Día de Andalucía in Andalusia (Andalusia Day)

Dia De Andalucia (Andalusia Day): What is, History, Celebrations

Dia De Andalucia, also known as Andalucia Day, is celebrated every year on 28th February in Andalusia. The day marks the 1980 referendum that saw the region assigned a self-governing and independent community of Spain.

The Day of Andalucia is a public holiday celebrated just in the region of Andalucia to recognize the referendum for Andalucia to turn into a self-ruling independent community inside Spain, which was held on February 28, 1980. This day is praised each year on February 28th.

waving flag of Andalusia is a Autonomous community of Spain

Upon the arrival of Andalucia, the citizens decorate their homes and balconies with green and white pennants, as well as the green and white Andalusian flag. The Andalucia Day begins with a traditional Andalusian breakfast followed by different cultural events throughout the region.

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What is Dia De Andalucia (Andalucia Day) in Spain?

Andalusia Day or Dia de Andalucia is a modern holiday celebrated in the Andalusia locale on the southern coast of Spain every year on the 28th of February.

Want to know what is Dia De Andalucia? – The day remembers the passing of a referendum on 28 February 1980, in which voters in the southern locale of Spain, called “Andalusia“, cast a ballot for the region turning into a self-ruling autonomous district in Spain, with its very own regional government. The father of Andalucian nationalism was Blas Infante, who also composed the verses for the region’s official national anthem and made the Andalusian flag.

Andalusians celebrate the Day of Andalucia with national pride and fervor. Dia De Andalucia February is of great significance as it commemorates the first Referendum of self-rule that was held with the purpose of accomplishing the Statue of Autonomy for Andalusia.

Día de Andalucía Date & Time (Andalucia Day )

Andalucia Day or Dia De Andalucia will be celebrated on Sunday, 28 February . This year, the day will be celebrated with great enthusiasm, patriotic zeal, and fervor.

What is the History of Día de Andalucía? (Dia De Andalucia Historia)

To understand the history of Andalucia day or Dia De Andalucia Historia, let’s go back 50 years and learn what happened.


The history Andalusian autonomy is long and accomplishing self-rule was never been easy for its locals. The referendum was to be held in 1936 yet the episode of the Civil War kept it from being carried out. The Franco tyranny implied that this sentiment of the Andalusians did not take shape until 44 years later.

December 4, 1977 – Indication For Self-rule

On December 4, 1977, around one and a half million Andalusians peacefully demonstrated in provincial capitals to demand autonomy. In Malaga, a young protestor José Manuel García Caparrós was killed by gunfire while protesting peacefully.

May 27, 1978 – Preautomonous Regime is Managed

The Assembly of Andalusian Parliamentarians endorsed on January 7, 1978, the draft Announcement by which the pre-independent regime is regulated. A few months later, on April 27, Royal Declaration Law 11/1978, created by Royal Decree 832/1978, granted pre-autonomy to Andalusia. On May 27, 1978, Plácido Fernández Viagas was appointed as the President of the Pre-Autonomy Board.

June 2, 1979 – Constitution of The Council of Andalusia

The Council of Andalusia (the government of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia) was constituted by the results of the general elections. On June 23, the Council of Andalusia met in Granada and endorsed to take the path of Article 151 of the Constitution for the achievement of autonomy.

At the start of September of that year, over 95% of the Andalusian town halls and all the provincial councils joined the regional initiative through article 151, satisfying the primary necessity. A commission framed by nine officials of all the Andalusian parliamentary parties approved in Carmona a first draft of the Statute.

February 28, 1980 – Festivity of the Andalucia Autonomy Referendum

The Andalusian inhabitants went to the general elections in the Autonomy Referendum, which won positively in seven of the eight Andalusian territories, however, does not achieve the rule in Almeria.

So this is the history of Andalucia Day. This is how 28th February came to be known as Andalucia Day or “Día de Andalucia”. The day is a public holiday in all of the Andalusian region and holds great significance… As it commemorates the February 28th, 1980 referendum on the Statute of the Autonomy of Andalucia in which the Andalucian people voted to make Andalucia an autonomous community of Spain.

Andalucia Day Celebrations & Activities (Dia De Andalucia Actividades)

The day of 28th February in Andalucia is marked with a plethora of Dia De Andalucia activities, celebrations, and cultural events.  A public holiday is observed on Andalucia Day.

A few districts hold public meals with food, drink, and live exhibitions. In the town of El Burgo, a delicious dish called seven stick soup is shared with the public. Visitors and locals to the town will discover bowls of this dish served up in huge amounts in the main square for all to enjoy alongside the entertaining Andalucia Day shows.

Schools and most businesses remained closed on this day. So you will find numerous youngsters all over the place with their family celebrating the occasion of making a beeline for private parties with music, traditional dance, and meals.


On Dia De Andalucia, most Andalucian museums hold open days and there are free open-air concerts for the public. The beach bars, restaurants, and cafes all offer amazing discounts on this auspicious day.

The day of Andalusia is celebrated annually on February 28 to honor the festival of the referendum that gave Andalusia independence. Numerous occasions are praised all through the Andalusian geography to celebrate this day. The whole region is loaded with patriotic activities, cultural shows, and entertainment plays to celebrate this vital day for Andalusian society.

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Andalucia Day Public Life & Holiday

The Día de Andalucia (Day of Andalusia or Andalusia Day) is a public holiday in Andalusia. Most businesses, education institutes, and organizations are closed. Public transport runs on a reduced schedule.

Day of Andalucia, Dia De Andalucia, Andalucia Day – Quick Facts & Summary

The Andalusia Day is celebrated each February 28 to recognize the celebration of the referendum that granted autonomy to Andalusia. Dia de Andalucia, otherwise called The Day of Andalucia, denotes the commemoration of a referendum held on February 28, 1980.

Date: Sunday, 28 February

Significance: Autonomy of Andalusia; the celebration of the Andalucia autonomy referendum held in 1980

Also called: Andalucia Day, Dia De Andalucia, Day of Andalucia, or Andalusia Day

Observed by: Andalusians

Observances: Exchanging greetings, feasting, dancing, decorating

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