Festival of Learning Have a Go Month

Festival of Learning's "Have a Go Month": Dive into New Skills and Experiences

Festival of Learning’s “Have a Go” Month is a celebratory period dedicated to promoting the value and joy of adult learning. Organized by the Learning and Work Institute in the UK, the entire Festival of Learning campaign is built around encouraging everyone to embrace learning at any age. The “Have a Go” Month particularly emphasizes trying out new learning activities.

Quick Facts:

  • Widespread Reach: The Festival of Learning sees participation from various parts of the UK, from urban centers to rural areas.
  • All Ages Welcome: While it originally focused on adult learning, the festival now encourages participants of all ages.
  • Diverse Learning: Activities during the month can range from traditional classroom lessons to outdoor learning experiences, online workshops, and more.
  • Economic Benefits: Lifelong learning can lead to better employment opportunities, career progression, and even improved health and well-being.
  • Community Building: The festival often serves as a platform for networking, building community ties, and sharing experiences.

History of the Festival of Learning

The Festival of Learning, formerly known as Adult Learners’ Week, has been celebrated since the early 1990s. Its evolution into the Festival of Learning expanded its scope, promoting lifelong learning throughout the year with “Have a Go” Month as one of its highlights.

Significance of “Have a Go” Month

Celebrating Adult Learning: Recognizes and highlights the achievements of adult learners and the transformative power of adult learning.

Promoting Lifelong Learning: Encourages everyone, regardless of age or background, to embrace learning as a continuous journey.

Trying New Experiences: “Have a Go” specifically urges people to step out of their comfort zones and try something new, be it a craft, a language, a musical instrument, or any other skill.

Social Inclusion: By promoting learning for all, it fosters a sense of community and inclusion, ensuring everyone has access to learning opportunities.

Ways to Observe “Have a Go” Month

Attend Workshops: Many local institutions and community centers host free workshops or taster sessions for various skills and subjects.

Visit a Library: Libraries often organize special events or showcase resources specifically for “Have a Go” Month.

Online Learning: Explore online platforms offering free courses or lessons on a myriad of topics.

Organize Community Events: Encourage your community or workplace to host learning events or share experiences.

Share Your Skills: If you possess a unique skill or knowledge, consider teaching others, either through organized events or informal sessions.

Engage on Social Media: Share your learning experiences, progress, and stories on social media platforms using relevant hashtags, inspiring others to join the movement.

Fun Facts:

  • The Festival of Learning has been celebrated for over 25 years in different forms.
  • Every year, numerous success stories emerge from the festival, showcasing people who have transformed their lives through learning.
  • The Festival not only targets academic subjects but also promotes informal learning like crafts, arts, digital skills, and more.
  • Award ceremonies are often held to recognize outstanding adult learners and tutors.
  • Many of the activities during “Have a Go Month” are free or discounted to encourage participation.


What is the Festival of Learning’s “Have a Go Month”?

“Have a Go Month” is part of the Festival of Learning, which encourages people of all ages to participate in learning activities. It’s a time when various institutions and organizations offer taster sessions, workshops, or introductory classes for a myriad of subjects to inspire lifelong learning.

When is “Have a Go Month” observed?

Typically, “Have a Go Month” is celebrated in September, but the exact time may vary.

Who is behind the Festival of Learning?

The Festival of Learning, previously known as Adult Learners’ Week, is led by the Learning and Work Institute in the UK.

Why is “Have a Go Month” important?

The initiative promotes the benefits of learning, whether for personal or professional development, well-being, or simply for the joy of acquiring new knowledge or skills.

How can individuals participate?

People can attend workshops, join classes, or participate in activities organized by local institutions, libraries, colleges, or community groups during this month.

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