Dolphin Day


Dolphin Day is celebrated annually around the world during April 14. This day gives focus on dolphins wherein people learn more about what they are, how they live, and the various things that they can do as they live in the wild vast seas. This year’s Dolphin Day will be celebrated on April 14.Dolphin Day

What is Dolphin Day?

Dolphins are one of the most popular animals for us humans. We know them for being friendly and intelligent animals. It is extremely rare to hear news about dolphins harming humans. They are completely harmless to us. Trainers actually train them to perform various tricks and showcase those to us for entertainment.

Aside from that, they are also a crucial part of the ecosystem. Because of the importance of dolphins, we dedicate a day of celebration for them which we call the Dolphin Day. Although this day has been primarily celebrated in the USA, more and more people all over the world are joining in the fun of celebrating the day every 14th of April each year.

When is Dolphin Day?

It always happens during the 14th of April. Because of that, this year’s Dolphin Day will be held on April 14

Celebration of Dolphin Day

People celebrate this day in many different ways. Here are the usual activities that people conduct and enjoy during the special day.

Educational Activities about Dolphins

For people to know better about dolphins, educational activities about this animal are conducted. Lectures about the anatomy or structure, habitat, feeding patterns and nutrition, abilities like echolocation, and more are held.

In particular, people get interested in the echolocation of dolphins which is the ability to find and locate materials using their voice. Such ability has been modeled and imitated in real life situations by experts, like for instance, in terms of locating underwater things by boats and ships. These kinds of information are shared among the participants of the Dolphin Day.

Dolphin Entertainment

We know that dolphins are intelligent creatures. They are very friendly towards humans and they can be trained to perform different tasks and tricks. This is why dolphin entertainment is always present during the Dolphin Day. Trained dolphins perform exhibitions like jumping on loops and spinning through the air while jumping.

Dolphin Riding

Dolphin riding is also a popular spectacle during the Dolphin Day. Here, people are given the chance to ride dolphins or get carried away by dolphins through waves in a pool or a part of a sea located in a specific designated area. Moreover, in this activity, people become familiar and amazed by how friendly and intelligent dolphins are.

Dolphin Protection Advocacy

Even though dolphins are much loved by the majority of people all over the world, there are still controversies involving some specific groups of people because of their dolphin hunting activities. For instance, in a part of Japan, there is a group of people who do dolphin hunting, killing them, and selling them for various purposes like for food.

Because of that, advocacies for protecting dolphins are also always present during Dolphin Day. people advocate for imposing sanctions to those who hunt and kill our friendly dolphins.

Fun Facts for Dolphin Day

Dolphin Day cannot be fully celebrated without sharing facts about dolphins. Below are some facts that will interest you and which you should also share with your friends and loved ones.

  • There are about 40 discovered species of dolphins. Most of them may look so similar with each other that people think of them as belonging in the same species. The most common species of dolphins is the Bottle nose.
  • Dolphins are very family-oriented animals. They usually stay beside their mothers for a long time, wherein some may last for even up to 8 years.
  • Dolphins are very caring towards one another. They nurture those dolphins in their pack that get sick or injured.
  • There are people reporting that dolphins have saved human lives. For instance, some people report that dolphins have carried them towards the shore when they were almost drowning in the sea.
  • A pack of a dolphin that swims together is called a pod. The number of dolphins in a pod may vary from one pod to another. However, pods can have as many as 1000 dolphins in it.
  • Dolphins have about 100 teeth. But they don’t use those to chew food. Instead, they use their teeth to hook fishes and then swallow them whole as food.
  • Whenever they get injured, dolphins heal fast.
  • Dolphins have two stomachs. One is used for storing food while the other one is used for digestion.
  • Dolphins migrate from one place to another. But they only do so when they are not getting enough food.
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