National Coffee Day

Americans Honoring Coffee & Enjoying Coffee on "National Coffee Day" observed next on 29 September, in the United States of America

Almost everyone loves coffee. We drink coffee in the morning, when we catch up with our friends, when we have a meeting with other people, at night while studying or working, and in other instances. Coffee has been one of the most popular beverages around the world. And nowadays, we have lots and lots of varieties of it. Because of our love for coffee, we honor the drink every year during the National Coffee Day held every 29th of November in the United States of America. Let us learn more about this nice day down below.

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Coffee Day

What is the National Coffee Day in the US?

This day aims to celebrate and promote coffee as a beverage. During this day, various events are held in the United States. This day also aims to promote fair trade of coffee and also to raise awareness about the plight of farmers who grow coffee beans. Also during this day, many businesses offer discounted coffee beverages and even free coffee varieties. They also offer special promotions and deals. Various companies also sell National Coffee Day greeting cards. This day is all about celebrating coffee as a beverage.

History of the National Coffee Day

The celebration of this special event started during a meeting in Milan at Expo 2015 held on March 3 to 7 2014. Here, the international coffee organization decided to launch the first-ever official International Coffee Day. Various events were held with variations in the name – National Coffee Day and Coffee Day.

However, the exact origin of the Coffee Day celebration is quite unknown. Yes, the event was made official back in 2014 but people in some parts of the world already held celebrations very similar to how people celebrate the event nowadays. For instance, in 1983, a group called the All Japan Coffee Association held their so-called National Coffee Day in Japan.

When is the National Coffee Day?

The National Coffee Day in the US is always celebrated on 29 September.

Celebrations & Activities

Regardless of what kind of coffee you like, there are so many ways how you can celebrate this special day. The good thing about this holiday is that you can celebrate it even if you are so busy in life. If you want some ideas on how you can celebrate the day, then take a look at the list below:

Free Coffee

During this special day, many restaurants and cafes offer free coffee. This means that you can grab a coffee from them without paying any cent. However, there are times when such places offer only a limited amount of coffee. So you should hurry up to grab your free coffee before nothing is left for you.

Drink Your Favorite Coffee

Enjoy this special day by drinking your favorite cup of coffee. Perhaps you like regular espresso, vanilla, coffee macchiato, chocolate coffee, or any other flavor. Just make sure you pick your favorite one and enjoy it for the day.

Bond with Your Friends Over Coffee

Nothing is better than drinking coffee while bonding with your friends. Hence for this day, you can perhaps invite your friends to have coffee with you and you all can enjoy a chitchat. Catch up with each other’s lives and encourage more get together for all of you.

Coffee Day Events

Many clubs, groups, and organizations hold events about coffee during this day. For instance, you can perhaps join a coffee tasting event, a coffee making lecture, and more.

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