Denim Day

28 April Denim Day

The Denim Day is celebrated every April each year. Though the exact date is movable, the upcoming celebration will be held on the 29th of April. This day does not only promote denim jeans and jackets. It actually has a very important purpose – to educate people about all forms of sexual violence and help people who have experienced such horrendous things.Denim Day

What day is National Denim Day?

Denim Day encourages everyone to wear denim in order to show support to the victims and survivors of sexual assault, abuse, rape, and harassment. During this day, college campuses, clinics, businesses, and organizations host educational events and fundraisers to increase awareness and change misconceptions.


Now, you might wonder why is this day called Denim Day and why does it fight against every form of sexual harassment and abuse? The story is somehow simple. In the 1990s Italy, a 45-year-old driving instructor was accused of rape. It is said that he picked up an 18-year-old girl for a driving lesson. He then sexually assaulted this girl and threatened to kill her if she ever tells anyone.

Later that night, the girl told her parents, who then wanted to press charges. The rapist was convicted and sentenced to a lesser charge of indecent exposure. The accused appealed to the Italian Supreme Court, which overturned the conviction in 1998 because the victim wore tight jeans. It was argued that the jeans were so tight that the only way to have gotten them off as if she had helped her attacker remove her jeans, thus making the act consensual. This means that she also wanted what had happened to her.

The Italian Supreme Court stated in its decision “it is a fact of common experience that it is nearly impossible to slip off tight jeans even partly without the active collaboration of the person who is wearing them.”

During that time, however, “woke” was still not a thing. Not too many people fought back with regards to the final decision. However, as the years went by, people started to realize that the decision made was indeed wrong. The sexual abuse victim was blamed for wearing denim jeans – which can be considered as victim-blaming. No woman, even any person, should be blamed for being sexually harassed or abused just because of what they wear. Rapists are responsible for their own actions.

As of 2008, the Italian Supreme Court has overturned its findings, and there is no longer a “denim” defense to the charge of rape.


As mentioned earlier, Denim Day is celebrated in April every year. The date, however, is movable. The upcoming celebration of this event will happen on April 28.

Why Celebrate

You should celebrate Denim Day to be able to show your support for survivors of sexual abuse and to eliminate victim-blaming. Although we have come far when it comes to fighting these issues, we still have a long way to go. Fortunately, each year, we have this kind of celebration that allows us to keep track of our progress and to set new goals that should be attained.

Celebration Ideas and Activities

The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of the Denim Day as best as it can be:

Wear Denim

A simple thing you can do for your celebration of this day is to wear denim. If you do so, you are showing your support for rape victims as well as your views against victim-blaming.


You can also volunteer during this day. you can donate or volunteer in domestic violence centers and homes for sexually abused individuals.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. For instance, you can use the hashtag #DenimDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this important day.

National Denim Day Quotes

  • I think denim is something everyone feels comfortable in. It’s kind of my uniform, really. – Clemence Poesy
  • I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes. – Yves Saint Laurent
  • When the weather is really hot, I tend to live in denim cut-offs. – Ashley Madekwe
  • Love is the new denim or black – Lady Gaga
  • I’m like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear: So I wear jeans. – Cameron Diaz
  • This is the kind of fashion I grew up on – a good pair of trainers, great denim – and I will always love high-end streetwear. – Tinie Tempah
  • Blue jeans are the most beautiful things since the gondola. – Diana Vreeland
  • I almost exclusively wear skinny jeans. I’m terrified of any other cut of denim. – Lauren Conrad
  • If Jesus Christ came back today, He and I would get into our brown corduroys and go to the nearest jean store and overturn the racks of blue denim. – Ian Anderson
  • A boy and a girl, dressed in the T-shirts and denim that are the shabby uniform of this age. – Michael Scott
  • If you give that gal a diamond ring, you’ll get a diamondback. She’s just a venom wearing denim, boy, she’s always making tracks. – Junior Brown
  • Channeling my inner bohemian in a maxi print skirt and textured denim jacket. – Lubov Azria
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