International Dance Day

29 April International Dance Day

The International Dance Day is a worldwide celebration of dance. Dance has been a part of the lives of humans ever since the ancient times. Unfortunately, dance as part of culture is slowly diminishing in different parts of the world. Don’t be surprised that there are even some places where dancing has been banned. We feel sadness for these places especially since dancing is a form of art where people can express their feelings and emotions and also an activity that can improve their physical and mental health. Let us learn more about the International Dance Day down below.International Dance Day

What is International Dance Day?

It was created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) which is the main partner of the performing arts of UNESCO. The event takes place each year on the 29th of April. The aim of the day is to encourage participation in dance and to become informed about dance in various was such as through events and festivals held all over the world. The main organizer of the event is the ITI as formally recognized by UNESCO.

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History of International Dance Day

The special day is always celebrated on the 29th of April each year. It was first held in 1982 with the aim of promoting dancing as a form of art all over the world. The selection of the exact date of celebration is from the anniversary of the birth of Jean Georges Noverre who is the creator of modern ballet. Ever since that year, the special event has been held yearly and is officially promoted by UNESCO. This is the reason why many countries opt to participate in the special day.

When is International Dance Day?

The International Dance Day, as mentioned above, is always held on the 29th of April every year.

Celebration of International World Dance Day

The celebration of the day is somewhat formal and organized since it is spearheaded by the ITI and UNESCO.

Activities on Dance

On the gist of it, there are several activities held during the day which are related to dancing. For instance, various dance performances, contests, humanitarian projects, and educational workshops about dancing are held. Many ambassadors, dance personalities, authors, and dignitaries also give speeches about dancing during the special day.

An outstanding dance personality is also usually selected to write a message about the international Dance Day. The message hopes to inform people about dancing and to inspire them to dance.

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Promotion of Dance

The main focus of the day is for people to see the value and importance of dancing as a form or art. It hopes to act as a wake-up call to many entities such as the government, various institutions, and politicians about the day.

Event Proper by ITI

Each year during the event, the ITI invites dancers, choreographers, dance enthusiasts, and dance students to join them in the Gala celebration. it takes place in a chosen host city which is decided on by the Executive Council of ITI. In 2017, it was held in Shanghai China.

The program during the Gala varies but usual activities include high quality dance performances by various groups and expert dances from different parts of the world. The selected speaker gives a speech necessary for the event.

To give an example, in 2017, the event was a three-day celebration. The emphasis was put on education about dance. Activities involved include dance workshops and presentations led by an international cast of experts. The evenings were reserved for the dance performances of expert groups and individuals. The finale was the Gala Celebration. Humanitarian projects on dancing were also focused on wherein people like disabled dancers were given spotlight for dancing.

All over the world, the event proper may vary from this main celebration. As long as the essence of the day is celebrated, the special event’s purpose is fulfilled.

Social Media Celebration

People on social media also participate during the special event. Many people post photos and videos of them dancing. Many people also share the hashtag #InternationalDanceDay to remind everyone about the special day of celebration about dancing.

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