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Public holidays in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea Holidays and Festivals

Equatorial Guinea is officially called the Republic of Guinea. It is a country located in Central Africa. With the area about 28,000 sq. kilometers it is the smallest country in Africa. It shares its border with the Gulf of Guinea in the west, Cameroon in the north, and Gabon in the east and south. It has territory on the island as well as on the continent. The part which situated on content is called Río Muni and the part on the island is called Bioko.

Holidays in Equatorial Guinea

FridayJanuary 01New Year’s Day
FridayApril 02Good FridayFriday before Easter Sunday
SaturdayMay 01Labour DayInternational Workers Day
SaturdayJune 05President’s Day
ThursdayJune 20Corpus Christi
TuesdayAugust 03Freedom Day Holiday
MondayAugust 16Constitution Day
TuesdayOctober 12Independence Day Holiday
WednesdayDecember 08Immaculate Conception Day
SaturdayDecember 25Christmas Day

New Year’s Day in Equatorial Guinea

January 01, is celebrated as New Year’s Day in Equatorial Guinea and in the whole world as well. This day is the start of the new year according to the Gregorian calendar, learn more…

Good Friday in Equatorial Guinea

April 19, will be held as Good Friday in Equatorial Guinea. This day is also called Holy Friday and celebrated on Friday before Easter Sunday, learn more…

Labour Day in Equatorial Guinea

May 01, is also known as May Day or International Day of Workers. This day is held for the services of the workforce throughout the whole year, learn more…

President’s Day in Equatorial Guinea

June 05, is held as president day in Equatorial Guinea. This day is annually celebrated on the birthday of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

Corpus Christi in Equatorial Guinea

June 20, is held Corpus Christi in Equatorial Guinea. The other name of this day is the Feast of the Holy Body of Christ, learn more…

Freedom Day Holiday in Equatorial Guinea

August 05, is held as Freedom Day Holiday in Equatorial Guinea. It is a public holiday when all public and private sectors remain closed, learn more…

Constitution Day Equatorial Guinea

August 15, is celebrated as Constitution Day Equatorial Guinea. This day is celebrated in the remembrance of the current constitution, learn more…

Independence Day Holiday in Equatorial Guinea

October 14, is celebrated as Independence Day Holiday in Equatorial Guinea. This day is celebrated in the remembrance of the struggle of Independence from Spanish Colonization, learn more…

Immaculate Conception Day in Equatorial Guinea

December 08, is celebrated as Immaculate Conception Day in Equatorial Guinea. It is also called Feast of the Immaculate Conception, learn more…

Christmas Day in Equatorial Guinea

December 25, is celebrated as Christmas Day in Equatorial Guinea. This day is warmly celebrated by the Christian community all over the world.

Boxing Day in Equatorial Guinea

December 26, the day after Christmas is held as Boxing Day in Equatorial Guinea. On this day the servants received gifts from their masters, learn more…

Facts and Figures about Equatorial Guinea

All facts and figures about Equatorial Guinea are listed below in this article. Take a look to know more about them.

The capital of Equatorial Guinea

Malabo is a national capital of Equatorial Guinea. It is located on the northern coat of Biko island and a province of Bioko Norte. The estimated population of this city is about 187,302.

President of Equatorial Guinea

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is the current president of Equatorial Guinea. Overall, he is the second acting president of this country and took office in 1979, on August 03.

Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea

Francisco Pascual Eyegue Obama Asue is the current Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea. Overall, he the 9th acting prime minister and took office in 2016, on June 23.

The population of Equatorial Guinea

In 2017, the estimated population of Equatorial Guinea is about 1.268 million which is equivalent to 0.02% of the total population of the world. It ranked on 155th position among the most populous countries.

Flag of Equatorial Guinea

The current flag has a tri-color horizontal pattern of green, white, and red color along with an isosceles triangle of blue color on the left side. Also, it has a Coat of Arm located in the middle of white bad.

The currency of Equatorial Guinea

The national currency of Equatorial Guinea is Central African franc. The code of the currency is XAF and most commonly used symbol is franc.

The religion of Equatorial Guinea

The majority population of this country adhering to Christianity in which 93% are Roman Catholics and 5% are Protestants.

Dialing Code of Equatorial Guinea

The international dialing code of Equatorial Guinea is +240.

Crime Rate of Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea has 39.55 Crime Index and 60.45 Safety Index in the world.

Famous Airport of Equatorial Guinea

Some of the busiest airports in Equatorial Guinea are Bata Airport which serves Bata city, Corisco International Airport which serves Corisco Island, Malabo International Airport which serves Malabo, Annobón Airport which serves San Antonio de Palé, and President Obiang Nguema International Airport which serves Mengomeyén.

Top Destinations of Equatorial Guinea

The natural beauty and wild is the main attraction of Equatorial of Guinea. Some of the best places to visit here are Malabo, Monte Alén National Park, Cascades of Moca, San Antonio de Ureca, Bata, Evinayong, Luba, Djibloho, Mbini, Annobon Island, Colobus Monkey, Monte Temelón Natural Reserve, Corisco, Congo, and Utonde Beach.

Area of Equatorial Guinea

The total area of Equatorial Guinea is about 28,050 sq. kilometers.

GDP of Equatorial Guinea

According to an estimate in 2017, the total GDP of Equatorial Guinea was about 12.49 billion US dollars which is equivalent to 0.02% of the total economy of the world.

Sports of Equatorial Guinea

Basketball and football are the most played sports here.

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