Columbus Day 2019

Monday, 14 October Columbus Day 2019 in United States

Columbus Day is a national holiday which is celebrated across the whole of America. It is celebrated in the memory of Christopher Columbus which actually arrived in the Americas on 12th of Oct, 1492. Columbus Day 2019 is celebrated in multiple countries of the world like the United States, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Venezuela, and many others.

Columbus Day 2019 is Public Holiday or Not?

Yes, it becomes officially a federal holiday in the US in 1937. The holiday is declared due to the decision of Congress and President of the time Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Currently, Columbus Day 2019 is generally observing by the federal agencies, banks, most state government offices, U.S Postal Service, a school in many districts, and also many other businesses. Most of the states of the US celebrate Columbus Day an official holiday and close most of the services and even school & colleges. Columbus Day is actually observed on 2nd Monday of October and it is on the same date as the Thanksgiving Date in Canada.

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When is Columbus Day 2020?

In 2020 the Columbus Day 2020 will be on Monday and the date will be October 12, 2020.

Upcoming Dates for Columbus Day from 2020 to 2029




Columbus Day 2020 October 12 2020 Monday
Columbus Day 2021 October 11 2021 Monday
Columbus Day 2022 October 10 2022 Monday
Columbus Day 2023 October 9 2023 Monday
Columbus Day 2024 October 14 2024 Monday
Columbus Day 2025 October 13 2025 Monday
Columbus Day 2026 October 12 2026 Monday
Columbus Day 2027 October 11 2027 Monday
Columbus Day 2028 October 9 2028 Monday
Columbus Day 2029 October 8 2029 Monday

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When Columbus Day 2019 is Celebrated?

Sailing ship floating on the sea waves. Caravel Santa Maria. Happy Columbus Day

Columbus Day is mostly celebrated on 2nd Monday of October each year. But up to 1970 the Columbus day was celebrated on the 12th of October to refresh the memory of arrival of Columbus in the Americas. But after 1970 since 1971 the Columbus day 2019 holiday has been fixed on the second Monday in October. Columbus Day 2019 will be on the 14th of Oct 2019.

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