Davao City Day

March 16, Date in Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines

Davao City Day is a celebration held every 16th of March in the city of Davao in Mindanao Philippines. This celebration attracts both local and foreign visitors. However, even before the day of the celebration itself, participants and celebrants prepare days ahead so that they can make the celebration as best and enjoyable as possible. Let us discuss more interesting things about this special day down below.Davao City Day

What is Davao City Day?

Davao City, or officially called as the City of Davao, is a 1st class urbanized city located in the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It is actually the country’s 3rd most populous city. One of the major celebrations held in this city is the Davao City day, which is a day all about honoring the city and uniting its citizens by conducting various activities.

History of Davao City Day

The inauguration of the city of Davao as a charter city happened on October 16, 1936. It was proclaimed by former President Manuel L. Quezon. This charter came into effect on March 1, 1937. It was actually one of the first two towns in Mindanao to be converted into a city. Unfortunately, when it comes to the history of the celebration of Davao City Day, there is not so much information available regarding this. But still, we can safely say that the day started to get celebrated in order to honor the city of Davao.

When is Davao City Day?

As mentioned earlier, the day is always celebrated on the 16th of March of each year.

Celebration of Davao City Day

Just like other city-wide celebrations in the Philippines, the celebration of Davao City Day also involves a lot of activities that people enjoy and have fun participating in. Here are these activities:

City-Wide Food Feasts

Of course, food will not be absent during this day. A lot of special foods, especially those specialized in Davao are catered and prepared by the citizens for all. Both locals and foreigners are welcome to eat in the homes of the citizens where they prepare the most delicious food they can offer to the people. Staple foods like the lechon will always be present. Desserts like kakanin are also prepared by the people.

Beauty Pageant

One of the traditions in Filipino feasts is the conduct of a beauty pageant. In this activity, the city showcases women with the best beauties, brains, personalities, and talents. Though beauty if an important component of judging which woman should bring home the crown, more important factors include being able to answer questions in the best way possible and also showcasing their unique and impressive talents, and their best personalities.

Talent Competitions

Many people also participate in the various talent competitions organized by the city government. In these activities, individuals or groups of people join contests where the best singer, dancer, or best in other kinds of talent are selected. Usually in this activity, a panel of judges of different expertise decide on which group or individual should win the contest and which ones deserve the runner up awards.

Awarding of Outstanding Citizens

The city government also gives awards to the outstanding citizens of the city. This activity is conducted so that the people who show exemplary attitudes and acts can serve as inspirations to the other people in the city. For instance, citizens who have greatly contributed to the betterment of the city are given awards. Those who can serve as exemplary volunteers are also awarded in this activity.

Tourism Activities

Tourism activities are also always present during the day itself and even several days before that. Many people from other places visit the city to participate in the celebration. There are a lot of beautiful and popular places in the city that people can visit. So they take the opportunity of the celebration to visit these places.

There are multi day tours available in Davao. This is a good choice for those who will arrive in the city ahead of March 16. There are also some nice places like transient houses and hotels where people can enjoy stay-cations.

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