinco De Mayo

national Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is actually a Spanish phrase that means the fifth of May. It is a holiday with the name of the celebration as the date of the celebration: May 5. This day is celebrated to commemorate the victory of the Mexican army led by General Ignacio Zaragoza against the French empire during the Battle of Puebla back in May 5, 1862. This was considered a significant victory because a small Mexican fleet was able to gain victory against a formidable foe. Such victory gave a boost to the morale of the Mexicans at that time. However, moving forward a year later, a larger force of the French defeated Zaragosa in the so-called second Battle of Puebla. And unfortunately, the city of Mexico fell into the hands of the invaders.

What is the History of Cinco De Mayo?

The history of the Cinco de Mayo celebration can be traced back to the Battle of Puebla where Mexican forces became victorious against their battle with the formidable French forces.

What is the history of the Battle of Puebla?

The Cinco De Mayo celebration commemorates the failed French invasion which happened after the state of Mexico defaulted on its debt payments to the European government. Back in 1861, Mexico was suffering from a financial crisis due to long years of internal strife. French President Napoleon III thought that this was the best time for them to build an empire in Mexico. Mexico had also defaulted on its debts with Spain and Britain but these latter two countries were able to negotiate with the former.

In late 1861, French forces invaded Mexico. They had well-armed forces and they were able to storm Veracruz. The Mexican government and the Mexican forces were forced to retreat into the northern part of the country. Because of their back to back victories, the French forces were confident with their army so they focused their attention on a Mexican city called the Puebla de Los Angeles. However, Mexican president Benito Juarez anticipated this attack so he brought together a group of 2000 men to fight against the French forces.

The French forces finally attacked on May 5, 1862. The battle was short – only lasting from daybreak to early evening. After losing almost 500 soldiers, the French forces ended up retreating. On the other hand, the Mexican forces lost only less than 100 of their people. It was considered a sweet victory for the Mexicans.

What is the origin of the Cinco de Mayo Celebration?

And because of this sweet victory, the Mexicans considered the day as an important and significant one in history. Hence, the Cinco de Mayo celebration was born wherein people have lots of fun remembering such victory. They do lots of activities for the day including eating Mexican foods, decorating Mexican style decors in their homes, singing and dancing to Mexican music, and a lot more.

When is Cinco De Mayo Celebrated?

The Cinco de Mayo celebration is always held on the 5th of May each year. This means that the next holiday will be celebrated on Wednesday, May 5, . And they ear after that, Cinco de Mayo will be held on May 5, .

Facts About Cinco de Mayo

The following are some interesting facts about the Cinco de Mayo Celebration that are worth sharing to your friends, family, and followers on social media:

  • Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican independence Day so do not get confused between the two.
  • Instead, the Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of a sweet victory of the Mexican forces against strong forces of the French empire.
  • Cinco de Mayo is actually not celebrated to a great extent in the country of Mexico where the celebration originated.
  • In the country of Mexico, the largest celebration for this day is held on the city of Puebla where the battle of Puebla was held.
  • The largest celebration of Cinco de Mayo is held in Los Angeles, California USA.

Cinco De Mayo Celebrations

Where is Cinco de Mayo celebrated?

Although Cinco de Mayo is primarily of Mexican roots, the holiday is not widely celebrated in the country of Mexico. Perhaps the country that largely celebrates this holiday is the USA. Both Mexican Americans and people from other cultures celebrate this fun holiday.

Why Celebrate Cinco De Mayo?

Perhaps as someone of Mexican descent, you should celebrate the holiday to commemorate and remember the day when Mexican forces were able to defeat a formidable French empire fleet. And if you are from other culture, then you should participate in the event just so to experience all the fun things that people do on this holiday. You can perhaps eat lots of Mexican foods and try out delicious Mexican drinks. You can also join in on the fun of singing and dancing to Mexican music.

How to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo?

The following are the staple activities done for the celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

Play Mexican Music

Most people who celebrate Cinco de Mayo hire mariachi bands composed of people dressed in Mexican wear and play Mexican music for entertainment. If you want to enjoy such music during this day, then you can do the same thing by hiring a Mariachi band. But you can just also celebrate simply by setting up the sounds in the venue where you will celebrate and play some Mexican music you have downloaded from the internet or you are playing on YouTube.

You can also play some Mexican music on the guitar if you know-how. This will be better since lots of Mexican songs involve guitars.

Decorate Your Home in Mexican Style

You can put simple decorations in your home for the day that resembles colors like green, white, and red because these are the colors of the Mexican flag. You can also purchase a Mexican flag from a nearby store or make one on your own which you can put in your windows or door. If kids will participate in your celebration of this holiday then you can also construct a piñata that you can use for games. There are a lot more Mexican style decorations you can see online so you better search for a good one.

Make Delicious Mexican Flan

There are lots of Mexican foods that you can serve for this holiday. But don’t forget the delicious Mexican flan. You can easily make one by combining sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, and eggs. You will steam the mixture and then cool it afterwards. The sweet delicacy you created is what you can serve on your table for the celebration. For sure, lots of people will enjoy this sweet treat that you have made for them.

Happy Cinco De Mayo: Fun Section

Hello, it’s Cinco de Mayo! So get into the festival state of mind and move your blues away with Mariachi music. Observe Mexican history and custom with companions/family/friends and send them Cinco de Mayo wishing messages from our huge collection to wish them Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Happy Cinco De Mayo Quotes Captions

  • Give us a chance to yell for all to hear and be happy. The day we turned out to be free!
  • Thank our saints for giving us the opportunity that we currently appreciate. Give us a chance to dance and celebrate with merriment!
  • May your Cinco de Mayo holiday be loaded up with bright colors, music, magic, and festivity.
  • The lights. The music. The amazing colors. The celebratory spirit. Make this Cinco de Mayo one to recall.
  • While a large portion of us respect and watch this day as light and merry occasion, I perceive the gigantic significance of this day in your country, history, and culture. Have an upbeat, amazing, and memorable Cinco de Mayo.

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Happy Cinco De Mayo Wishing Messages

  • Streets are noisy and colorful. People are merry and happy. Wonder what we got? It is Cinco de Mayo, amigo!
  • Join the festivities around. Today, there are no rooms to be gloomy and frown. Go out and join the Cinco de Mayo fun!
  • We are Mexicans. As brothers, let us joyfully march and dance along the streets Dine and share historical facts of how come we had a day to celebrate like this! Be proud to be in Mexico!
  • Dress up and start finding the right spot on the street to watch all parades. We are excited for this celebration, so make every second count! Happy Cinco de Mayo!
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo! Fun Fact: Many believe we are celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day, but we are actually celebrating Mexico’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Celebrate the Mexican-American Culture with your friends today!
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo, commemorating the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862.
  • Good Morning Patriots, Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone…..It has come to represent a celebration of contributions that Mexican Americans have made to America. On May 5, 1862, the Mexican army’s triumph at the Battle of Puebla is when the celebration first started
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