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Egyptian Holidays And Traditions

Egypt is officially called the Arab Republic of Egypt. Due to the longest history in the world, it is well known for ancient monuments. It is located in the north-eastern region of Africa and the Southwestern region of Asia. It shares its border with Israel and Gaza Strip in the Northeast, Libya in the West, Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba in East, and Sudan in the West.

The majority population of this country belongs to Islam and the people respect all religious events.

Holidays in Egypt

ThursdayJanuary 07Coptic Christmas Day
MondayJanuary 25Revolution Day HolidayAs Revolution day Falls on Friday
SundayApril 25Sinai Liberation Day
SundayMay 02Coptic Easter Sunday
MondayMay 03Sham El NessimMonday after Orthodox Easter. Spring Festival
SaturdayMay 01Labour Day
ThursdayMay 13End of RamadanEid Al Fitr
FridayMay 14End of Ramadan Day 2Eid Al Fitr
SaturdayMay 15End of Ramadan Day 3Eid Al Fitr
WednesdayJune 30Revolution Day June 30
FridayJuly 23Revolution Day July 23National Day. Celebrates the Revolution of 1952
MondayJuly 19Eid Al AdhaDate Varies on Lunar Cycle
TuesdayJuly 20Eid Al Adha Holiday
WednesdayJuly 21Eid Al Adha Holiday
ThursdayJuly 22Eid Al Adha HolidayPublic Sector Only
Mon – TueAugust 9 – 10El HijraIslamic New Year
WednesdayOctober 06Armed Forces DayCelebrates Egyptian Victory in the October War
Mon – TueOctober 18 -19Moulid El Nabi

Coptic Christmas Day in Egypt

As the Christian population in Egypt is Coptic and they celebrate Christmas on January 07 instead of 25th December unlike the other world.

Revolution Day Holiday in Egypt

January 24, is celebrated as Revolution Day Holiday in Egypt. This day is held to remember the protest against the 30 years rule of Hosni Mobarak.

Sinai Liberation Day in Egypt

April 25th is held as Sinai Liberation Day in Egypt. This day commemorates the liberation of the land of Sinai, learn more…

Coptic Easter Sunday in Egypt

The Julian calendar is different from the Gregorian calendar and may Orthodox Churches follow Julian Calendar and that why the Coptic Easter Sunday in Egypt will be held on 28 April, learn more…

Sham El Nessim in Egypt

April 28, the Monday after Easter Sunday is celebrated as Sham El Nessim in Egypt. It’s a public holiday and all private and public sectors remain closed on this day, learn more…

Labour Day in Egypt

May 01, is held as Labour Day or May Day in Egypt just like the rest of the world. This day is celebrated to give tribute to the workforce, learn more…

End of Ramadan Holiday in Egypt

Egyptian Government has declared 3 Holidays on June 05, 06, and 07. It is also called Eid Al Fitr. It is purely a Muslim event which is celebrated after the End of Holy month of Ramadan. The dates may change according to Lunar Calendar, learn more…

Revolution Day June 30 in Egypt

Revolution Day June 30 in Egypt is celebrated to commemorates the Egyptian Protest against president Mohamed Morsi in 2013, learn more…

Revolution Day July 23

Revolution Day July 23 is celebrated as the national day of Egypt because that day led towards modern Egypt, learn more…

Eid Al Adha in Egypt

August 13th, 14th, and 15th are given a holiday by the government. It is also known as Eid Al Adha or the Feast of the Sacrifice, learn more…

El Hijra in Egypt

September 01, is held El Hijra in Egypt. It is a public holiday when the majority public and private sector remain closed, learn more…

Armed Forces Day in Egypt

October 06, is celebrated as Armed Forces Day in Egypt. This day commemorates the victory of Egyptian, learn more…

Moulid El Nabi in Egypt

November 10 will be celebrated as Moulid El Nabi in Egypt. This day is celebrated on the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad. According to the Lunar calendar, this day is celebrated on 12th Rabi-Al-Awwal, learn more

Fact and Figures about Egypt

All facts and figures about Egypt are enlisted below. Take look in order to know about them.

Capital of Egypt

Cairo is the national capital of Egypt. According to the area, this city is the largest one in Africa, and the middle east, and ranked on 15th position in the world largest cities.

President of Egypt

Mr. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is the current president of Egypt and overall, he is the 6th acting president of the country. He took office in 2014, on June 08.

Prime Minister of Egypt

The Prime Minister in the Arab Republic of Egypt serves as the head of the government.

Population of Egypt

In 2017, the estimated population of Egypt was about 97.55 million which is equivalent 1.13% of the total population of the world. It is ranked on 14th position in the most populous countries.

Flag on Egypt

The current flag is consisting of three equal sized horizontal bars of red, white, and black color along with the Egyptian Eagle of Saladin located in the center.

Currency of Egypt

The Egyptian pound is the national currency of Egypt. The official code for the currency is EGP and the most commonly used symbol is E£.

Religion of Egypt

Majority population is adhering to Islam. While the second largest religion is Coptic Christian.

Dialing Code of Egypt

The international dialing code of Egypt is +20.

Crime Rate of Egypt

Egypt has a 48.28 Crime Index and 51.72 Safety Index in the world.

Famous Airport of Egypt

This historic country has to deal with many national and local flights. Some of the busiest airports of Egypt are Sphinx International Airport, Abu Rudeis Airport, Abu Simbel Airport, Alexandria International Airport, Borg El Arab Airport, Almaza Air Base, Assiut Airport, Aswan International Airport, Cairo International Airport, Dakhla Oasis Airport, El Arish International Airport, Al Alamain International Airport, and El Gora Airport.

Top Destinations in Egypt

Egypt has the most ancient history in the world. It has many places that attract tourist from the world. Some of the best places to visit in Egypt are Hurghada, Alexandria, Dahab, Siwa Oasis, Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahshur, Aswan, Cairo, Luxor, and Giza Necropolis.

Area of Egypt

The total area of Egypt is 1.01 million sq. kilometer.

GDP of Egypt

The estimated GDP of Egypt 235.4 billion US dollars which is equivalent to 0.38% of the total world’s economy.

Sports of Egypt

Sports which are usually played in Egypt are Archery, Gymnastics, Rowing, Swimming, Boxing, Fencing, and Hockey.

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